Family Reviews

It’s an honor to work with so many amazing families! We consistently strive to improve in any area we can. In addition to checking in with families during our time together we also collect anonymous client satisfaction surveys. Take a peek at what it’s like to work one-on-one with us. These reviews are also posted on Facebook page and Google. We can also provide references upon request.

“We had the best experience with The Jacksonville Baby Company. We hired them when our newborn was around 6 weeks old, and my only regret was not doing so sooner. Lily came to our rescue in a big way. Not only did she provide great care to our newborn, she provided us with tips and information to make newborn life easier. She quickly became part of the family and once our little one started sleeping through the night, we were sad to say good-bye. If round 2 ever comes, we will hire The Jacksonville Baby Company from Day 1! If you’re on the fence, just do it and you can thank me later!

-Ashley Friedrichs | Atlantic Beach, FL 

“We were looking for help with our newborn, but what we got was an extension of our family. I have no words when I try to explain the gratitude and love I have for this team. My husband is a professional athlete, and our lifestyle is by no means easy or normal. Liz and her team took us with open arms when our first son was about 5 weeks old. If we knew what Liz & her team was going to be for us, we would have had her the night we came home from the hospital. Not only did they nurture our baby, but they also nurtured us as new parents.

If you are a veteran parent or a rookie, PLEASE let Liz and her team support you. Every single member of her team who took care of our baby we have felt as if they are family. If you are searching for any sort of support for your babies or family, you do not need to look any further. Liz and her team will be taking care of all our babies moving forward from the newborn stage to sleep training. When my baby is sick or something is off, Liz is still my first call! If you’ve landed here and you need help, this is the place to be. Welcome to the JBC family, you will never be disappointed.”

-Ashlyn & Jake Burger

“Since we started with Jax Baby Co. the day after I got home from the hospital in May, we have added on countless nights to our original package. We realized we needed the help yes, but also simply because these ladies are a godsend! It is going to be so difficult to say goodbye to all of them as we finish up with their help this month. They have become a part of our family these last 12 weeks- from comforting our toddler while I nurse the baby, accompanying me to the ER when I had mastitis and my husband was out of town, meal prep, baby laundry, a shoulder to cry on, and everything in between.

I booked their help during my second trimester after several phone conversations with Liz and I will admit that I cried a few times afterwards from feeling guilty about leaning on someone instead of doing it all on my own. After my first night with their help, however, I realized just how beneficial this would be for my mental health on top of being able to get some extra sleep. Special shout-out to Liz, Michelle, Scotti, and Alex who have been vital in getting me through this postpartum period. We love the whole team at Jax Baby Co.!

-Mary Lebioda

“Elizabeth and Lily are both amazing. I trust them completely and will always call on and highly recommend The Jacksonville Baby Company for help with my baby or for friends and family in need of help. These ladies became like family in a very short period of time. They are both very kind and loving and helped me recover from an extremely difficult postpartum period with a bit of ease that I could have never imagined.”

-Alexandria Smith | Jacksonville, FL

“We enlisted the help of Elizabeth and team from the Jacksonville Baby Company probably too late in the game! We had our first baby and within the first two weeks realized we might need some help to get some sleep and feel less stressed. Although JBC said they had very little availability, Elizabeth sent us the information and scheduled a call to discuss further right away. We were able to snag some dates within a few weeks and we never looked back! At first, it was just about getting some much-needed sleep, but then the team really helped us with EVERYTHING need to know about having a newborn as first-time parents.

From the beginning, the team made sure to LISTEN to us and collaborate with us based on what we wanted and what we felt our baby was needing. They would spend up to an hour when they got here just talking us through things (sleep training, reflux, how to swaddle better, how to soothe without holding, the best swings, etc.). Without their encouragement, I don’t think we would have been as persistent with our pediatrician about getting a solution for our baby’s reflux! And there was never any judgment!

