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enjoying your baby jax, fl

You’re looking forward to enjoying your baby! Imagine for a moment you are at the beach, walking along the shoreline, feet in the sand, wind in your hair, and your growing baby bump leading the way. You stop for a moment, close your eyes, breathe in the ocean air, and feel the sun on your skin. You’re thinking of how incredibly grateful you are and you’re envisioning what life will be like with your newest addition; tiny toes, wrinkly skin, and all the precious moments that are to come–and pass so quickly!

In addition to looking forward to enjoying your baby, you also have some slight worries or concerns, nothing major, just some normal parent jitters. You quickly move past those jitters back to happy thoughts of warm snuggles, and newborn noises and smells!

It’s what you are craving, it’s what you’re dreaming and obsessing over: enjoying your baby!

Some of the very best experiences happen when people purposefully make time for one another, to slow down and be in the moment. For a newborn that is normal, but for parents slowing down and being in the moment takes practice. To your newborn you are their entire world. The sun rises and sets on you. One day life will be very, very different. They won’t always look to you with such desire and love in their eyes. Babies don’t keep! Before you know it, they’re no longer newborns, but infants, no longer infants, but toddlers, no longer toddlers but teenage dirt bags who will soon fly from the nest– and you’ll never get that time back! It’s gone forever.

Enjoying your baby does happen spontaneously, but it’s rare when it happens that way!

Life happens, work happens, car troubles happen, other priorities happen, meals, laundry, cleaning, and appointments happen. More times than not you have to invest financially, mentally, and emotionally in the time to be present.

It’s safe to say you’ll never regret enjoying your baby over doing those things, right?! Of course, it is.

Enjoying your baby means making the time, now, not later! Later is now!

Everybody eventually longs for the gift of time whether they’ve realized it yet or not. This is especially true for parents and grandparents. Just ask your elders about when they gave birth or adopted their babies, what they regret and what advice they might pass on to you!

Think about it!

Time can feel as though it’s standing still or as though it has rushed right by us. There are songs about time, “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin and “7 Years” by Lukas Graham come to mind. Sadly, time is something you realize the value of AFTER it has passed.

“Where were you when I was pregnant, I really wish I had was someone to do exactly what you do, I wish I had more time with my babies” they say. “I was so sleep deprived I barely maintained; I didn’t really get to enjoy it!” They see the value now that time has passed, and they tell others hoping to spare them from letting it slip away– the most valuable commodity in this life is time.

When you make the time, you’re not only enjoying your baby you’re imprinting upon your newborn! Bonding, and unrushed, tender, and sometimes silly moments, is time spent imprinting. These moments are crucial for both the newborn and the parent.

Lucky for you The Jacksonville Baby Company knows the importance of enjoying your baby! We provide the service that allows you to reclaim your sleep so that you feel rested, and your time so you can actually start enjoying your baby more!

Each member of our team is hand selected and has received the highest level of training by the owner, Elizabeth Luke. Our team is adult and pediatric CPR and first aid certified, fully vetted, follow American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

We provide skilled one-on-one, hands-on help and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week! During the day, during the night, on the weekends and weekdays, while out of town for work or play, while in-town for work or play, we have you covered!

From infant feeding and development to sleep, solids and everything in between we are the experts in newborn care in the Northeast Florida area! Since 2013 we’ve provided first coast families with excellence, professionalism, and reliable support!

Packages for the First Six Weeks

  • Hello, Sunshine | $5040
  • Sweet Dreams | $7420
  • Transitions | $7980
  • Milestones | $11900

Want to try it out? Single shifts are great for just that!

Want more or something a little different? Custom contracts can be written to suite families specific needs!

Not sure what you may want or need? Contact us today we’re happy to help you decide so you can start enjoying your baby more!

Why I Budgeted for My Doula

Why I Budgeted for My Doula | Jax Doulas

Why I Budgeted for My Doula

I’ve had several friends ask me how and why I budgeted for my doula. They heard mixed things about getting a “volunteer” doula for their birth or about hiring a doula for support after their birth. Many of my friends asked me why I chose to pay for a postpartum doula and skip a  birth doula. Here’s my piece. Take it or leave it!

