Finding the Perfect Nanny or Caregiver for Your Family | 25+ Questions to Ask

Finding the Perfect Nanny or Caregiver for Your Family | 25 Questions to Ask

Finding the perfect nanny or caregiver for your family can feel overwhelming and even a little scary. Using up what’s left of your tired mom-brain cells to seek out trustworthy, dependable, and loving care for your children is Crazytown, USA. WE KNOW! That’s why we wrote this just for you!

We love working with families, it’s kind of our thing! So, naturally, we get asked to help with the vetting process for nannies and caregivers.

Whether you’re heading back to work full-time or part-time, looking for a regular date-night sitter or an extra set of hands, or want a nanny or caregiver who will travel with you on vacation we’ve got you covered! Our team has put together a list of questions and a few helpful tips to make the search a little less stressful.

25 Questions to Ask

  1. Are you infant CPR and first aid certified? If so, for how long? Through which organization? Did they certify online? If yes, red flag, I vote hard pass!
  2. What do you know about sleep coaching, sleep training, and safe sleep recommendations?
  3. Will you sign giving us permission to run a background check? Do this BEFORE bringing them on! A background check rarely shows everything, but a good background check will cost you about $325 and will cover many things!
  4. Do you have a current driver’s license? How’s your driving record? Have you had any accidents or tickets? If so, please explain. Do they blame-shift?
  5. Do you have your own transportation?
  6. Are you well-versed in carseat safety? Can you show me what you know? (look up Car Seats for the Littles and become very familiar with current safety recs)
  7. How would you keep my child safe while at home? How about while out?
  8. What are your strongest qualities?
  9. Do you smoke, vape, drink or use any drugs? If yes, how often? Also, when you need to smoke/vape while caring for our baby/children how will you do this safely? OMG, I can’t believe we have to ask this kinda shit, but we do!
  10. What are some of your goals for this year? Where do you see yourself in five years?
  11. Do you have a recommendation for an excellent baby camera?
  12. What does confidentiality mean to you? Would you be willing to sign a confidentiality clause?
  13. What websites do you find most reliable when it comes to infant health and development? The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are reliable, science-based resources.
  14. What’s your stance on vaccines?
  15. Are you current on dTap and the flu vaccine?
  16. Would you provide care to a child if they are sick?
  17. What was the longest time frame you worked with a family?
  18. May we contact previous families you’ve worked with?
  19. What activities would do with my baby?
  20. Are you familiar with baby-wearing? Swaddling? Bathing?
  21. Can you walk me through how to properly prepare and handle a bottle of breastmilk? Formula?
  22. What is your protocol when you’re sick and are scheduled to work?
  23. What do you like best about being a nanny? Least?
  24. In the event that my child was choking can you show me how would you respond?
  25. What reasons would warrant a call to mom and dad?
    I can’t stop here…
  26. Can you swim?
  27. Do you have liability insurance?
  28. Do you report your income to the IRS?
  29. Do you own a gun? Do you conceal carry? What is your stance on guns?
  30. Are you willing to travel with our family if we’d like to take a vacation together?

A Good Scenario

I find that going over a few well thought out scenarios with the potential caregivers will help you better gauge their abilities and your comfort level with each. Finding the perfect nanny or caregiver for your family doesn’t mean sacrificing your comfort!

One example would be to ask a question such as this, “You’ve noticed that our baby hasn’t rolled or attempt to roll over at all while in your care. He is now 6 months old. Do you think it’s something worth communicating with us about? If so how would you do this? If not, at what point would you bring it to our attention, if at all?”

Any good caregiver should know that by 6 months of age most babies are rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy very well. Does this caregiver ignore possible signs of delays in your infant’s physical development or do they bring it to your attention? Do they deliver their concerns in a respectful, but direct way? Does the caregiver suggest you should mention this to your child’s pediatrician?

Some Things to Consider

How did you feel in the caregiver’s presence? Did this person put you at ease or did something feel off? Always, always trust your gut! Did the caregiver seem comfortable and confident? Poised and relaxed? Tense or nervous? How did your baby respond to him/her? Did this person keep their appointment time, arrive on time, communicate effectively, and leave within a reasonable amount of time? All things to note!

Final Thoughts

When working with The Jax Baby Company you have a fully vetted team that works together, cohesively to provide seamless care to your family. So you never have to worry, if you need an extra day or night covered you have an amazing A-rated team that communicates with one another after each and every shift to bring you the very best care Jacksonville has to offer! Finding the perfect nanny or caregiver for your family doesn’t have to be hard, because you can keep our postpartum and infant care specialists on your team as long as you need us!

