The Difference between a Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

Nanny and a Postpartum Doula

I was in the store the other day with my daughter when the conversation came up. You know, “what do you do for a living?” I actually really love talking about what I do and what The Jacksonville Baby Company brings to the shores of the First Coast! So, I responded with a smile and an enthusiastic, “I’m a postpartum doula!” *Crickets* “A wha????” After briefly explaining what I do and how we help new parents, he nodded with an expression of understanding and said, “So, you’re a nanny!” Uh, no.“Not exactly. Not at all, really” I responded. There are actually differences between a nanny and a postpartum doula.

“What’s the difference between a nanny and a postpartum doula then?” he asked with genuine curiosity.

And I proceeded to explain while I love nannies, I and the postpartum doulas here at The Jacksonville Baby Conpany are not nannies. Our services are similar for sure, but our primary functions differ tremendously. I went on to explain.

“…Elizabeth fed me and gave me a hug when I cried and never brought it back up. She understood. She helped me understand what I was going through and even helped my husband understand me a little better. I hope Elizabeth is around when I have my second baby because I don’t want to do it without her.” ~ Danielle M. Jax., FL

So, what’s the difference between a nanny and a postpartum doula?

A nanny is there solely for the baby and kids.

They are there to attend to their needs such as feeding, bathing, keeping to routines, and adhere to the daily agenda while the parents work or otherwise take a break.  They form a close relationship with the children and become a trusted adult. A nanny is a caregiver helping to raise the children.

Things a nanny might do:

  • Keep baby or children at their home while parents go to work on a regular basis with regular hours
  • Help create, set, and stick to daily routines based on their personal knowledge and relationship with the children
  • Provide educational activities and developmentally appropriate learning experiences
  • Discipline, prepare meals, drive children to extracurricular activities, appointments, and school

A postpartum doula is there for the family.

They’re there to attend to the family’s needs, which will vary from family to family and day to day. A lot of the time the family, having a new baby, is not aware or able to articulate their needs. The postpartum doula, using their knowledge and intuition, helps them identify what those needs and goals are and helps them to navigate the terrain of adding to their family.  A bit esoteric, yes…

Things a postpartum doula might do include:

  • Listen, reassure, and offer emotional support to new parents as they recount the birth experience and navigate the days following adding a new baby to their family.
  • Educate and advise about the woman’s postpartum body/mind
  • Help with researching, purchasing, and assembling baby gear
  • Provide local resources such as playgroups, therapists, etc.
  • Help siblings adjust to a new baby
  • Encourage parents to identify how they want things to go/what they need on their own terms and then help them implement those goals into manageable routines
  • Cook and prepare light meals, lightly clean, etc.
  • Assist with infant feeding, whether at the breast or bottle or both
  • Newborn soothing and sleep
  • Help to create a relaxing environment for the parents to enjoy snuggling with their newest family member
  • Support the new parent(s) on their first ( or fifth or twenty-fifth) outing. Think; breastfeeding for the first time in public, or preparing and warming a bottle while you change a crying newborn in the backseat or vice versa.

Encouraging you along the way!

nanny and a postpartum doula | childbirth classes in Jax

“It was like having my sister take the night shift, but I didn’t have to explain my choices. I didn’t think I’d need much help after I gave birth, but we were both exhausted a week into being home. Having our postpartum doula, Liz here helped me relax and sleep better!” “P.S. My sister is little jelly though!” ~ Marcia G. Jax., FL

A postpartum doula can provide care as well, in certain circumstances, or a person can be both a postpartum doula and a nanny. Oftentimes, they are both and perform these duties in separate circumstances!

Nannies and postpartum doulas are a collaborative team in many cases.

At The Jacksonville Baby Company Postpartum Doulas & Infant Care Specialists go one step further in providing care without interjecting their opinion or philosophy on parenting. Sort of like an extension of an antepartum doula. We pride ourselves on the ability to attune to our clients because we value building a strong partnership that allows our doulas to be the best doula for any and every family.

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Heather Horrell

What Do Postpartum Doulas Do?

Postpartum Doulas Jax. FL

What do postpartum doulas do?

Imagine for a few minutes you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby. Your baby is a few hours old. You’re exhausted, hungry for real food, and completely overjoyed with your new tiny bundle of love.