Here are the reasons I budgeted for my doula:

Girl power!

Something felt really icky about having another woman, a perfect stranger be there with me for my birth, come and help me heal and rest after birth, help me learn all about my newborn, care for our home, and our baby without proper payment. You don’t have to take everything “free” offered to you! I am always preaching about checking your price tag and knowing one’s own value. There were zero ways I would ever become a hypocrite, it’s just not who I am.

We took an excellent class for our birth and had a baby without a doula!

Not only did our postpartum doulas help us with everything after we came home she also helped us formulate a plan before we gave birth to employ the help of our friends and family who were excited to come and visit!

You get what you pay for!

I’m in my late thirties. There are a few lessons in life that most people learn before they hit middle-age. Getting what you pay for is surely one of them. Those who pay pennies and expect to walk away smelling of roses are foolish.  My shoes, Subaru, coffee, and the people we’re hiring to help us during early parenting (our doulas) are all things I need to be reliable and of excellent quality.

I’ve had friends who’ve cried to me over the phone because they were exhausted and overwhelmed. They complained about no one caring, yet they themselves didn’t care enough! Those friends made the conscious decision to create a designer nursery, ask for a BOB stroller, have extraordinary baby showers, and go on a damn “babymoon” before their baby was born.

They could’ve invested in professional care for six weeks and enjoyed their babies instead of being miserable. I felt horrible for these friends, I did help them where I could, but I couldn’t help but also feel like they didn’t really want the help since they ignored my advice that would have helped them.

Hire a postpartum doula, you guys! Just do it, you’ll love it!

It just makes good sense to me!

I admit I wasn’t the first of my friends to hire a postpartum doula, it’s a newer concept down here in the southeastern part of the U.S. My best friend who lives in New York turned me on to postpartum support! When I visited her after the birth of my Godson her postpartum doula was the one who picked me up from the airport. Talk about a cool ride home! Uber has nothing on the fantastic experience I had with “our” doula! She arrived with my favorite coffee ready for me to sip. She filled me in on the flow of the house, and she made me feel like I knew her forever!

Hiring The Jax Baby Company was the best investment we made!

I hired a professional photographer for our wedding. I only take my Subaru to the dealership where I bought it because they are experts in the Subaru business, and we will send our son, Dylan to the best preschool we can budget for because those things are of importance! It didn’t really cost that much! I was able to purchase our first package of hours by putting a down payment and making 3 payments before Dylan was born!

It was really a no-brainer. In hindsight, it was a small price to pay for what my family received!

You owe it to yourself and your family (happy you= happy them) to speak with Elizabeth, the owner of The Jax Baby Company.

Our doulas were top notch. I loved that we felt like the only family they were working with even though I know we weren’t. I knew this because my boss gave birth 2 weeks before me and she hired them. The Jax Baby Company doulas have a great team set up and each of them are sweet and knowledgeable.

I know not everyone values the same things in life, but I wanted to share my personal reasons why I budgeted for my doula! Bottom line, I wanted to enjoy my birth, my baby, and my maternity leave!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Kristine Malone a satisfied mommy

The Difference between a Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

I was in the store the other day with my daughter when the conversation came up. You know, “what do you do for a living?” I actually really love talking about what I do and what The Jacksonville Baby Company brings to the shores of the First Coast! So, I responded with a smile and an enthusiastic, “I’m a postpartum doula!” *Crickets* “A wha????” After briefly explaining what I do and how we help new parents, he nodded with an expression of understanding and said, “So, you’re a nanny!” Uh, no.“Not exactly. Not at all, really” I responded. There are actually differences between a nanny and a postpartum doula.

“What’s the difference between a nanny and a postpartum doula then?” he asked with genuine curiosity.

And I proceeded to explain while I love nannies, I and the postpartum doulas here at The Jacksonville Baby Conpany are not nannies. Our services are similar for sure, but our primary functions differ tremendously. I went on to explain.