We instantly felt better and less stressed – they got it! Almost immediately, we felt the love and warmth…and personalized touch that Elizabeth, Scotti, and Lily brought to this service. They loved our baby and us and we felt it! We used JBC for the first few months until we felt like we got the hang of it, and then just for a few nights as breaks to give us peace of mind. I had the realization that JBC did A LOT of the heavy lifting in encouraging our little one to sleep independently and put herself to sleep. Its so hard as a parent to be up every 10 minutes to soothe a crying baby in the middle of the night for hours without picking them up and cuddling them back to sleep.

Our angel at a very young age was then sleeping through the night and taking naps on her own. Miracles…worked by JBC!

I will say, too, that we looked at another company that seemed to offer a similar service with nurses and used them to supplement a few nights JBC didn’t have availability. But we didn’t feel the love AT ALL! Not in working with the owner to schedule, and in very few of the nurses who came over. It was more transactional and cold – you want a little encouragement and a personal touch when it comes to someone watching your baby!

I can’t sing the praises of JBC enough. We’re hoping to use them once our baby gets old enough for sleep training as well. If you have the ability, I highly recommend using JBC’s services. We love you all!”

-Alexa Taylor | Jax, FL

“I highly recommend Elizabeth and the Jacksonville Baby Company. My partner and I reached out to Liz about sleep training services for our daughter who, at nearly 11 months, was waking throughout the night every night. We were exhausted and desperate. We read all of the popular books and programs and could not find anything that worked. The “one size fits all” approach was not fitting our baby. Liz became my village and sometimes my lifeline! She was loving and nurturing with our daughter while also teaching her the techniques to soothe herself to sleep. After five nights of sleep training, we have a baby who sleeps 12 hours each night with minimal to no wake-ups. Most importantly, Liz gave us the confidence to know we could continue the process after she left. Liz transformed our lives. Hiring the Jacksonville Baby Company was the best decision we ever made!”

-The McKinley Family | Jax, FL 

“My wife and I couldn’t imagine having not taken their class. Professional, thorough, and incredibly enlightening. I would recommend taking their courses to any new parent!”

-Ryan Stranahan | Jax, FL

“We took the Newborn Care Class, and I couldn’t recommend it more! Being from a different country away from family and pregnant for the first time is daunting enough without the pandemic thrown in there. This class made my husband and I feel so much more confident and ready for our little one to arrive. Not only is Elizabeth super knowledgeable but also made us feel at ease with her calm nature. Being a first-time parent brings a lot of questions and the Newborn Class is great for answering those, so I highly recommend it!”

-The Tamariki Family | Jax, FL

Elizabeth and all the ladies at The Jacksonville Baby Company are so passionate about what they do. They are kind and professional and a joy to work with. With such few options for postpartum and infant care support available in our area, it’s reassuring to know they are here providing these services in such a supportive way.”
-Maria Inoa, Full Potential Counseling, Jax, FL

“We utilized their education services & postpartum and infant care support service- we highly recommend them!!!”

-The Burke Family | Jax, FL

“We recently moved to Jacksonville and not knowing anyone in the area, were so relieved to find The Jacksonville Baby Company! After a difficult birth and postpartum experience with my first child, we wanted to ensure that we would have adequate support the second time around. The first time we met the team, we immediately knew that we had found our village!

We cannot recommend them enough! They instantly became friends. It was a huge relief to be able to rest and recover, knowing our baby girl was in excellent hands. I never once questioned her well-being when she was in their care!

Not only did they take care of our baby, but they took care of our entire family. They assisted with whatever we needed, whether it was food prepping for my toddler, lending a hand with dishes, or just providing me with some adult conversation! They were also great sounding boards when it came to parenting decisions – both for my infant and my toddler.

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending The Jacksonville Baby Company and would use them again in a heartbeat! While we were so, so sad to have our time with them come to an end, we were also extremely thankful that they had helped us get to a point of no longer needing them. That’s the sign of a job well done Thank you so much JBC! You will always be a part of our family and we hope you’ll stay in touch!