Its two days in now.

You haven’t gotten much sleep at the hospital with all the warm welcomes and nurses massaging your uterus. You and your baby are working hard on feeding, diaper changes, and getting to know each other. You are ready to get back home and rest peacefully together as a new family.

Day three.

You and your baby come home and get settled in, whatever that means to you. More family members stop by with gifts and visit for a short while. Things seem to be overwhelming; you don’t remember the books talking about this part of motherhood. The emotions, the uncertainty, the days seem to all run together now.

It’s becoming more apparent with each passing hour that having someone there to assist you with all the things would be absolutely wonderful right now.

Not just anyone though.

Someone who understands the unique needs of your newborn baby and you, the newly postpartum mother. Someone who believes in your capabilities and instincts and can encourage you and your husband/partner without judgement or their own agenda. Someone there to help you build confidence and keep your sanity, whatever that means to you. Perhaps someone to be your sounding board and shoulder.

That someone is your postpartum doula!

Right about now you’re breathing a sigh of relief knowing your postpartum doula is scheduled to come at the end of the week as your family leaves to go back home to their daily lives.

Postpartum doulas are like comfort food for your soul.

We’re like a warm cup of tea on a dreary day, the very best chocolate cake, and fresh sheets on your bed after a very long week. Postpartum doulas know life will look different from client to client and day to day. We assist with the things that take your focus away from what matters the most to you.

First Coast Doulas postpartum doulas help you enjoy your post-birth experience more! Contact us today!

The Best Doulas in Jax!

The Best Doulas in Jax, FL | Childbirth Classes Jax

The Best Doulas in Jax!

I feel pretty lucky, Jacksonville is a diverse city!

Jacksonville has live sports, entertainment, loads of artistic talent, and activities for people of all ages and interests. Those who call the First Coast home are fortunate to have access to a variety of options during the childbearing years. Finding the best option for them can get tricky!

Options are a good thing!

Having options means that businesses must work hard to set themselves apart from others who appear to offer similar services if they stand a chance of delivering a top notch products and experiences to their customers! It’s critical for a business to constantly find what gives them that edge and shine at it! Ultimately this is good for business and benefits the consumer too!

Start by comparing apples to apples.

Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino is one example. People rave over its magical badassery! They rage over its sugar content! They tweet, blog, and snap selfies just for shock value! The point is, people were talking and sharing everywhere! Sure other places that offer seemingly the same things as Starbucks, but it’s not really the same is it?

What you consider when making a purchase also depends on what you’re purchasing.

Things you might want quick and cheap:

  • a pack of under shirts
  • a burger

I mean when you want a burger and you want it fast where do you go? When buying a pack of undershirts it might take you all of five minutes to run in and grab what you need. It’s a quick buy and you move on with your day. It’s not memorable, it’s an everyday run of the mill purchase.

Then there are purchases that affect the quality of your day to day life like a mattress set.

It’ll take longer to purchase. You need to be comfortable and wake up feeling rested. You want it to last longer, because it’s more of an investment in the quality of your life.

Finally, there are services that are attached to experiences, some lasting you a lifetime.

First one that comes to mind; Disney World! The look on your child’s face as she is spoken to by her favorite character.

Fine dining is another example. With fine dining you’d likely expect fresh food, made to order, cooked to perfection, served in a relaxing atmosphere with friendly, attentive service!

A tour of the nation’s oldest city! What would you expect there?

With the pack of under shirts, burger, the tour, fine dining, and a mattress set you have an idea of what you’d be willing to pay for it right?

Think about why those might cost more or less while they’re seemingly the same at a glance! Would you pay more for better? What if you never knew what better was until you experienced it?

Say one burger was grass-fed, grade “A” beef and the other was ground sirloin?

What if you didn’t know one burger was cold and the other was hot because they looked identical across the table?

After eating one burger it may taste great or bad for that matter, but if you never tried the other would you’d never know there was a difference!

Would you expect to pay a different price for a grade “A”, grass fed burger that’s properly cookedto order verus a slightly cold, questionable smelling, ground sirloin burger?

How about a tour!