“…Elizabeth fed me and gave me a hug when I cried and never brought it back up. She understood. She helped me understand what I was going through and even helped my husband understand me a little better. I hope Elizabeth is around when I have my second baby because I don’t want to do it without her.” ~ Danielle M. Jax., FL

So, what’s the difference between a nanny and a postpartum doula?

A nanny is there solely for the baby and kids.

They are there to attend to their needs such as feeding, bathing, keeping to routines, and adhere to the daily agenda while the parents work or otherwise take a break.  They form a close relationship with the children and become a trusted adult. A nanny is a caregiver helping to raise the children.

Things a nanny might do:

  • Keep baby or children at their home while parents go to work on a regular basis with regular hours
  • Help create, set, and stick to daily routines based on their personal knowledge and relationship with the children
  • Provide educational activities and developmentally appropriate learning experiences
  • Discipline, prepare meals, drive children to extracurricular activities, appointments, and school

A postpartum doula is there for the family.

They’re there to attend to the family’s needs, which will vary from family to family and day to day. A lot of the time the family, having a new baby, is not aware or able to articulate their needs. The postpartum doula, using their knowledge and intuition, helps them identify what those needs and goals are and helps them to navigate the terrain of adding to their family.  A bit esoteric, yes…

Things a postpartum doula might do include:

  • Listen, reassure, and offer emotional support to new parents as they recount the birth experience and navigate the days following adding a new baby to their family.
  • Educate and advise about the woman’s postpartum body/mind
  • Help with researching, purchasing, and assembling baby gear
  • Provide local resources such as playgroups, therapists, etc.
  • Help siblings adjust to a new baby
  • Encourage parents to identify how they want things to go/what they need on their own terms and then help them implement those goals into manageable routines
  • Cook and prepare light meals, lightly clean, etc.
  • Assist with infant feeding, whether at the breast or bottle or both
  • Newborn soothing and sleep
  • Help to create a relaxing environment for the parents to enjoy snuggling with their newest family member
  • Support the new parent(s) on their first ( or fifth or twenty-fifth) outing. Think; breastfeeding for the first time in public, or preparing and warming a bottle while you change a crying newborn in the backseat or vice versa.

Encouraging you along the way!

nanny and a postpartum doula | childbirth classes in Jax

“It was like having my sister take the night shift, but I didn’t have to explain my choices. I didn’t think I’d need much help after I gave birth, but we were both exhausted a week into being home. Having our postpartum doula, Liz here helped me relax and sleep better!” “P.S. My sister is little jelly though!” ~ Marcia G. Jax., FL

A postpartum doula can provide care as well, in certain circumstances, or a person can be both a postpartum doula and a nanny. Oftentimes, they are both and perform these duties in separate circumstances!

Nannies and postpartum doulas are a collaborative team in many cases.

At The Jacksonville Baby Company Postpartum Doulas & Infant Care Specialists go one step further in providing care without interjecting their opinion or philosophy on parenting. Sort of like an extension of an antepartum doula. We pride ourselves on the ability to attune to our clients because we value building a strong partnership that allows our doulas to be the best doula for any and every family.

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Heather Horrell

April the Giraffe: An Exclusive Interview

April the Giraffe | Jax Placenta | Jax, FL Placenta
April the Giraffe’s Vacation Destination!

April the Giraffe: An Exclusive Interview

We can learn a lot from April the giraffe. Millions watched and waited, and waited some more before some gave up hope on ever seeing April the giraffe give birth. While others came to the conclusion that perhaps April’s pregnancy was a cruel April Fool’s Day joke made up by Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. In case you haven’t seen the latest news, it wasn’t.

By the way, joking about pregnancy is never funny, ever!

We thought it might be fun to give April the Giraffe a voice in a mock interview! We hope you enjoy playing along. Full disclosure: at First Coast Doulas we believe in helping others have their own voice heard, but we’re not giraffe translators!

This is totally for laughs, nothing more! Enjoy!


Interviewer: April, thank you for agreeing to do this exclusive interview with First Coast Doulas! You looked so calm throughout this process. Were you nervous?