-The Abeles Family | Jax, FL

“I cannot recommend anything else more than The Jax Baby Company to new parents or families that need an extra hand during the postpartum period and beyond. My husband and I did the Confident Birth and Baby class as well as the Newborn Care class. I felt so empowered and prepared for a time that can be so intimidating for new parents. Each class is customized, one on one, and while reviewing everything, she focuses on what you don’t know and you can ask questions and get answers; without ever being overwhelmed.

My husband and I decided that we wanted the support of The Jax Baby Company team beyond my delivery. We don’t have much help from friends or family. We started the postpartum support and that was worth everything, it was such a nice recharge time for me. Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly, and just a down to Earth, beautiful being. I wouldn’t think twice about taking these classes and using their services. If it wasn’t Elizabeth who was there, anyone else we had contact with within The Jax Baby Company was SO caring, kind, compassionate, and were so eager to help. If you’re looking for birth or baby classes, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I feel as if we have a new part of our circle for support and that is something every new parent needs.”

-The McLavish Family | Neptune Beach, FL

“My husband and I took the Confident Birth & Baby Class, in the comfort of our own home which was a major plus and allowed for awesome one on one time with the educators. This way we were never afraid to ask a question and could be totally open and honest. Both Elizabeth and Heather were excellent, compassionate, and super knowledgeable in what they do. I love that they are totally supportive of whichever birth plan you have in mind, and they don’t impose whatsoever their opinion on which birth plan you should choose.

I feel like many doulas these days are a tad “crunchy” and really push for natural childbirth. This intimidated me because I knew from the start I wanted an epidural. I quickly learned, however, that the ladies at JBC aren’t the kind of doulas that try to talk you in or out of anything. They support your choices 100% and go over every possible childbirth scenario so that you are fully prepared when the day comes.

Between the two of them, they’ve had 10 babies and have undergone basically every childbirth there is! It was amazing to hear them speak from their own experiences. It really put me at ease when the day came for me to give birth to my little one. I am so glad I chose The Jacksonville Baby Company and highly recommend the Confident Birth and Baby Class ESPECIALLY for first-time parents. They not only go over childbirth but also a LOT of great  info & tips for after birth as well!”

-The Kirkland Family | Neptune Beach, FL

“I couldn’t have asked for more amazing postpartum specialists. Elizabeth & the team were extremely understanding when I underwent an emergency c-section and my date of discharge from the hospital changed due to additional complications. I needed all the help I could get once I got home, and they went above and beyond my expectations helping me with childcare, breastfeeding, light housework, and meal prep. They are both so kind and very knowledgeable. One of the best parts is that they knew just what to do to help me out around the house without me having to explain or ask. If you think you may need any help at home after giving birth, I highly recommend the Jax Baby Co. Elizabeth worked with me to create the perfect schedule to meet my needs!”

-The Bramwell Family | Jax, FL

“We contacted The Jax Baby Company initially because we were having problems trying to train our 3-month-old son how to bottle feed. After spending time on the phone with Liz where she offered up a boatload of good advice and some tips/tricks, we had her come to our house for a few sessions to show us what to do, and to help us figure out if our baby was adamant about not taking the bottle from mom and dad.

Liz was amazing with our son and really worked with him for hours (no small feat as he was over 16 lbs at 3 months!). She also offered great advice for sleep training and developing schedules, played with my two-year-old, and even helped with some chores so that I could spend time with my baby in addition to bottle feeding.

She helped us to identify the problem and made a recommendation for an oral surgeon. After having a consult with the oral surgeon, it turns out he had buccal ties, and these were restricting his ability to latch.

