A Warm Welcome Home!

The Jax Baby Company delivers expert pregnancy, newborn, and postpartum care right to your home!

“Wow, I wish I had you guys around when my kids were babies!”

“Wait, are you telling me I could have gotten plenty of sleep after I had my baby? Oh my gosh, I was so tired I had no idea you all existed!”

You know exactly what you want, you’re just trying to find a way to make it all happen.¬† Well, congratulations, you’ve landed in the right place!

The Jax Baby Company is a no-brainer for knowledgable care and support during the childbearing years!

In a nutshell, providing exceptional support and inclusive care for families welcoming babies in the Greater Jacksonville, Florida area is what we do and we make you look and feel amazing while we do it! Families all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia are enjoying refreshing, one-of-a-kind support found only through our team!

The Jax Baby Co. provides unmatched care and support, touches your heart, and resonates in your parenting journey for years to come!

We know your time is valuable! We promise not to waste it! Take just two minutes to watch our introduction video or scroll down to learn more!

As You Prepare to Meet Your Baby

The Jax Baby Company is here to lend you a helping hand at any stage during pregnancy or in the process of adoption, miscarriage, and surrogacy. We help you prepare your home, provide research and science-based education for childbirth and for life with a precious new baby!

After Your Baby Makes Their Debut

The Jax Baby Company helps you sort through the myriad of choices you’ll make and the feelings you’ll experience. With us on your team, you’ll get to shower, eat,¬† and get plenty of sleep without worry! You’ll also feel more confident feeding, bathing, and caring for your little one(s) and be fully supported as you make this transition after birth!

Enjoy the best that Jacksonville has to offer, contact us today to get you and your family off to an excellent start!

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