Happy Birth and Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

Yoga is for Everybody: Yes, You!

Yoga is for Everybody

Yoga is for everybody, truly! Not convinced? Hear me out! It seems that life is so busy for most people that it’s nearly impossible to make real, meaningful connections in our lives, even with those in our own home. The disconnect happens with friends, family, even with our own children, never mind ourselves. Seriously, when’s the last time someone asked you what you like to do in your free time and you thought or actually said, “I don’t have a hobby right now, maybe when the kids are older.” Ask yourself these two questions: when’s the last time I took time out to really connect with myself? When was the last time I was mindful and intentional with my breath and thoughts?

Now, imagine yourself positioned next to someone you love or care for.

Imagine what it might feel like to connect with yourself and with each other through gentle yoga poses and breathing. Consider how your kids/friend/significant other might feel knowing you purposed time to reconnect with them. Imagine what you might feel like to calm those thoughts and ideas (even the fun ones) that are distracting you from your present being.

This doesn’t end where our gender, race, or physical limitations begin.

CALLING ALL #BOYMOMS! Boys need (and love) yoga too! They enjoy the fun of learning poses, participating in mindfulness and play, and the strategies they learn may just help them focus for longer durations in the classroom.

As humans we need mindfulness.

We need to actively seek out ways to help us focus in schools, at home, and in our careers. We need to learn ways to create good habits in life, now. It’s our job as parents to model the behaviors we wish to instill in our children and provide our children with as many opportunities to learn as possible. In the classroom, at home, and in life in general. We can set them up for success using yoga as one tool!

Yoga is for every body and you’re in luck!

Heather Horrell, a postpartum and infant care specialist here at The Jax Baby Co. is also a phenomenal kid, prenatal, and family yoga instructor. She owns Grow Family, a studio in the heart of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida and she has created a one-of-a-kind business catering to ALL families and everyBODY! What do you consider a family? Is it just you and your kiddos? Great! Is it you, your spouse, and your two children? Awesome! Is it just you? Yeah! Well lucky for you because yoga is for everybody!

Grow Family welcomes everybody, as family!

Happy Birth, Parenting, and Yoga!

~Elizabeth Luke

(Surviving) Life With A Newborn

(Surviving) Life With A Newborn

Everyone knows life with a newborn will be difficult, duh! However, most parents have no idea the impact a newborn has on your life. Take it from a professional who works one-on-one with families as they bring their babies home you “need” all the love and support you can get! Here are a few tips to help make life with a newborn just a wee bit easier on you!

Survival is the name of the game when you’re living life with a newborn!

For at least the first few weeks anyway. You will need to come to terms with the fact that life will be different! Gone are the days (at least temporarily) of a well-kept personal appearance and home, your priorities are shifting and it’s normal to need time to ease back into those things. Right now as your baby associates mom as “home” you are surviving and that is enough! You are enough just as you are.

White noise is a game changer!

You don’t need to silence your home for your baby to adjust. The shushing sound of white noise actually lulls newborns and reminds them of the only home they’ve known for the last 40 weeks. They miss the noise of the womb, white noise fills the space between being one with mom and finding ones way in the world around them.

Get a good newborn carrier or wrap!

Again it’s all about being one with mom, the only home they’ve known in their lives thus far. The movement, the warmth, your heartbeat and voice are all comforting to your little one. Free up your arms to do other things, keep baby close, and dance harmoniously with your babe!

Learn to make a (non-edible, but totally scrumptious) baby burrito!

Tight quarters doesn’t sound lovely at all… unless you’re a newborn that is! Occasionally I meet parents who say their babies don’t like being swaddled. I rarely disagree with parents, BUT in the case of swaddling, I’ve found it’s more often a matter of proper technique and a great blanket! One of my personal favs is Aden & Anais muslin blankets or wearable wrap/swaddles. In my opinion, good swaddling techniques are a necessary skill all parents should learn. Swaddling cues sleep, unswaddling the opposite. Your baby will likely be out of the newborn stage by the time they begin trying to roll over, but for safety you should transition them away from the swaddle as soon as they begin trying to roll or flip over, most definitely by 4 months of age.

Don’t compare your baby or yourself to anyone else!