While our journey had been challenging, we’re finally making meaningful progress and our son can now take several ounces each bottle-feeding session. Liz has been thoughtfully checking in on us along the way to see how we’re doing. Honestly, without her, I think I would have given up long ago. I can’t recommend The Jax Baby Company enough! These ladies know what they are doing!! That feeling after your baby is born where you wish you could take the L&D nurses home with you- that’s Liz and her team… but you can actually take them home with you!”

-The Galway Family | Jax, FL

“I have reached out to The Jax Baby Company for multiple issues from tongue tie, sleep support for our family, and where to find the best resources in this big city. All of which have empowered us to make the best decision for our family. We recently reached out about sleep training, and they’ve empowered us to start in a way that was comfortable for us and effective! We learned some things from them that changed our perspective in ways we would have never been able to do through our own research! We are so thankful for The Jax Baby Company!!”

-The Cook Family | Orange Park, FL

“My husband and I took the Birth Partner Class with Elizabeth. Initially, we were considering hiring a birth doula. We ultimately decided to go through the labor and birth process by ourselves and we’re happy with how everything went. The class was very informative, and we each walked away with so much information. We used many of the techniques during my birth and I gave birth in a position I didn’t know I could have; I thank JBC for teaching me to follow my instincts and for helping my husband understand what is “normal”. One of the things that I loved most is that Elizabeth came to our home to teach us this class. It was very personal, and we were able to ask questions. Our 10-year-old daughter even popped in a few times to take part in the class and ask big sister questions. I would highly recommend this company and I’m so grateful we took this this class.”

-The Waters Family | Jax, FL

“We absolutely love Elizabeth and her entire crew to care for and educate local parents and our clients on many areas of pregnancy, birth, and beyond. If you’re looking for non-biased honest information that is non-judgemental and kind, then look no further.”

-Maternity Ultrasound Technician, Leah Klatt Carroll

“From the moment we met Elizabeth, we knew she was going to be great support following our baby’s birth. She is professional, thorough, informative, caring and so passionate about what she does!! She has been the most emotionally supportive person throughout my postpartum care. She provides support day and night and is great at just listening when an overtired momma wants to vent in the middle of the night. I had severe postpartum depression with my first child, and I wanted to try anything I could to decrease my PPD. I feel this time around was not as intense as it was the first time. I recovered much quicker than I did with my first child. She really is amazing at her job and I couldn’t have asked for a better postpartum doula to have by my side post-pregnancy. I highly recommend her and her whole team!”

-The Dalton Family | Kingsland, GA

“Elizabeth is a very positive and nurturing Doula. I am so glad I met and hired Elizabeth.”

-The Sidwell Family | Ameila Island, FL

“I have nothing but words of praise for Elizabeth. Knowledgeable, reliable, punctual, passionate, caring, great at following up with clients, a true professional. From the first moment I spoke to Elizabeth, I was impressed by her honesty and organization skills. I needed someone that would be on top of things, and I am happy to say she was that person. I chose her because she was recommended by a trusted friend.  She truly cares about her clients, and she does her best to support them.  If you choose to hire Elizabeth, you are in good hands!”

-Mihaela Nan | Jax, FL

“Elizabeth was caring, kind, professional, and warm. We would definitely hire her again and would recommend her to anyone!”

-Janine Kane | Yulee, FL

“Elizabeth was so kind and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. We had our first meeting and absolutely fell in love with Elizabeth. She is a very open and honest person which I appreciate! It was a pleasure working with her!  If I have another child I would like to hire her again!”

-Megan Collins-Schaber | Orange Park, FL

The Confident Birth & Parenting Class was super informative even though we took another class two weeks prior. Before these classes, I was nervous about the pain and unknown of labor. Elizabeth helped my husband and me understand what’s happening during labor, our options for delivering in a hospital, and taught us ways to cope.

I considered hiring a doula for our delivery, but we decided a birthing classes and would be a better fit for our needs. Elizabeth made us feel confident in our choice.

