Have a supported birth, confidently care for your newborn, and create a lasting family bond with courses and support that fit your lifestyle,  schedule, and parenting style.

You know exactly what you want in birth and parenting, or maybe you have no idea. Not only is that normal, but that’s also more than okay! One thing is certain, the clock is ticking and you’re trying to find a way to make it all come together so you can spend more time enjoying your baby and less time tired and stressed.

Breathe a sigh of deep relief!

You’ve landed in the place parents come for validation, knowledge (is power), and personalized sleep plans. Tangible gadgets aren’t all they’ve cracked up to be. Magical experiences and meaningful relationships happen when you have the support that makes you look like a pro and feel like a million bucks as a new parent.

The Jacksonville Baby Company provides unmatched care and support and has changed the lives of families in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area since 2013.

As You Prepare to Meet Your Baby

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  • Learn through ™Birth | Baby | Bond Courses; complete courses for giving birth, infant feeding, and creating lasting bonds.
  • Private Consults & Planning Sessions
I'm Ready, Let's Do This!

After Your Baby Makes Their Debut

I'm Ready, Let's Do This!

“The Jax Baby Company team provides a much-needed service. I don’t know how I survived without them the first time around and I tell everyone I know about my experience with them after giving birth to our second baby.” -Antionette Gonzalez

Enjoy the best that Jacksonville has to offer, contact us today to get you and your family off to an excellent start!