Would you pay expect to pay more for a guided tour or self-guided tour? Consider a tour guide that’s clean and well-kept versus lacking in personal hygiene? What if he only spoke French and you only speak English and Spanish? Is his knowledge on the subject solid? Does he share an interesting story on the history, make you laugh, and is pleasant and accommodating? I mean would you expect to pay less if he just handed you a brochure, walked around texting and pointing? What would you see as more value?

Let’s step it up a notch!

An exotic honey honeymoon after eloping with the love of your life and building a home are examples of lifetime experiences for sure! Professional doula support is another example! What might you expect to pay for those investments? What factors would help you decide to pay more to have the very best?

Apples to apples folks!

At first a glance it may appear that others are offering the same services, but no mistake, the best doulas in Jax are First Coast Doulas! Our clients agree!

So, aside from working hard for our clients, what’s our edge:

  • We attune to your needs and customize the support you receive from us because we recognize you as complex individuals!
  • We meet you where you are whether you know exactly what you want and what your options are or you have no idea what to expect or what options are even available.
  • We are down to Earth, compassionate, and communicate in a way that validates your feelings and concerns as people who are  fully capable to make the decisions that are best for you and your family! We support your way!
  • We offer an objective perspective when you want it!
  • We know there is no right or wrong way to birth or parent! We don’t get hung up over things like breast or bottle, circumcised or intact, vaginal or cesarean. We got you! Your decisions, your way!
  • We will never make promises about specific outcomes or do anything to endanger you or your baby.
  • We work to build bridges with you, your family, and your healthcare providers. We are the epitome of professionalism.
  • We are confident!

First Coast Doulas is setting the bar high in Jacksonville! We’re cultivating new ideas and change. We’re a brand people have come to love and recognize!

Contact us for an experience of a lifetime!




Our Fur Baby Died, If I Had a Doula that Day

Our Fur Baby Died, If I Had a Doula that Day

Our Fur Baby Died, If I Had a Doula that Day

Over the years I knew that the day would come we would have to say goodbye to our sweet baby. I knew that his average lifespan was only 10-12 years, but the heart never really prepares for such loss.

It was a long week, one of the longest yet shortest weeks of my life.

He had been sick and the medicines were not helping him improve. His quality of life was poor and it was no way to live. He was our fur baby and he was committed to our family. He was a chocolate Labrador retriever, his name was Bud.

I know many of you are animals lovers and can relate to the love I had for my fur baby! At times he aggravated me, but he filled a space in my heart that will always belong to him. He just knew me and understood me like no human could! He never licked my toes, he moved before my feet touched the floor in the morning and before I could ever raise my voice he would get up and exit the room, somehow he just knew. 

Our fur babies look at us with eyes so innocent and loving that they really our our babies, just like our kids.

He comforted me when my mother died. He made sure no one ever got through our gate without notifying me first. As I labored alone at home for hours with our last child he was my faithful companion. I did hip circles on my birth ball and he lay in front of me, breathing in the other direction as not to aggravate me. He played happily with our children and his tennis ball was all he ever asked for. He was the first to greet me, and the last to want anything other than love from me.

Our fur baby died, if I had a doula that day she would have validated my feelings and reasons for choosing to euthanize him in a more peaceful way. He had congestive heart failure, he wasn’t going to improve. He was old, he lived a great life! It was a Friday, my daughter and I were alone at home Bud. Our boys were in school and my husband at work. If I didn’t take him in he would have suffered a long weekend.

I couldn’t be selfish, but if I only had a doula she could have helped me talk through this.

Our fur baby died, if I had a doula that day she would’ve been in the know. She would’ve provided me with information support and called the vets in town and who offers the best end of life care for pets. She would have taken some final pictures of me, my daughter, and our fur baby. She would have helped me take him for a last swim! She would have reminded me it was o.k to slow down and take my time if I wanted to.

My doula would’ve sat with our five year old daughter in the other room while I held our other baby as he left this world. She would’ve helped our daughter see that just as birth is normal, death is also normal and can supported and cherished.

If I had a doula she would have held my hand as my daughter and I walked through the store to select flowers to decorate his grave. She could’ve phoned my husband to let him know what was going on, he tried hard to make it home, but couldn’t.