We liked the convenience of the classes in our home. Elizabeth answered all of our questions and that helped us prioritize things. She is passionate about teaching and about people you can just tell. Anyone wanting to take a class should.  The peace of mind was worth the small amount we paid because we’re no longer fearful of the process. The only thing left to do is to welcome our daughter. Thank you Elizabeth.”

~Our Friend, Kelly & Brad K. | Yulee, FL

“My husband and I took hypnosis class when I was pregnant with our fourth, it turns out that even when you practice consistently sometimes hypnosis doesn’t work. I was happy to find The Confident Birth & Baby Class. Elizabeth taught us some useful tools and natural and medical pain relief options without judging me for having five kids. Best class we’ve taken, and we’ve have taken several over the years.”

“Our Story”

~Our Friend, Sandy M. Baker | Atlantic Beach, FL

rave reviews jax placenta

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was thrilled.  It was my first baby so I was truly uneducated about anything birth related.  I started searching for a doula and I found Elizabeth Luke. I watched a video of her being interviewed on TV and was very impressed with her and what she had to say.  When I contacted her with my many many questions she always went above and beyond responding to me and in a very timely fashion.  I loved reading all of her many blog posts on Facebook.  Liz is plugged into technology and has sent me resources and videos and many things to help educate me on everything birth and baby.  It was an easy decision for me to choose her to be my doula.

As the months went on through my pregnancy I felt like I had a sister there for me helping me along the way.  Liz has always acted in a professional manner and yet she feels like part of the family.

When it came to the labor and delivery of my baby girl, Liz was with me from start to finish and beyond.  She held my hand and coached me through breathing and relaxation.  She had tips that made the labor so much easier.  We did exercises to get my contractions to become more regular which made it progress more quickly.  And when I wanted to give up she was there for me, she didn’t leave my side and made me feel safe and secure.  I got the natural labor I wanted and wouldn’t have if she had not been there.  And now I have a beautiful healthy baby girl and a great new friendship with Liz that I treasure.  We have started calling her Aunty Liz.

I opted to do placenta encapsulation and am very happy with that whole process.  Baby is one week old and I am feeling great already.

Elizabeth is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is a strong, intelligent, beautiful, encouraging, caring, thoughtful, funny, and compassionate woman that is so good at what she does. Hiring her was the BEST decision I made in this pregnancy.  I would highly recommend her!  Thank you Liz from the bottom of my heart!  We love you!”

~Our Friend, Katie Kallusch | Fernandina Beach, FL

“Liz is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.  She truly cares and is one of the least judgemental people that I know. I have never felt anything but comfortable around her. She perfectly balances professionalism and friendship with her clients. She is so passionate about her work and her passion is contagious.  She is also wonderfully compassionate, kind and encouraging.”

~Our Friend, Tara Alexander | Jax, FL

“I don’t know what we would’ve done without Elizabeth’s knowledge and guidance! After many trials, we finally had our rainbow baby this year and after hearing how many moms I knew that had been disappointed with their birth process, I decided to pursue hiring a doula. Elizabeth and I clicked, and I knew she was perfect to help us with our very special day. If we were to decide to try for another baby, Elizabeth would be my first call after confirming a pregnancy – highly recommend her!”

~Our Friend, Elizabeth Dominguez | Jax, FL

“Elizabeth was amazing throughout the entire process. She was always very supportive and willing to answer any of mine or my wife’s questions. During the birth, she was awesome in making sure our birth plan was taken into consideration by the hospital team. I highly recommend her for anyone who is expecting a little bundle of joy.”

~Our Friend, Gonzalo Dominguez | Jax, FL


“It was like having my sister take the night shift, but I didn’t have to explain my choices. I didn’t think I’d need much help after I gave birth, but we were both exhausted a week into being home. Having our postpartum doula, Liz here helped me relax and sleep better!” “P.S. My sister is little jelly though!”