April the Giraffe: Of course I was nervous! To start with they sorely miscalculated my dates, and I knew it. To all my “fans” this must have seemed like the longest pregnancy in giraffe history. FYI it felt the same way to me.  It’s true what they say every month during pregnancy has approximately 30 days except the last month of pregnancy which has at least 100!

The morning I woke up to them installing a damn “nanny cam” in my stall, all up in my personal space, I about lost it!

Who has time to watch my every move?

Mind your own tits!

Seriously though, what are you humans doing all day? [Said in a serious tone, followed by a brief pause and then a laugh]. 

This was my fourth baby, so I understood what my body was doing when I entered the active phase of labor.

Before active laborall bets are off anyway, but that’s pregnancy 101 stuff!


Interviewer: You’re hilarious April! Did you consider hiring a doula?

April the Giraffe: Listen, this is my life, I can’t make this stuff up! If that humors you I’m glad my life made you smile! I did hire a doula, the best in the area!

Interviewer: What caused her to miss your birth?

April the Giraffe: She didn’t! I hired a postpartum & newborn care specialist. I figured I’d have enough mammals “helping” me give birth; mind you I did all the work! After having my first baby and just getting through the first six weeks, I knew I’d be wise to hire help after giving birth if I were to do it again. I want to feel my best, and enjoy my babies as much as possible!

So I found my postpartum doula and made it a priority to have her here.

My specialist has been with us now through three babies. She’s like my BFF, only she has this innate ability to tune into my needs, comforts me, can help through the night when I need rest the most. The babies love her! She has no agenda about what is “best” and she trusts that I know what’s right for my family. She’s a trained professional, but not pushy or judgy at all. She supports and encourages me!! She is the best thing since acacia!

Interviewer: We couldn’t help but notice that you pooped in labor. Were you embarrassed?

April the Giraffe: How did I know that question would come up? You humans seem fixated on poop. I’ll be blunt because I’m sure your readers will appreciate that. Shit happens. When you’re pushing, or “breathing your baby down”, you have absolutely no control of your rectum. Where’s the fecal matter supposed to go?

Look, I think if you’re big enough to mate you’re big enough to know that mammals poop in labor and that is normal!


Interviewer: April, did you eat your placenta, or afterbirth as some refer to it? Was it gross? What was the purpose of eating your placenta? Is that something you would recommend to others? 

April the Giraffe: Yes, I ate it! I also ate the amniotic sac and fluid too! Gross? Well, it didn’t taste like…freedom [April gave me a long, quiet stare with a raised brow….], but it wasn’t gross at all. It helps me have more energy, feel more balanced, and fight off the urge to knock the “nanny cam” off the damn wall! Yes, I for sure recommend it to others. Find someone reputable though; don’t make the catastrophic mistake of having someone pick up your placenta.

Listen, if you’re feeling uneasy remember this; if an herbivore, like myself and my herbivore friends (cows, goats, and gorillas) can eat our own placenta after birth, surely you can swallow up your dried and powdered placenta in capsules!

Easy peasy!

Come on, if the Real Housewives and Kim Kardashian can do it so can you!


Interviewer: April it has been a real pleasure interviewing you! Do you have any advice for our readers?

April the Giraffe: Don’t compare yourselves to others. Don’t worry what others will think. Eat your placenta and hire a postpartum doula! Oh, and take down the “nanny cam”!

Thank you all for playing along! If you have questions about childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation services, or post-birth support we are happy and ready to answer those for you!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

What Do Postpartum Doulas Do?

Postpartum Doulas Jax. FL

What do postpartum doulas do?

Imagine for a few minutes you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby. Your baby is a few hours old. You’re exhausted, hungry for real food, and completely overjoyed with your new tiny bundle of love.

Its two days in now.

You haven’t gotten much sleep at the hospital with all the warm welcomes and nurses massaging your uterus. You and your baby are working hard on feeding, diaper changes, and getting to know each other. You are ready to get back home and rest peacefully together as a new family.

Day three.