She would have handed me tissues and helped my daughter interacted with the cashier instead of me. The stares I received walking through the store were almost too unbearable for me. I rarely cry and when I do it’s not in front of others, but our daughter wanted greatly to select flowers for our fur baby’s grave.

She could have held me as I sobbed uncontrollably after burying him. It would have been nice to have someone bring me a glass of water on that hot day, and reminded me that it was going to be o.k.

I’m also 100% positive that if I wanted educational support she would have led me to unbiased resources and if I didn’t want those she wouldn’t force those upon me. Some people just don’t want the education or research sometimes.

Could I have done this without her? Sure, because I did it without her. But, the day our baby died, if I had a doula not only would I have felt completely supported and loved, but my family would have too!

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Authored by Heather Horrell, wife, mother, my personal  friend, and badass business owner at Grow Family Yoga and Wellness!

Our Favorite Things?  

Holidays and perfect little gifts.  Halloween to New Year’s is a magical time of year! Christmas can especially be a time for our favorite things.  The “Sound of Music” perfectly demonstrated this whimsy that I’ve made a holiday viewing of the classic film a Christmas Eve tradition.

This goes to the moms who’ve had a super special Christmas package 🙂

Sleeping in late

Having breakfast in bed

Coffee with cream

With some sweet gingerbread


So well rested that I could sing

These are a few of my favorite things


Laundry all folded and

Christmas gifts wrapped

Calm for holiday trips

And suitcases packed


Having a friend whose listening ear rings

These are a few of my favorite things


When the babe cries

When its bath time

When I’m feeling sad, I remember “Days are slow, but the years are fast”

Then I don’t feel so bad

Swaddle so perfect

And baby so sweet

Rock and play assembled

Presents under the tree


Warm Peppermint tea my specialist brings

These are a few of my favorite things


A shower so hot

A book by the fire

Reading about tots

And world famous choirs



Time for a queen and a meal for a king

These are a few of my favorite things


When I need sleep

When I want food

When I’m feeling sad

I remember Jax Baby Company and the help that they give

Then I don’t feel so bad!

If you are expecting a bundle of joy around the holidays and are feeling overwhelmed about everything, contact us today!

Baby Santas are a few of our Favorite Things!

Happy Holidays!

My Doctor Is Against Hiring A Doula

My Doctor Is Against Hiring A Doula | Doulas Jax FL | Jax FL Doulas

My Doctor Is Against Hiring a Doula


If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say, “My doctor is against hiring a  doula” I’d be rich.  While I wish it weren’t that way, I’m not surprised. Ask your medical provider and they’ll probably openly share that while they’ve worked with a few good ones the majority they’ve worked around are unpleasant and confrontational (directly or indirectly).


A confrontation between your doctor and your doula as you’re laboring. I bet that is exactly what you and your birth partner had in mind for your birth experience! NOT! Ultimately this type of confrontational behavior leads to more doctors giving doulas a thumbs down rather than a thumbs up. At very least many just don’t encourage their patients to hire doulas. I can’t blame them. It’s unethical behavior and completely out of scope for a doula to be confrontational.

If you’re out there hanging out on the metaphorical fence about hiring a doula. We see you! We hear you!

If you’re thinking, my doctor is against hiring a doula, but I need one on one support. What should I do? We may just have a solution for you. What if we told you First Coast Doulas teaches a class just for you and your birth partner to learn the art of intimate birth. In the class you and your birth partner will discover what you need to know about the process of giving birth and navigating the first weeks at home.

We teach you both all the “doula skills” so your partner can provide you with unwavering support.  Procedures, hospital protocol, and your rights are covered. We also walk through vaginal and cesarean birth, just in case. Have a better understanding of your medical options, non-medical options, coping techniques, positions for labor, newborn procedures and care, and a whole lot more!

First Coast Doulas has created a real solution for those who want to skip hiring a doula and have a more intimate experience.

We know birthing people want support. The vast majority of people have very little understanding about what to expect in childbirth or the first weeks after they give birth. As you learn the nervousness, anxiety, and fear surrounding birth can be curbed.

We know birth, babies, and lots about different parenting styles!