~Our Friend, Marcia G. | Jax., FL

our friends newborn sleep jax, fl

“Elizabeth is amazing! She was extremely professional, friendly, helpful, and available at all times I needed her. I loved how attentive she still is 🙂 I would definitely recommend her and will be using her services with our next babe!”

~Our friends, The Arias Family | Jacksonville, FL

“Having Elizabeth be my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and always has the resources to answer any of my questions. Elizabeth went above and beyond as a doula. I know she truly cared about me and making sure I had exactly what I wanted. She supported me 110% in any decision I made during my pregnancy and labor. I truly believe the birth of my son wouldn’t have gone the way I wanted it to without her. She will always have a special place in my heart and will definitely be my doula for my next baby!!”

~Our friends, The Clark Family | Fernandina Beach, FL

“My experience with Elizabeth has been absolutely amazing! I wish I had known her when I had my first two boys! She has offered me so much support and has become a great friend! If we expand our family again I will, hands down purchase doula services from this amazing woman!! I highly recommend!!!”

~Our friends, The Cornuet Family | Jacksonville Florida

“A friend suggested we call The Jax Baby Company for post-birth doula support. Calling didn’t feel right to me, but I needed sleep and I didn’t want my family coming in and taking over. They already made me feel weird about breastfeeding. I talked to my husband and he was fine with it. So I called Elizabeth. She rearranged her schedule to get to us on a Friday night.

She arrived around 8 p.m. She spent the night with our family and we weren’t sure what to expect. We talked about what was happening through the night and she asked if we were comfortable turning off the baby monitor and letting her wake us as needed. I was hesitant, but we agreed, honestly we were desperate for sleep. We’re so thankful for Elizabeth’s help. I was able to stay in bed all night. I don’t remember even going to the bathroom. She brought our son to me once to nurse him back to sleep. She changed his diapers and she gave a bottle during the night at our request. She left around 6 a.m. the next morning. I didn’t even get to say goodbye because I was still sleeping.

Elizabeth called me later in the day to check on me, she is very thoughtful. She was able to hand our son off to my husband and even taught him another way to burp him. My husband said I slept like a rock. We liked her so much we hired her to come back once a week.”

~Our friend, Shelby F. | Fernandina Beach, Florida

“I’m so happy that I was referred to Elizabeth! I highly recommend her!”

~Our friends, The Hancock Family | St. Mary’s, GA

rave reviews Jacksonville placenta our friends

“Elizabeth saved my sanity. I was ready to run away. I needed sleep and someone who understood what was happening to me. Elizabeth took the time to listen. My husband and even my own mother had no idea how I felt. I’d never heard of postpartum & infant care specialists. I purchased a small package of hours to see if it was something I’d like. I fell in love with having her here. I SLEPT! She fed me and she even held me when I cried and never brought it back up. She helped me understand what I was going through and even helped my husband understand things a little better. I hope Elizabeth is around when I have my second baby because I don’t want to do it without her.”               

~Our friend, Danielle M. | Jax, FL

“I cannot say enough good things about Elizabeth Luke. She is extremely good at what she does. She even brought a present for my 2.5-year-old.. She made me feel so secure in my decision. Any time I had a question, she had an answer. Elizabeth Luke was a perfect match for me! WE LOVE HER!”

~Our friend, Carrie Murray | Fernandina Beach, FL

“You can tell Liz is very passionate about birth, postpartum, and empowering women. I am very happy with the service I received and definitely will be recommending The Jax Baby Company to my family and all my friends.”

~Our friends, The Zachrich Family | Jacksonville, FL

“With my first son my mother was staying with us to help out. I had horrible post-birth bleeding, low milk supply and felt like I was run over by a truck by week two. Then I started my son on formula because I wasn’t making enough milk, I wasn’t sleeping for more than a couple hours at a time. That led to some depression which I struggled with for about the next eighteen months. I couldn’t imagine having another baby, the thought made me sad to be honest. Fast forward only a few months and we ended up expecting our second child. It was a near repeat of the first with the depression already in full swing from my first baby.