If you’re doing this you are sure to feel like a failure sooner or later. Why do that to yourself?  Comparison will rob you of joy! Everyone is unique, every baby, every birth recovery, and every single parenting journey. Google, Facebook groups, and mommy blogs can be great, but they can also be competitive and may lead to unrealistic expectations. When your baby isn’t sleeping through the night and moms in your due dates groups are claiming their babies were sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing something right. That’s just one example. Tread lightly and don’t compare your own situation to anyone else’s!

Create a postpartum plan before your baby is born!

Be sure to outline what you would like help with and who you would like to take care of those things. Make sure everyone is aware of what you need, especially your significant other. It may be difficult to ask, or even identify what your needs are after you’ve given birth. Arranging to lighten your load beforehand will be helpful. Most partners are willing to do anything asked of them, but you must communicate what you need in a clear and concise wa, they can’t be expected to read your mind.

Create portable changing caddies! 

Newborns, first you’re counting wet and soiled diapers to make sure they are going enough, then they won’t stop going! Holy shit they go A-LOT! Set up a few portable caddies complete with diapers, wipes, cream, changing pad, and a clean outfit. Keep one near your nest, and one in the other rooms that you’re frequenting during those early weeks! Your body will thank you later!

Life with a newborn is H-A-R-D, this parenting gig is no joke!

Life with a newborn may not be as amazing as you thought it would. That’s normal! Not everyone will admit this, but most parents have a hard time in the early weeks of parenting. It DOES get better and it’s okay to admit that it’s hard and maybe not as glamorous as you had envisioned. That doesn’t make you a bad parent at all!

Don’t buy into all the products!

It can be easy to get sucked into all the things! Truth is, they grow so fast and really don’t need a whole lot in the beginning! Everyone loves to buy cute newborn clothes, so you can almost skip buying those entirely if you’re having a shower or sprinkle! If you can afford to put aside some money each week and invest in a postpartum and infant care specialist you will be investing in rest, bonding, and expert care so you can adjust to life with a newborn and thrive instead of just survive.

Try to think big picture!

Everything is going to work out! Life with a newborn won’t last forever, in fact in the big scheme of things it flies by! You won’t screw your kid up for using formula instead of breastmilk, organic or conventional is mostly just a matter of preference, cloth or disposables either are just fine! If they’re happy you’re a great parent, if they’re crying they’re breathing and you are STILL a great parent!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


Comforting the Colicky Baby

Comforting the Colicky Baby

Chances are you’ve tried comforting a colicky baby and are at a complete loss. Perhaps you’re pregnant and want to be prepared just in case. Well, I don’t know how else to say this so I will just say it. There is really isn’t much that can prepare you for the crazy that is colic, but we’ve put together a list to help you learn some tips for comforting the colicky baby.

Colicky is a term used to describe very fussy babies.

Colic is one of the mystery ailments. To date here’s what we know. The term is used when any healthy, well-fed infant that cries for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. It’s most likely to start around 2 weeks of age for full-term babies. There is nothing parents do to cause it, it goes away on its own by about 3 to 4 months of age, and has no lasting effects on children. Colic most often happens in the evening hours so it’s helpful to prepare for evenings dedicated to comforting your baby. Freezer meals, extra hands, and no other dedicated tasks during the evening time may be best.

Comforting the colicky baby is tricky.

If your baby is colicky it can wreak havoc on your life. It impacts you and everyone close to you, your relationships with others, sleep, and it can be extremely difficult to establish and continue breastfeeding. It can leave parents with feelings of doubt, guilt, and resentment at times. If your baby has colic it’s not a reflection on you as a parent.
To comfort someone doesn’t mean you’ll fix the problem. Like most things in life, comfort often means something different than fixing what is “broken”. Comforting the colicky baby is difficult!

7 Ways to Comfort a Baby With Colic:


Babywearing allows you to keep your baby close to you and is the most comforting place for a newborn. During the fourth trimester, especially the first 6 weeks following birth, wearing your baby skin to skin is like home to your newborn. Skin to skin is the closest you can get them to being back in the womb. Your heartbeat, scent, motion, and warmth are all safe and familiar to your newborn. In addition, your baby won’t startle (the Moro Reflex) while being worn. If your baby doesn’t take to being worn right away give it some time it’s a new experience for baby and quite possibly for you too!