Many parents who have taken this class say they felt incredibly prepared for birth and they were satisfied with their experience overall. I love hearing the confidence in their voices when they say things like, “I’m sure glad we knew what to expect, we were clueless before the class”, or  “Our plan changed, but we were prepared and we wouldn’t go back and do anything differently.”

We fully support you in your birth and parenting journey.

Through hands-on, engaging classes we help parents prepare! Providing around the clock doula support as you bring your baby home helps with the huge transition. First Coast Doulas is shifting and shaping the way parents view their childbearing years!

The next time you hear someone say, “my doctor is against hiring a doula”, offer to put them in touch with First Coast Doulas. We’ll help the pregnant person and the birth partner feel fully prepared for the experience of a lifetime without having to hire out for doula support!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke


Second Baby Guilt Part 2

This is part 4 in 6 part blog series Titled; Guilt, Inadequacy, and Insufficient Funds

See bottom of page for details.


“Guilt, can become the ultimate enabler!”~Elizabeth Luke

baby guilt jacksonville florida




I shared my feelings with my husband, who at the time seemed to be absent emotionally. Maybe it was just me I thought, he acts like it’s no big deal, maybe I’m being too sensitive, but it felt like he was being insensitive.

In those first moments after giving birth, along with joy and amazement I felt for our new son, I also felt guilt. I’d already experienced birth once and knew the joy that comes in those moments right after birth. This is crazy I thought, although I loved him just as much as my first in every way, I still felt guilty.

I didn’t tell anyone about this; surely they would think I was crazy.

Well, little did I know, I was wrong!  In fact, many moms experience what I call, second baby guilt and in addition to second baby guilt comes all these feelings of inadequacy. Guilt doesn’t always strike and when it does it isn’t always within moments of birth, guilt isn’t always easily identifiable either. Yeah, fun times.

In those early days I learned that breastfeeding a newborn, changing what seems like endless diapers, potty training and caring for a two year old is a full time job, who would’ve thought?

Never mind finding time to brush my teeth, to eat a solid meal, or showering! Oh, no that happened when my husband came in after working a long day at his job, I’d hand off the baby and lock myself in the bathroom where I showered, brushed my teeth and thought to myself, I made it!

These days continued on and somehow I managed to survive, take care of two kids and eventually I even accomplished other things like laundry, dinner, and shaving my legs!

After the birth I felt guilty, overwhelmed, exhausted, and inadequate. I felt like I was chained down, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. These chains were debilitating and noone seemed to understand what I was going through.

I learned a lot through those times, they were hard, and I wished I had someone I could have called in for back up. I wished I had a postpartum Doula. I didn’t even know what a postpartum doula was, but I wished I had one.

I needed someone there, to let me get a couple hours of sleep so I could function as a human. It would have been amazing to have someone to make sure I had a few easy to grab snacks in my fridge, to fold that load of laundry I threw in the dryer and let go around two cycles and still had not gotten in there to fold. I would have loved to have someone talk to me, listen to me, validate my feelings, and to encourage me along my journey.

Hiring a professional who is both a birth and postpartum Doula would have provided the continuity of care my family could’ve benefited from and made the overall transition smoother, but I didn’t know about professional Doulas at the time.

I interviewed my husband who’s a very private person. Here are his responses;

Did you experience any feelings of guilt when I was pregnant or shortly after I gave birth?

“I didn’t really feel guilty at all during your pregnancy; I was mostly just excited and nervous. I didn’t really understand why you felt the way you did and it was frustrating trying to figure you out. Looking back though I know that I didn’t have to understand it, just empathize with you.”

When I asked him how about after birth, did you ever feel guilty for anything after I gave birth; he took a while to think about this. Then he responded.

“Yes, I guess I did feel a little guilty sometimes that I had to leave you after two weeks with the kids alone. I know you’re a great mom and you made it look easy, but if it were me and I was with them alone while you worked, I’d be calling you a couple times a day for answers to questions. There were days it seemed you needed me to stay home, but I couldn’t, that was hard. Oh, and when you would tell me to take time for myself. You know I love being together, with all of you, so when I do take time for myself I always feel guilty a little. Oh and you were so sad in the first couple months, probably because you were dealing with postpartum mood issues and so tired, so you never let me live a full nights rest down. I guess I felt guilty about that, yeah I did feel guilty about that, and I felt like your unhappiness was part my fault since I couldn’t fix things.””