I made it through by seeking a lot of support and started therapy between baby two and baby three, our last. When we found out we were expecting our third, I researched options, and my husband started a ‘fund’ for a postpartum doula. That’s how we found Elizabeth. I can’t believe we didn’t know about this kind of support sooner. I would think doctors everywhere would tell you about postpartum doulas.

Only three days after I gave birth, the night I came home from the hospital she came. Elizabeth and her whole team supported me in every way. They helped us with feedings, getting a lactation specialist to come in the first week, and allowed me to vent and talk through things with them. I made it to nearly 8 weeks with combo feeding and decided to make the switch to formula with full support from the team. They helped empty the dishwasher and fold the laundry for us. She still texts me back when I have questions or concerns. This was long review, but I highly recommend Elizabeth and I send all of my friends in her direction.”

~Our friend, Lisa Marie | Jacksonville, FL

“After moving to FL and becoming pregnant with our third baby early this year, I started looking and came across The Jax Baby Company. Elizabeth was professional, very personable, and passionate about birth and family. She loves what she does, and it shows!!

I am having the best postpartum experience yet, and I attribute much of it to Elizabeth and her profession. I highly recommend The Jax Baby Company.”

~Our friend, Katie S. | Sanderson, FL

“When I first discovered I was pregnant, I was 19 years old and though extremely excited I found myself crying and scared. As a victim of sexual abuse, the absolute last thing I wanted to have to worry about was having things done to me that I didn’t want to be done. I did what you aren’t supposed to do and googled everything under the sun that had to do with pregnancy and birth, that’s when I discovered the horrors of episiotomies, c-sections, forceps, and vacuums. I was like oh no, I need help!

I read about people having Doulas and how awesome and helpful they were so I began my search. I found Elizabeth through Google and ended up following her Facebook page. I was really impressed with the reviews her clients gave her and her views on pregnancy and birth. We met for our consultation and immediately clicked. She was very professional but at the same time, it was like she was my long-lost best friend. I immediately hired her that day. I knew she was the right fit for me.

Throughout my pregnancy, she was so incredibly helpful, she offered tons of information on questions or concerns that I had and went above and beyond in trying to help me have the birth I wanted. When it came down to the delivery day, she was very supportive and very intuitive. I wanted an all-natural birth, and I did achieve that, but towards the end, I was begging for an epidural and she helped guide me out of that mind state and helped me get over that wall of pain and have the birth I wanted.

I’m 3 months postpartum, she still continues to check and answer all my questions. She is very sweet and really knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a Doula, or even considering a Doula, I would set up a consultation with Elizabeth. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.”

~Our friend, Ciara Altiery | Jax, FL

“I am so grateful to have had Elizabeth during my second birth. I wanted so badly for everything to go as natural as possible and I was so scared. She was very knowledgeable and such a positive and calm support leading up to the birth.

My labor was only 6 hours and she was able to make it to me in time by the time I realized I was in full-blown labor. Once to the hospital I was terrified and started closing myself off and shutting down and she stuck with me and encouraged me to do what I planned and I knew deep down I wanted. She supported me so I could get the birth I wanted even when in the moment I was too scared to do it. She supported my husband and showed him how to apply pressure and what to do.

As my body began pushing she recognized it and she made sure to get me in a position that was the most helpful even when I didn’t think I could move. Right as I started pushing she thought to grab my phone and start snapping pictures since our photographer couldn’t make it in time. The images she captured are so priceless. I am so thankful to her for thinking on her feet so quickly.

My husband and I are so grateful she was there as our family support. I highly recommend Elizabeth to be anyone’s doula if they want a supported birth with someone who KNOWS what they are doing and is educated in all variations of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Thank you, Elizabeth for helping us have the birth of my dreams!”