Go Out

Being outside is just good for the soul. The sounds are different, the air is different, and it’s just comforting for babies! Newborns usually take to the outdoors right away. Whether it’s a gentle sway under the night stars or a walk up and down the driveway in the morning breeze each is a change of pace from the indoor norm. If you’re worried about the neighbors hearing the baby cry, don’t fret. Many people hear those cries and their heart’s aches because they’ve been right where you are. For those who don’t “get it” I have two words, screw ’em!

H2O + 1 or +2

A nice warm bath can be comforting to anyone, your baby is no exception. If you find that a warm bath is just what your little one needed next time try a warm soak with your little one! Warm water is relaxing, why not enjoy this time with your baby!


The gentle back and forth motion from an infant swing can help with comforting the colicky baby or a baby with reflux. Be sure baby isn’t lying flat and set it on low. Many babies love to swing! Bonus if you can set your swing up outside and relax with the baby for a few minutes.

Hire a “Best Friend”

This is more than just fussiness at dusk. I make no jokes about it, it’s hard. If you can hire help for the hours that are the worst of the worst. Walk away, shower, nap, and know that your baby is safe and in excellent hands. Not only does it help you directly, but your baby senses your frustration, sadness, and exhaustion through these hours too! Hiring a postpartum and infant care specialist, an expert in babies, is a sweet gift to your baby- and is like a best friend to you!

All the Baby Farts

Gas is uncomfortable and babies don’t know how to actively engage the muscles needed to pass gas on demand! Some babies are efficient farters, others not so much. I keep saying I need to make a video on how to remove gas effectively in infants… I should probably get on that! You can massage and do bicycles with your babies knees to tummy to help them. If you need additional help with getting your baby to pass all the gas they make a product called the Windi. While we’re already on this topic, a baby who is experiencing painful gas will hurt more with a tight diaper fit.

Invest in a Good Probiotic

Good gut bacteria is important for all of us! Healthy amounts of good bacteria in our guts help to keep bad bacteria in check! When babies are born, they need to develop their own gut bacteria for good digestion. This is done in a number of ways, one is by breastfeeding, the other is supplementation. There are specially made probiotics for infants, but be sure to check with your pediatrician before giving your baby anything! Give it some time to work, at minimum two weeks time.

A Few Final Thoughts

Give Baby a Once Over

If this is new behavior, or even if it isn’t, sometimes just giving the baby a once over will help you identify something new that’s going on. Undress your baby give them a good once over to be sure nothing is physically wrong. Check their temperature, adjust clothing first if they are too warm or too cold, re-check in 20 minutes. Check their diaper and look for any signs of sensitivity or redness in the diaper area, apply cream if needed, check their mouths, check their toes and rolls (yes neck, elbow, and leg rolls) for loose hair or strings wrapped around them that could be cutting off circulation.

See an I.B.C.L.C.

If you’re breastfeeding and think your baby has colic, reflux, or both I urge you to see a skilled International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The nurse at the hospital is great, your best friend who nursed three babies is amazing, and that lactation counselor is sweet, but there is absolutely no replacement for an amazing IBCLC. You would be amazed at what they can spot sometimes! Having insight from a person whose knowledge on breastfeeding far exceeds that of your pediatrician is worth so much more than the fee they charge to evaluate you and your baby. In Jax, FL contact Chrissy or Lori by calling 707-MILK and let them know The Jax Baby Company sent you!

Comforting the colicky baby is no easy task! Hang in there moms and dads, ask for help, accept help, and extend grace to yourself. You’re doing the best you can! We can’t always take our babies pains away, and that hurts, but we can be there to comfort them!

~Happy Birth and Parenting


A Parent’s Christmas Wish

A Parent’s Christmas Wish

written by: Elizabeth Luke

read to the tune of: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Tis the season of giving, when all through the city, parents are snuggling their sweet itty bitties!

The fur baby was fed and walked with care, but the tree wasn’t lit and the cookies sat bare.

The fridge was half full of old produce and  take-out, while the sink runeth over and bottles are strewn about.

Parents sit exhausted from teething, night feedings, and rocking, but little do they know there’s a gift in their stockings.

Someone who knows the challenges new parents face, has left them a gift that noone can replace.

A certficate ensuring a great night’s sleep, expert baby care, and a safe place if they need to weep.

You see new parent’s don’t wish for silver or gold, they wish for sound sleep and food that’s not cold. 

A new parent’s wish is for adult conversation, a hot cup of coffee, and perhaps a little encouragement and commiseration. Is it too much to ask to go pee all alone, or to make a five minute call on the phone?