You and your baby come home and get settled in, whatever that means to you. More family members stop by with gifts and visit for a short while. Things seem to be overwhelming; you don’t remember the books talking about this part of motherhood. The emotions, the uncertainty, the days seem to all run together now.

It’s becoming more apparent with each passing hour that having someone there to assist you with all the things would be absolutely wonderful right now.

Not just anyone though.

Someone who understands the unique needs of your newborn baby and you, the newly postpartum mother. Someone who believes in your capabilities and instincts and can encourage you and your husband/partner without judgement or their own agenda. Someone there to help you build confidence and keep your sanity, whatever that means to you. Perhaps someone to be your sounding board and shoulder.

That someone is your postpartum doula!

Right about now you’re breathing a sigh of relief knowing your postpartum doula is scheduled to come at the end of the week as your family leaves to go back home to their daily lives.

Postpartum doulas are like comfort food for your soul.

We’re like a warm cup of tea on a dreary day, the very best chocolate cake, and fresh sheets on your bed after a very long week. Postpartum doulas know life will look different from client to client and day to day. We assist with the things that take your focus away from what matters the most to you.

First Coast Doulas postpartum doulas help you enjoy your post-birth experience more! Contact us today!

The Best Doulas in Jax!

The Best Doulas in Jax, FL | Childbirth Classes Jax

The Best Doulas in Jax!

I feel pretty lucky, Jacksonville is a diverse city!

Jacksonville has live sports, entertainment, loads of artistic talent, and activities for people of all ages and interests. Those who call the First Coast home are fortunate to have access to a variety of options during the childbearing years. Finding the best option for them can get tricky!

Options are a good thing!

Having options means that businesses must work hard to set themselves apart from others who appear to offer similar services if they stand a chance of delivering a top notch products and experiences to their customers! It’s critical for a business to constantly find what gives them that edge and shine at it! Ultimately this is good for business and benefits the consumer too!

Start by comparing apples to apples.

Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino is one example. People rave over its magical badassery! They rage over its sugar content! They tweet, blog, and snap selfies just for shock value! The point is, people were talking and sharing everywhere! Sure other places that offer seemingly the same things as Starbucks, but it’s not really the same is it?

What you consider when making a purchase also depends on what you’re purchasing.

Things you might want quick and cheap:

  • a pack of under shirts
  • a burger

I mean when you want a burger and you want it fast where do you go? When buying a pack of undershirts it might take you all of five minutes to run in and grab what you need. It’s a quick buy and you move on with your day. It’s not memorable, it’s an everyday run of the mill purchase.

Then there are purchases that affect the quality of your day to day life like a mattress set.

It’ll take longer to purchase. You need to be comfortable and wake up feeling rested. You want it to last longer, because it’s more of an investment in the quality of your life.

Finally, there are services that are attached to experiences, some lasting you a lifetime.

First one that comes to mind; Disney World! The look on your child’s face as she is spoken to by her favorite character.

Fine dining is another example. With fine dining you’d likely expect fresh food, made to order, cooked to perfection, served in a relaxing atmosphere with friendly, attentive service!

A tour of the nation’s oldest city! What would you expect there?

With the pack of under shirts, burger, the tour, fine dining, and a mattress set you have an idea of what you’d be willing to pay for it right?

Think about why those might cost more or less while they’re seemingly the same at a glance! Would you pay more for better? What if you never knew what better was until you experienced it?

Say one burger was grass-fed, grade “A” beef and the other was ground sirloin?

What if you didn’t know one burger was cold and the other was hot because they looked identical across the table?

After eating one burger it may taste great or bad for that matter, but if you never tried the other would you’d never know there was a difference!

Would you expect to pay a different price for a grade “A”, grass fed burger that’s properly cookedto order verus a slightly cold, questionable smelling, ground sirloin burger?

How about a tour!

Would you pay expect to pay more for a guided tour or self-guided tour? Consider a tour guide that’s clean and well-kept versus lacking in personal hygiene? What if he only spoke French and you only speak English and Spanish? Is his knowledge on the subject solid? Does he share an interesting story on the history, make you laugh, and is pleasant and accommodating? I mean would you expect to pay less if he just handed you a brochure, walked around texting and pointing? What would you see as more value?

