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Professional Classes and Services for Birth, Babies, and the Fourth Trimester:

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Day Time and Overnight In-Home & Support for Parents with Infants

Your Postpartum and Infant Care Specialist is a like your fairy godmother! She may not use actual magic to help you and your baby sleep, but it sure will feel like it. Parents were never meant to do this alone and the parents hiring The Jax Baby Company feel zero guilt about having a baby whisperer around to help them enjoy their babies and their sleep more! Your specialist is an expert on all things parent-baby, they provide hands-on help during the day, overnight, or both! We help you establish a routine and healthy sleep habits from day one so you can enjoy your sleep and your baby more! Commiseration, validation, and liberation!

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Private Birth, Baby, and Fourth Trimester Classes

Every parent wants to feel prepared, comfortable, and have a satisfying birth experience. That means different things to different people! Our classes are unique to you, private, in-person, or virtual classes. You’ll prepare in a fun and informative way and approach birth, parenting, and your own intimate relationship with more confidence. Classes that resonate with you!

Birth and Postpartum Consulting

For birth, the power isn’t the plan itself; the power is what you learn in the process of creating the plan. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing your options, deciding what is right for you, and communicating your needs in the moment! Not everyone wants or is permitted to have an extra support person at the hospital! Cue the personalized birth plan we cultivate just for you! For the fourth trimester, the power of the plan is in the seamless execution so that you have what you need; the support, when you need it most; after birth.

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Sleep Shaping, Sleep Training, and Personalized Infant Sleep Plans

Being a parent is a special kind of exhausting, we know! The nights are long, but the years are short! Getting good quality sleep after having a baby means you will have the energy you need to be the best parent you can be. Exhaustion isn’t something to wear as a badge of honor, it can be dangerous and affect all aspects of your life. Is your baby getting enough age-appropriate sleep to be truly happy and healthy? You’re exhausted and are quickly coming to grips with the thought of being sleep deprived for-e-ver! Sleep support is life-changing!

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Professional Support While You Vacation and Travel

Our travel and vacation support specialists are here to professionally and compassionately provide support to you and your family as you travel or vacation on the First Coast or as you travel to another beautiful destination! Yes, you can take us with you! The Jacksonville Baby Company has the perfect travel and vacation support specialist for your family!