When The Jax Baby Co. arrived on site, the finishing touches were added, and many chores made right.

She was a steadfast right-hand wo-man, who led with little direction. She totally “gets it”, but she also strived for perfection!

The laundry was finished, the dishes ran through, old food tossed out, and shopping done too!

A casserole made, snacks were prepped, and all those holiday cards addressed while they slept.

After the baby was bathed, the tree was lit, and the parents didn’t mind it not one little bit!

In the morning they sprung up with great disbelief, but their baby was fine, they all slept, what a relief!

And as their specilaist left, the parents said with a smile, “You’re amazing, thank you! We have you on speed dial!”

At The Jax Baby Company, our specialists don’t fit into stockings, but our gift certificates do! We provide postpartum and infant care support, sleep shaping, sleep training, and classes for birth and parenting!

Contact us today to get a one of a kind gift certificate for those special parents this season!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


Best Recipes for Lactation

best recipes for lactation jax fl | Jax, FL Postpartum Doulas

Best Recipes for Lactation

“What are the best recipes for lactation?” Inquiring minds want to know! Our team at The Jax Baby Company works closely in homes with families in a postpartum setting and this is one of the most asked questions. We decided to kick out a blog that’ll cover recipes that our clients L-O-V-E! You can skip ahead straight to the printable recipe or you can squeeze in a quick 2-minute read for a little 4-1-1 on lactation!

Lactation, in the beginning, is driven by the hormones.

In the first few days after giving birth to your baby and finally your placenta your body experiences a drop in hormones like progesterone and estrogen and an increase in prolactin. This cues milk production and happens even if the birthing person isn’t breastfeeding the baby.

After the hormonal response lactation is driven by milk being removed from the breasts. I like to use the phrase, “breastmilk more or less is primarily made at the breast!”

What does that mean? That means that removing milk from the breasts often and completely each time will help increase lactation (supply). Likewise removing milk from the breasts less frequently and not completely emptying the breasts will help to decrease lactation (supply).

I feel an ethical responsibility to mention that there are times when hormonal imbalances or problems occur and breastmilk production can most definitely be impacted. This doesn’t happen to every person or even most people. It can be different for each baby and lactating mother. This doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. This does not determine if you are a good parent or not.

Best Recipes for Lactation

Begin with a healthy understanding. For some people breastfeeding comes fairly easily, but for most people, it takes a lot of work. Like a whole L-O-T of work! Be realistic in your expectations and set yourself up for the best chances at success, as defined by you!

Recipe for Success by The Jax Baby Company

First, read up on infant feeding! I recommend these books: Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers by Nancy Mohrbacher, Guilt-free Bottle Feeding: Why your formula-fed baby can be happy, healthy and smart Kindle Edition by Madeleine Morris

Next, create a solid postpartum plan. Each of our postpartum clients receives a very detailed postpartum plan. Be sure if you’re planning on your own you consider all the things; siblings, meals, sleep, and mental and emotional health to name a few things.

Also, an “optional”, but super beneficial ingredient is a postpartum & infant care specialist. I highly recommend having them start with your family within the first few days after birth. Ideally, our team meets the families we work with at home the day after they come home, sometimes same day to assist them in getting home and settled in.

Last key ingredient is to see an IBCLC during your hospital stay. Contact an IBCLC right away at first signs of trouble or concerns, don’t wait it out and see if it gets better. Pain while nursing or soreness beyond the initial latch, weight gains, and not enough wet or dirty diapers are all reasons to call.

The above mentioned is the very best recipe for lactation success, but we have one more recipe that is our clients’ all-time favorite!

Holy Balls Batman


2 cup rolled oats

7 tbsp. brewers yeast (Solgar is my preferred brand)

1 cup crunchy peanut butter

2/3 cup honey

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 tsp. maple syrup

2 tsp coconut oil

1/4 cup ground flax (totally optional)

1/8 cup of chia seeds

3/4 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips


Start by combining and mixing thoroughly honey, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and crunchy peanut butter in a large mixing bowl.

Next, in a separate, larger bowl combine and mix together the flax, chocolate chips, oats and brewer’s yeast.

Once combined add your wet ingredients to your larger bowl of dry ingredients and thoroughly mix all ingredients together. This step takes the longest and requires some elbow grease!

Next, using the palm of your hands begin to roll and form the lactation bites into balls. You want them to be small enough to eat easily with one hand and not make a huge mess over your nursing baby!