Let’s step it up a notch!

An exotic honey honeymoon after eloping with the love of your life and building a home are examples of lifetime experiences for sure! Professional doula support is another example! What might you expect to pay for those investments? What factors would help you decide to pay more to have the very best?

Apples to apples folks!

At first a glance it may appear that others are offering the same services, but no mistake, the best doulas in Jax are First Coast Doulas! Our clients agree!

So, aside from working hard for our clients, what’s our edge:

  • We attune to your needs and customize the support you receive from us because we recognize you as complex individuals!
  • We meet you where you are whether you know exactly what you want and what your options are or you have no idea what to expect or what options are even available.
  • We are down to Earth, compassionate, and communicate in a way that validates your feelings and concerns as people who are  fully capable to make the decisions that are best for you and your family! We support your way!
  • We offer an objective perspective when you want it!
  • We know there is no right or wrong way to birth or parent! We don’t get hung up over things like breast or bottle, circumcised or intact, vaginal or cesarean. We got you! Your decisions, your way!
  • We will never make promises about specific outcomes or do anything to endanger you or your baby.
  • We work to build bridges with you, your family, and your healthcare providers. We are the epitome of professionalism.
  • We are confident!

First Coast Doulas is setting the bar high in Jacksonville! We’re cultivating new ideas and change. We’re a brand people have come to love and recognize!

Contact us for an experience of a lifetime!




Insurance Policy For Expecting Parents


Insurance Policy for Expecting Parents in Jax, FL | Placenta Encapsulation Jax FL

Insurance Policy For Expecting Parents

There’s an insurance policy for expecting parents and it’s easier than ever to obtain.

Being a new mother encompasses a range of emotions from excited to exhausted. The details, not to be forgotten. There seems to be a never ending list of things. After your baby arrives you will be taking care of his needs as well as your own. You want to feel the very best you can while you recover from birth. After all we must first love ourselves because we can’t serve from an empty vessel.

As a mom myself I have carefully calculated and there is exactly no time to feel run down. Zero.

First Coast Doulas now offers an insurance policy for expecting parents that will act as a cushion, a sanity saver for families. First Coast Doulas will change the way you and your loved ones look at postpartum forever!

Oh, there’s that word! Postpartum!

When you hear the word postpartum what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If your first thought was a negative one you’re not alone. Many people hear postpartum and immediately think depression.

There’s no replacement for sleep, healthy meals and snacks, drinking lots of water, and warm sunshine on your skin! In addition there’s no replacement for your care provider when you need professional help. Last, but not least it’s never fair for anyone to have to jump back into life, full swing at a few weeks postpartum, but sometimes it’s necessary.

We understand!

When you buy a car you get car insurance, just in case. You have home owners insurance to protect your home, after all there is no place like it! You have insurance for your dental and healthcare needs too.

Why not a policy for after birth, just in case you need it?

The biggest drop in hormones happens immediately after you give birth to your baby(s). Sometimes the body can keep up with the transition without concern, other times the body needs help to feel more balanced and give your body and mind a boost.

What if there was an insurance policy for that?

First Coast Doulas offers professional postpartum support and placenta encapsulation, the insurance policy for expecting parents! Maximize sleep and meals, get those baby snuggles in while we switch the clothes from washer to dryer and take your placenta capsules for an energy boost. Heal and recover in the most natural way. Capsules, filled with your very own dried and powdered placenta that your body grew especially to nourish your baby and can help you heal!  `

Overnight postpartum support you can count on.

Stay in bed, all night! Your postpartum doula will help. She will change your baby, calm him, and bring him to you to nurse or for a bottle, or even take over night feedings if that is your goal. She’ll help burp him and get him back to bed. Don’t like the idea of someone doing it for you? No problem, we’re right there by your side every step of the way, a personal baby care assistant!

We do not take anyone’s place nor do we tell you what to do. We help you do what you want to do and feel and look your best doing it!

