Postpartum Doulas & Infant Care Specialists

“I recommend The Jax Baby Company to everyone. The first night with Liz, she met us in the driveway where I was having a major mom-of-two moment. She sat with me in my car and helped calm and feed our daughter. For the first time in weeks, I felt some peace sitting there with her. I felt good during our time together.” -Candice Rice

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Postpartum & Infant Care Specialists

Professional, experienced, and warm, our team at The Jax Baby Company is transforming lives, one family at a time! Studies corroborate long-held knowledge about the fourth trimester: that families benefit immensely from hands-on help and support in the early weeks of parenting. We’re there for you as the nights get super long and the days begin to blur together. Having skilled professionals in your corner matters.

Families choosing The Jax Baby Company are enjoying hands-on, expert assistance with newborn care, they’re showering worry-free, sleeping well, and enjoying their babies even more.

Need us to travel with you or live-in with your family? We offer live-in and travel support for as few as 3 days all the way up to 30 days, and sometimes longer if needed!

Your Postpartum & Infant Care Specialist Can:

  • provide support so you can get more sleep/rest
  • provide/teach you newborn care
  • give hands-on, accurate breastfeeding and bottle-feeding guidance
  • help you with bottle-training, sleep-shaping, and sleep training IF desired
  • help catch up on dishes/laundry
  • help you select, order, and assemble baby products
  • help you discover all of your options and supports your choices
  • help you learn your baby and how to soothe him, her, or them
  • give you a break so you can shower or have some time of your own
  • prepare healthy snacks/meals

And… your postpartum & infant care specialist provides companionship when emotional support and validation are crucial to your well-being.

Not sure if postpartum & infant care support is for you?

I guarantee you that it is!

With us by your side you will thrive in parenting! We are here for you and all about you! Let’s set up a time to talk by phone! Want to talk to other parents who’ve worked with The Jax Baby Company team? Our references are available upon request.

At The Jax Baby Company, booking early is always recommended to guarantee availability when you need us the most! Our specialists have been professionally trained and hand-selected to provide every family the one-on-one support they desire during a time that matters the most.

The support you want by your side, day and night, from the start! We offer several options at different price points, sure to fit the needs and budget of every family!  Contact us now and let our team of professionals help you find a package that is perfect for your family!

Packages for the First Six Weeks

  • Hello Sunshine | $5100
  • Sleep Dreams | $7500
  • Transitions | $800
  • Milestones | $1200

Single Shifts

  • 4-hour shift | $200
  • 8-hour shift | $288
  • 10-hour overnight shift | $360

Live-in Support

  • Quick Getaway | $2200
  • Bon Voyage | $3700
  • Making Memories | $5400
  • Life on the Road | $30,000

Customized Packages

Perhaps you’re not sure exactly what you might want or need or need something completely unique. No worries, we got you!  CONTACT US TODAY!

Contact us today and we’ll put together a unique package just for you!