Did you experience feelings of insufficiency or inadequacy any time during my pregnancy or after I gave birth?

“Yeah I guess so. You know, I didn’t realize I felt any of this until now, thanks!” Then we both have a nice laugh! He continued, “As I look back I remember wondering if I would be able to support us financially so I guess that is inadequacy, right?” Yes, I told him!

That concluded our interview, my husband is a very private person and I sensed he was done at this point so we wrapped it up.


As a mother of four kids, ranging in ages 6 to nearly 19 years old I now understand that old saying, “they may not be babies anymore, but they will always be my babies!”

I think along with having a second, third, or even fifth baby comes a dose of guilt, it’s what we do with that guilt that matters. You don’t want to let your guilt manifest into becoming an enabler to your children. Let’s ruminate on that for a little while.


Included in this series;

Each title in the series will run 7-23-2015 through 7-31-2015

Why the Wage Gap Won’t Close

doulas, free, money, wage gap, equality

The last few years have been full of discourse surrounding gender inequality and the associated wage gap.  People blame employers, politics, and policies. While these factors definitely contribute to why the wage gap won’t close in the United States, the biggest hurdle to closing the wage gap is women themselves.

Yea. Us. Spend time in any online forum or Facebook group where women discuss their occupation and earnings, and you’ll see that there is a great reluctance to ask for a fair wage, and thus, earn more. This is especially true for women who have the potential to control their own income by setting a fair wage for themselves as entrepreneurs.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 50% of women are in either service-related, education, or healthcare professions. These are the jobs that are characterized as being caring and supportive professions. Teachers, nurses, social services, doulas, yoga instructors…jobs that are traditionally considered “of the heart”.

As an entrepreneur/business owner in the field of helping people, I see this aversion almost daily.  Words like “icky” get tossed around when I or another birth professional talk about setting fees conducive to the living wage.  We get accused of “not caring enough or our priorities being misaligned”.  When I, or a colleague, try to explain that by charging a living wage (which, by the way is calculated as the same for men and women), we are working to put food on the table, pay mortgage, or go on vacation, we are told  that it’s wrong, or often: “my partner takes care of all that”.

By failing to recognize their own privilege, they have effectively sent a couple of damaging messages.  One is that a doula is a savior who can guarantee outcomes.  After all, why else would the needs of a poor pregnant woman supersede the needs of the woman (and her family whom she supports) providing a valuable service? This is a problem because, in addition to the inherent classism, it confuses the public about our role and our value, but that’s for another day.

Problem number two (and more to the point about the wage gap) arises when you consider that the doula/business owner might be disadvantaged, herself. How can she break the cycle of poverty if she volunteers her time, materials, and skills, especially if she feels its a requirement?  Even if she isn’t poor, as in the woman whose partner is the provider, her privilege clouds her ability to see beyond her own circumstance. She fails to recognize or acknowledge the very real issue of the wage gap.

And lastly, the rhetoric encouraging doulas to volunteer or congratulating those who are low-cost and “accessible” because of this false notion of business autonomy is damaging to every other business-owning doula.  It’s simple economy and it’s called undercutting.  The consumers are confused and the women doulas are often underpaid.  We have effectively rejected the truth that we are worth a higher monetary value-one that can be equal to men.

Providing a heart-felt service isn’t mutually exclusive to earning excellent compensation. If we tell women they are wrong or don’t genuinely care, we won’t ever equally earn.  If we can’t accept that these professions, this profession, is worthy of pay needed to sustain and thrive, the wage gap will continue.

Nursing Munchies

Why isn't that plate FULL???
Why isn’t that plate FULL???



This is what it can look or sound like. Seriously.  Nursing can be a challenge for many other reasons such as cracked nipples, engorgement, pumping, the list goes on. (Don’t fret, it isn’t always difficult and there are loads of resources).  Many, many women have a relatively easy time nursing. That said, one thing that unites us all…

Ah! The hunger. Near constant hunger. All the time. It brings you back to your days as a rebellious youth who might have dabbled in some (un)savory habits. Breastfeeding your baby and you have the munchies.