Your placenta is not medical waste it’s wellness in the most organic form! There is no substitute on Earth. Once your placenta is labelled as medical waste and taken away part of your insurance policy is gone. Don’t let it slip away!

Anyone can experience postpartum troubles within the first year, but some women are at a greater risk for trouble after birth than others. Those at greater risk:

  • have given birth to a baby who is sleeping
  • do not have sufficient help at home (more than one support person helping them daily in the first 6 weeks)
  • have anxiety or depression pre-pregnancy
  • birth did not go as planned
  • have had postpartum troubles previously
  • have deployed spouses
  • have given birth more than once
  • have given birth via cesarean

Contact First Coast Doulas today to secure your place on our calendar!

Have questions? We’re happy to set up a time to talk with you about everything or you can check out our Q&A page.


Home for the Holidays


home for the holidays jacksonville doula

Home for the Holidays

tHome for the holidays can take on a different meaning after you have kids! Holidays with kids are so different than celebrating as a single person or as a married couple without children. The things we use to doing during the holidays change a bit after we have kids of our own. At least in some way they do.

Many people go home for the holidays, whether it’s next door or cross country. Year after year you do this because it’s what you’ve always done, and you’ve come to look forward to it; it’s what the holidays are to you. Perhaps it’s become a tradition and you want to continue to feel the sense of family.

After you have a baby though you start to look at life through a new lens, it’s true!

Once your baby is here in your arms, your house begins to feel even more like your home, you and your baby are a family. There are times that the longing to “go home” for the holidays sometimes doesn’t seem as urgent. Many parents tend to feel like doing things at their own home a little more, whether it be because they dread traveling with kids, the of ease and convenience of being home, wanting to sleep in or play it by ear, or because they just want to start their own traditions at home with their children.

It’s common to feel torn about this new chapter in life. You want to go “home” to be with your family or perhaps your in laws, but you also really want to do things at your home and not have to deal with the back and forth! It’s common to feel this way and o.k. to express your feelings and be supported in your decisions this holiday season.

Do what feels right for your family. Don’t force yourself into a situation that will leave you stressed out and uncomfortable. Doing something for others should be an act from the heart, not a burden or source of frustration. Make the most where ever you are, whoever you are with! There will never be another holiday exactly like this one, love, share, and just enjoy being together.

One of the greatest gifts anyone can give a new parent (first time or fifth) is to let them know they are doing a great job, and that their decision to come or stay is accepted by you.


Ways to ease the mind and fill the heart of a loved one who is traveling with kids this holiday season;

If they agree to join you at your home support them in their parenting decisions, do not judge or undermine them. These are their children, not yours.

Ask for their permission before you feed their baby, anything liquid or solids.

Offer to help them with making travel arrangements, meet them at the airport if that would be of help to them.

If someone in your own home is sick, be it a minor cold or full on stomach bug, please disclose that information before they come and let them make the call on whether or not they want to expose their family.

If they have a food allergy, be mindful of that. If you’re not sure, just ask.

If they are breastfeeding their baby, let it be on their own terms, not yours, make them feel comfortable, not alienated.

Ways that you might ease the mind and fill the heart of a loved one who has decided to stay at home with their kids this holiday season;

Offer to bring the gathering to them, but be mindful if they do not want company.

Ask if there is a time you can come visit them at their home instead.

Mail a card and let them know you love them, are thinking of them, and hope you all can get together soon!

Send or hand deliver a gift the family can enjoy together. This could be a craft, a board game, or movie.

Gift the family a home cooked meal; be mindful of any food allergies.

Make and send a video to the family. Let each person at the holiday gathering say something meaningful or funny (in character) to the family!

With the holidays quickly approaching, a new little one in tow, or a bun in the oven you are likely counting your blessings and reflecting on years past. You may also be feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed, you don’t have to!

The Jax Baby Company is here to help ease your nerves this holiday.

Through pregnancy and your first year postpartum, let us serve you while you enjoy your family!

Happy Birth & Parenting,