Helpful Tips:

1. Sometimes, depending on the temperature in your home, it’s necessary to place the mix into the fridge for a short time (maybe 30 minutes) to cool it down before you begin to form the bites so it doesn’t stick to your hands.
2. This recipe makes a lot, once your partner tries these they are highly likely to sneak a few here and there. You may want to make your partner a container of their own or stash a few in the back of the fridge or freezer for an emergency backup supply when they’re “all gone”!
3. Use a cookie sheet as you form the balls, freeze them individually, and then move them to a lidded container within the fridge. Doing this will ensure they don’t stick together.

Happy Birth & Parenting!
~Elizabeth Luke

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“Help, My Baby Won’t Sleep!”

baby won't sleep Jax FL | Sleep training Jax, FL

“Help, My Baby Won’t Sleep!”

You’ve googled, “I need help, my baby won’t sleep”! You’ve hit up your go-to mommy group for best sleep tips, and you put to the test your most awesome plan. Yet here you are, still baffled by your tiny night-time boss-baby. The cutest boss-baby who ever existed, but a dictator non-the-less.

The majority of couples struggle with lack of sleep after they welcome a baby into their lives. Some studies have shown that a mother’s workload increases by 21 hours after a baby is born, compared to the dad’s increase of just 12.5 hours. We believe though that the science supports both parents are likely sleep deprived. We get calls regularly from exhausted parents who say their baby won’t sleep! It just goes without saying, a baby means less sleep, right?! The short answer is yes, but the long answer is yes and no!

Newborns babies don’t sleep for long periods, their natural sleep cycle is about 45 minutes long, therefore there will be some lost sleep, yes. Do you have to suffer through feeling like a mombie until your baby decides she’ll sleep through the night? Absolutely not!

“You hear about those poor babies being locked in hot cars and left for hours. I  wondered if those were as tired as we were. I couldn’t imagine. I contacted The Jax Baby Company and they provided a solution to our family’s sleep nightmare.” ~Donna Delaney

There’s another option for parents in the Greater Jacksonville area who need sleep, but whose babies won’t stand for it!

Parents all over the country are turning to professional baby sleep coaches to help save their sanity! When it comes to healthy sleep practices The Jax Baby Company solves the sleep deprivation issue many new parents face here on the First Coast.

From birth to 3 or 4 months old, positive sleep associations and practices are what The Jax Baby Company recommends. By about 3 months old most healthy full-term babies are ready to begin sleeping longer periods with reasonable expectations as well as guidance and structure from parents and caregivers. From 3-6 months old, sleep shaping is considered age-appropriate practice by our team. It’s usually “better” to wait until 6-12 months of age to sleep train . It can vary depending on a number of factors involving baby, parents, and caregivers. It’s also a really good idea to get the okay from your pediatrician.

Finding the right formula for your baby is key!

The Jax Baby Company helps parents figure out why their babies won’t sleep and create and implement a plan. We conduct a thorough intake call to learn more about your baby’s habits and sleep associations. Then we come and train your baby for you and provide you with a customized plan after that! We even check in on you as we hold your hand through the process!

Here are 3 common issues we see families struggle with:

  • waking several times during the night and not settling without help
  • waking up too early in the morning time
  • not enough naps or for long enough durations

3 ways The Jax Baby Company helps parents get more sleep:

  • one-on-one infant care through the night
  • sleep shaping for young infants
  • sleep training for older infants

3 things that won’t help your baby sleep longer or better and are dangerous per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics):

  • giving cereal in a bottle or feeding cereal before 4 months of age
  • putting the baby down to sleep on their tummy
  • allowing baby to sleep in anywhere other than the crib, bassinet, portable crib, or play yard that meets the safety standards (rock and plays and car seats are a big no-no)

3 reasons you’ll love The Jax Baby Company’s dream team:

  • you’ll get to discover what a great night’s sleep feels like
  • you will be teaching your baby a HUGE life skill; sleep
  • we have a professional, friendly team ready to support you

If your baby won’t sleep you don’t have to accept swallow that pill, You don’t have to daydream about sleep, give us a call!

Better sleep means a better quality of life!

Whether you’re ready to jump on the sleep train, you want to gently encourage good sleep habits from the start, or you just want your baby to be pampered through the night so you can sleep to your heart’s content we have you covered!

Happy Birth, Parenting, and Sleep, Duh!