So what to do? EAT. Shop for all the food. Stockpile all the food. Then eat all the food.

Okay, not really, but there are some solutions.  Always have some key foods on hand. Easy to grab, easy to eat, and full of goodness. Your partner and your postpartum doula can take care of the heavy duty cooking.  After all, the reason you’re so hungry is because your body is using all those calories (from all the food) to make breastmilk!

You’ll want to eat foods that are high in protein and complex carbs. Fats will help with satiation and a high water content is a must to deal with near-constant thirst.

So, we present the 5 best snacks:

  • Fruit (watermelon chunks, grapes, apples)
  • Nuts (unsalted cashews, pistachios, almonds)
  • Cheese (colby-jack cubes are perfect)
  • Veggies (celery w/peanut butter and raisins, carrots, jicama)
  • Little pre-made sandwiches and wraps (get the recipe here)


If you want more essential postpartum and nursing ideas, stay tuned by subscribing!

Cesarean Birth Recovery Essentials

Cesarean Birth Recovery Jax FL | Best Doulas in Jax FL

Cesarean Birth Recovery Essentials

Cesarean birth recovery is a question we get asked about alot. Are you planning a cesarean birth? Do you want to be prepared in the instance that you may need one? Keep this short list handy!  Be sure to print this so that you can bring it with you on your next shopping trip!

Compression Splint or Belly Band

Trust us! After having major abdominal surgery, your core will likely be weakened and sore.  A compression splint helps with the immediate balance, alignment, and pain issues that can arise. Laughing, sneezing, walking…and using the bathroom can be really difficult.  By placing continuous counter-pressure, the splint will manually keep the muscles and incision “in place”.  A splint is definitely for the short-term, however.  There are many on the market, ranging from very inexpensive to top-dollar. Even Kourtney Kardashian has espoused using a post-pregnancy wrap (The Belly Bandit), though I can’t speak personally to this brand’s comfort or effectiveness for cesarean birth recovery.

Comfortable Underwear/Bottoms

Because your incision could be easily irritated, you’ll appreciate little to no contact with it, especially itchy, scratchy elastic.  There are a few options to consider.  You could get cheap, replaceable high waist briefs, or you could opt for the “no-line” panties which don’t have the typical waistband.  Another option to consider is the C-panty, which serves as both a compression/binder AND comfortable underwear during cesarean birth recovery.

In addition, denim shorts and pants may irritate you. This would be the perfect time to splurge on some cute sweats and yoga pants!

Snack and Entertainment Basket

A MUST have.  It is really super-duper important that you rest, restore, and bond with baby after a cesarean birth.  (Very) minimal walking is okay (provided your doctor or midwife says so); however, you’ll want to avoid excessive up and downs, walking, lifting, etc. This is especially true if you live in a two story home. But a girl’s gotta eat-right? The solution:  set up an awesome area where you are comfortable and happy.  Have some snacks, books, your tablet, essential oils, lotion, music, remote, and the baby’s essentials in arm’s reach.  Make it YOU, make it CUTE. Remember-you NEED to pamper yourself during this time so that you can pamper baby too!

Postpartum Support

This is paramount and often forgotten. In American culture there is this highly valued thing called independence. We sure put a lot of emphasis on it. We are strong, we can handle hard things! This is definitely true. We are resilient, we bounce back….birth recivery is different, especially cesarean birth recovery. Our bodies, despite how we may or may not feel, need to heal and that takes a full 6 weeks. Line up your support system. Your partner, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, church family, and of course your postpartum & newborn doula.

Having people support and assist you for at least 6 weeks after a cesarean birth is invaluable and we have built The Jacksonville Baby Company to do just that! Personal Assistance for Healing and Recovery is what we do!

Do not be afraid to ask for help. This is the one time in your life you absolutely should be that person who asks and fully accepts help. If speaking up isn’t your strong suit, have them choose from pre-selected tasks, that will help you most. Better still, have your postpartum doula delegate tasks to best support your cesarean birth recovery. A Jax Baby Company postpartum doula will intuitively know *what* and *how* to help you to a relaxing recovery.

Get the Cesarean Birth Recovery Printable here!