~Our friends, The Bishop Family |  Jacksonville, FL

“I thought it was great to have a doula as an extra support person. Elizabeth was wonderful to help us remain calm and stay focused. I wanted someone there to help make sure everyone stuck to our birthing plan.”

~Our friend,  Timmie Gray | Callahan, FL

“My name is Sherman Webb and I am writing this testimonial to express why I feel Elizabeth’s doula services during my son’s birth were so incredibly valuable. Before my wife and I became pregnant we had already discussed having our child at home. I was a little apprehensive of the idea, probably because I had the experience of 2 hospital births in my past of children from a previous marriage. I began to educate myself on the whole system of home birthing and its benefits, including Doula services.

Over the next several months my wife and I started feeling more comfortable with the decision to go the home birthing route. Elizabeth assured both of us that she would be there to assist my wife in any way she needed leading up to, during, and in follow-up after our child was born. Elizabeth helped us develop our birth plan to ensure our experience would be what we had hoped and prayed it would be. That it would be safe, and professionally executed, and carried out as we discussed, right down to the music we wanted playing in the background.

When Elizabeth arrived, the entire atmosphere changed from one with anxiety, uncertainty, and a little fear to be honest, to one of assurance, calm, and safety. My wife’s countenance was immediately uplifted. The discomfort was still there, but as Elizabeth began to encourage and comfort her in ways only her experience and training could, my wife began to “settle into” the experience of what her body was feeling. I was amazed.

The rest of the home birthing team (midwife and assistants) arrived several hours later as my wife’s labor progressed. Elizabeth guided my wife through her labor with calm, ensuring that her needs were met at every step of progression and our beautiful son was born on January 28th, 2015 at 2:15 in the afternoon… home.

Thank you Elizabeth for helping us to have the at-home birthing experience that my wife had so lovingly dreamed of.”

~Our friend, Sherman W. | Jacksonville, FL

“I knew the benefits of having a doula based on research I had done and books I had read, but nothing could convey better the absolute necessity of a professional doula than my own personal experience. My husband was a great member of my support team, but Liz supported BOTH of us and provided me with the kind of support no woman could expect from her husband. My husband supported me very well for the first 4 hours of labor, but everything changed when Liz arrived. She insists that I could have done it without her, but I honestly do not see how it would have been possible. My beautiful son was born at home as intended, with no drugs or medical intervention, and I owe a huge part of that experience to my doula. Thank you Liz!”

~Our friend, S.Webb  | Jacksonville, FL

“When I reached out for a doula I didn’t know I’d be finding a friend! Liz went above and beyond what I expected from a doula. Liz was by my side as soon as I went into labor. She came very prepared to support me through labor. She gave me confidence through words of affirmation and assured me that I was able to birth my baby the way I wanted.  She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.  She assisted me in finding comfortable positions to labor in. Also, she has some great massage techniques under her belt. Liz really understands what it means to be a doula and is really passionate about birth, babies, postpartum, and helping women.”

~Our friend, Crystal Gray | Callahan, FL

“Elizabeth was there through all my false starts monitoring contractions and easing fears. She has become not only support in labor but also in postpartum.  She signs on for better or worse and becomes a family friend if you’re willing to have her!”

~Our friend, Daryl Everett | Jacksonville, FL

“When my 4th child was born Liz was my doula and I’m so glad she was there! What was supposed to be a natural birth at a birth center turned into a medical emergency at 38 weeks when my son stopped moving in utero. I had to be induced at a local hospital and Liz was with me every step of the way.

Liz educated me on my options and respected my decisions every time. She came prepared with helpful items and wisdom that kept me (and my husband in some cases) comfortable, well-nourished, and calm throughout our entire hospital stay. Despite many medical interventions that I never expected I would need, with Liz by my side providing comfort, information, and support, I look back on my son’s birth not with disappointment, but with pride that I made the best decisions I could for myself and my child, and with gratitude to Liz as one of the people who helped me make those decisions.”

~Our friend Kellie A. | Middleburg, FL