~Elizabeth Luke


Post-Birth Meal Jax, FL | Smoothies & Tacos | Lobster & Steak

post-birth meal Jax, FL | Placenta Jax, FL

Post-Birth Meal Jax, FL | Smoothies & Tacos | Lobster & Steak

I bet you’re already envisioning your post-birth meal now! It will be the best meal you’ve ever eaten, you’ll devour it, and it shall be heavenly! If you’re like many couples they are enjoying lobster and steak dinner brought to their hospital room on a silver platter. It’s hospital room service for two! Um, yes, please! I bet you just envisioned sipping a delicious smoothie just like Hilary Duff did after the birth of her baby, a placenta smoothie post-birth meal that is!

NO?! Awe come on!

How about placenta tacos for your post-birth meal?

Did you just say out loud, “hell no“?

If you’re thinking, what the actual f*ck, then you’re probably a lot like most of the clients we work with who DO choose to consume their placenta, in dried, powdered, and in capsule form! Like you, most women wonder why anyone would ever consider consuming their placenta, but many women have found that consuming their placenta in capsule form is much more palatable than say–grilled or broiler!

Like who comes up with this shit? Why?

Let’s see,  baby name agreed on, clothes picked out, gear put together, and oh yeah, why not eat my placenta! Seriously! Is there a bunch of bat-shit crazy women sitting around a voodoo fire chanting as channel their inner cray-cray thinking of bazar shit to do after giving birth to their babies? Things like placenta smoothies, cleaning the house, and waiting hand and foot on family and friends who come by to congratulate them?

Nah girl! Believe it or not, most of these women are just like you and me!

They’re your neighbors, co-workers, your primary-care doctor, sisters, best friends, and even your pastor’s very traditional wife. Just because they haven’t told you doesn’t mean they didn’t consume their placenta with their post-birth meal, or at least within a few days of their post-birth meal! They’re just being proactive in their approach to postpartum health and wellness. These ladies want to heal naturally after birth. They’re hoping to have a good production of breastmilk, keep their mood fluctuations within the range of normal, and enjoy their babies as much as possible.

Will you join the placenta post-birth meal movement along with Hilary Duff, Kim K., Chrissy Teigen, Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone, January Jones, and many other celebrity moms? Let us know!

Are you curious? Do you have questions and concerns? We know you do! Would you like a great post-birth meal and skip the damn smoothie and tacos? LMAO, we have the answers you seek! Contact us today, we will set up a complimentary phone consult to chat!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke



Why I Budgeted for My Doula

Why I Budgeted for My Doula | Jax Doulas

Why I Budgeted for My Doula

I’ve had several friends ask me how and why I budgeted for my doula. They heard mixed things about getting a “volunteer” doula for their birth or about hiring a doula for support after their birth. Many of my friends asked me why I chose to pay for a postpartum doula and skip a  birth doula. I asked my doula if I could share about my experience and she happily asked me to write something up to share. Here’s my piece. Take it or leave it!

Here are the reasons I budgeted for my doula:

Girl power!

Something felt really icky about having another woman, a perfect stranger be there with me for my birth, come and help me heal and rest after birth, help me learn all about my newborn, care for our home, and our baby without proper payment. You don’t have to take everything “free” offered to you! I am always preaching about checking your price tag and knowing one’s own value. There were zero ways I would ever become a hypocrite, it’s just not who I am.

We took an excellent class for our birth and had a baby without a doula!

Not only did our postpartum doulas help us with everything after we came home she also helped us formulate a plan before we gave birth to employ the help of our friends and family who were excited to come and visit!

You get what you pay for!

I’m in my late thirties. There are a few lessons in life that most people learn before they hit middle-age. Getting what you pay for is surely one of them. Those who pay pennies and expect to walk away smelling of roses are foolish.  My shoes, Subaru, coffee, and the people we’re hiring to help us during early parenting (our doulas) are all things I need to be reliable and of excellent quality.

I’ve had friends who’ve cried to me over the phone because they were exhausted and overwhelmed. They complained about no one caring, yet they themselves didn’t care enough! Those friends made the conscious decision to create a designer nursery, ask for a BOB stroller, have extraordinary baby showers, and go on a damn “babymoon” before their baby was born.

They could’ve invested in professional care for six weeks and enjoyed their babies instead of being miserable. I felt horrible for these friends, I did help them where I could, but I couldn’t help but also feel like they didn’t really want the help since they ignored my advice that would have helped them.

Hire a postpartum doula, you guys! Just do it, you’ll love it!

