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Birth, Postnatal, and Newborn education in a variety of informative and engaging classes with the entire family in mind.

The Jacksonville Baby Company knows every birth and parenting journey is unique! Our classes allow you to fill your toolbox with the best tools available and pull the specific tools you need as you need them. You wouldn’t use a square peg in a round hole. So why commit to just one birth “method” or “tool” in birth and parenting? As labor and life unfold what you need and find most effective will also change. We use current scientific research and evidence as well and proven communication styles to help you learn as much as possible in a way that is best for you!

The Jacksonville Baby Company teaches the following birth, postnatal, and newborn classes:

  • Confident Birth & Parenting
  • Birth Partner Prep
  • Relax Into Birth
  • Cesarean Birth Prep
  • Newborn Care
  • Sibling Prep
  • (coming soon) Preparing Your Nest

 Birth Classes Jax, FL | Childbirth Classes Jax, FL | Birth Preparation Jax, FL

Confident Birth & Parenting

The Jacksonville Baby Company helps you approach childbirth, parenting and your own intimate relationship with more confidence. Be in the know, discover your birth partner’s personal support style, and what a “satisfying” birth really means to you! All of this while getting all of your “what ifs” and “how to” questions answered with science and evidence-based information.

In this 6-hour class, you and your birth partner will gain a deeper understanding of the labor and birth process. What makes this class even more unique is that we don’t leave you hanging after birth. Our agency works with new families as they bring their babies home, we’d be doing you an injustice not to cover the most important parts of this journey; postnatal and newborn care. These essential tools help parents navigate new territory and avoid many of the pitfalls of birth and early parenting!!

The Confident Birth & Parenting Class is an all-in-one class and the only class of its kind offered in Jacksonville! GET CLASS OUTLINE

Childbirth Education Jax FL | Jax FL Birthing Classes | Jax FL Doulas

Birth Partner PrepClass

Have you considered having a doula by your side during birth, but ultimately you’d like the experience to be just you and your birth partner (partner, spouse, mom, or otherwise)? While studies show benefits to having a professional doula, we understand not everyone wants to hire a doula! Planning for an “all natural” birth? Perfect! Planning for an epidural? Awesome! This 4-hour class is the class for you!

“The class was packed with great tips. My husband took notes. We practiced the techniques several times after class. When I went into labor we didn’t panic. I was pleasantly surprised with my husband’s help in labor and I think this class helped so much.” GET CLASS OUTLINE

Relax Into Birth

The Relax Into Birth class helps parents understand why, when, and how to relax! Our educators will teach you positions, breathing techniques, and other comfort measures so you can relax your way into and through labor and birth. This 2-hour class is all about the importance of relaxation, ways to relax, and how relaxation affects your comfort in birth.

“…The Relax Into Birth class was exactly what we were looking to learn without any fear. We didn’t want to learn about emergency situations or how they induce labor. I was low risk and our baby and I are both healthy. Our birth was nothing like we planned, but we were very happy with the class and Liz was very professional and friendly.” GET CLASS OUTLINE

Cesarean Birth Prep

Cesarean birth presents with its own set of joys and challenges. This unique childbirth education class is designed specifically for parents who are preparing to welcome their babies via a cesarean birth experience. We discuss the joys, challenges, and common concerns parents have. In this 2-hour class we cover the birth process from beginning to end and the options you have for a unique experience.

“Elizabeth worked with my husband’s crazy schedule and came to us on a day that worked for him. She was really knowledgeable and you can tell she cares.  We delivered at Baptist Downtown and had a fantastic experience. We hired her for some help at home after we delivered. This class helped me feel more calm and happy about my choice. Elizabeth helped me so much after I gave birth. I highly recommend the c-section class and postpartum support to anyone thinking about having a c-section.” GET CLASS OUTLINE

Newborn Care

Bottles, boobies, and diapers oh my! Sleeping, burping, soothing, and cries ?! What does this mean? How often should I? When do I do that? Why, why, why? The more you know the better prepared you are for the challenges that lie ahead. In our 2-hour Newborn Care class, you and your partner have the chance to prepare for a time that matters the most and get answers to your most pressing questions before your baby’s arrival.

” I can’t recommend The Jacksonville Baby Company enough! These ladies know what they are doing!! That feeling after your baby is born where you wish you could take the L&D nurses home with you- that’s Liz and her team… but you can actually take them home with you!” GET CLASS OUTLINE

Sibling Prep

Welcoming a baby brother or sister is exciting! It’s also all of the other things for an older sibling! This hands-on engaging class was created just for big brothers and sisters. In this hour long class we peek at what life will be like with a new baby around! The looks, sounds, smells, and BIG feelings that come along with having a new sibling are presented in this unique and informative sibling preparedness class! We promise there’s no Caillou involved!

“My daughter loved the class. I was surprised she remembered so much. I overheard her teaching her cousin tips for safe sleep. Liz was thoughtful in her approach and I have already recommended the class to two of my co-workers.” GET CLASS OUTLINE

Pregnancy, Birth, Postnatal, and Newborn Classes:

Confident Birth & Parenting $400

Birth Partner Prep $275

Relax Into Birth $175

Cesarean Birth Prep $175

Newborn Care $175

Sibling Prep $100 +$20 for each additional sibling within the immediate family

EXCLUSIVELY for those living within 10 miles of zip code 32011, Save 10% on all services!

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Coming soon…

Preparing Your Nest

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