It just makes good sense to me!

I admit I wasn’t the first of my friends to hire a postpartum doula, it’s a newer concept down here in the southeastern part of the U.S. My best friend who lives in New York turned me on to postpartum support! When I visited her after the birth of my Godson her postpartum doula was the one who picked me up from the airport. Talk about a cool ride home! Uber has nothing on the fantastic experience I had with “our” doula! She arrived with my favorite coffee ready for me to sip. She filled me in on the flow of the house, and she made me feel like I knew her forever!

Hiring The Jax Baby Company was the best investment we made!

I hired a professional photographer for our wedding. I only take my Subaru to the dealership where I bought it because they are experts in the Subaru business, and we will send our son, Dylan to the best preschool we can budget for because those things are of importance! It didn’t really cost that much! I was able to purchase our first package of hours by putting a down payment and making 3 payments before Dylan was born!

It was really a no-brainer. In hindsight, it was a small price to pay for what my family received!

You owe it to yourself and your family (happy you= happy them) to speak with Elizabeth, the owner of The Jax Baby Company.

Our doulas were top notch. I loved that we felt like the only family they were working with even though I know we weren’t. I knew this because my boss gave birth 2 weeks before me and she hired them. The Jax Baby Company doulas have a great team set up and each of them are sweet and knowledgeable.

I know not everyone values the same things in life, but I wanted to share my personal reasons why I budgeted for my doula! Bottom line, I wanted to enjoy my birth, my baby, and my maternity leave!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Kristine Malone a satisfied mommy


Pumping for Your Exclusively Breastfed Baby

Pumping for Your Exclusively Breastfed Baby | Jax, FL Night Nannies

Pumping for Your Exclusively Breastfed Baby

How much milk should you be pumping for your exclusively breastfed baby while you’re away? How do you decide when you aren’t really sure how much milk she’s even drinking? It’s kind of an awe moment. At some point you moved past her falling asleep at the breast and being worried about her getting enough milk every time she latches on. You’ve moved past the nerves of nursing in public. Now she’s gaining weight wonderfully, has hit all of her milestones, and the two of you have found your groove! So, how much milk will you be pumping for your exclusively breastfed baby? Don’t know? Don’t worry! There are a few things to take into consideration.

First, is your baby getting any nutrients from food yet?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding for approximately the first 6 months of life, continue breastfeeding until baby’s first birthday, and longer while mutually desired by mother and baby. Many solid foods contain water, especially fruits! If your caregiver reports that your baby is drinking less milk than you or the caregiver anticipated water content in foods should be considered. Also, babies are more likely to take sips of milk along with the food.

Is your baby familiar with using a bottle or cup?

When introducing a cup or a bottle there may be tears and pushback. At the bare minimum, she’ll be learning a new skill. And new skills take lots of practice. There will be some spilled milk during a process [cue the 😪] so take that into consideration. As a seasoned postpartum and infant care specialist who has helped to bottle-train many babies, I would account for at least a half ounce being lost during each feed.

Third, who will be caring for your little one?

Be sure that this person is well-versed in preparing, handling, and storing breastmilk and is prepared to make the best use of your liquid gold. What does that even mean? It means that they need to understand and be mindful not to unintentionally waste the milk you’re pumping for your exclusively breastfed baby. Prepare small increments at first. Don’t heat it unless you’re sure she’ll drink it. Don’t tilt the bottle too much, just enough and listen for an active suck-swallow pattern. One great feeding method is paced bottle feeding [[great video here]. The caregiver should be able to identify early, active, and late feeding cues, stop to burp the baby often, and also know how to recognize when your baby is full, not over full.

Finally,  whether you’re away for a few hours or a few days, here are a couple of guidelines for you to consider when trying to decide how much milk you’ll need when pumping for your exclusively breastfed baby who feeds on demand at home;

    • an ounce to an ounce and a half for every hour you’re away
    • 2-5 oz 8 to 12 times a day

At the Jax Baby Company, we know there are very few hard fast rules when it comes to parenting. Each family, every baby, and every person is unique. Consider all factors, prepare your caregiver, get to pumping for your exclusively breastfed baby, and do your thang girl!

Not sure how to prepare your caregiver best?

Not sure you even want a task a caregiver with this job?

Our postpartum and infant care specialist are here to help you prepare your caregiver and even come to provide the care you want for your baby while you’re away!

Next Up: Nursing Strikes

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke