My Doctor Is Against Hiring A Doula

My Doctor Is Against Hiring A Doula | Doulas Jax FL | Jax FL Doulas

My Doctor Is Against Hiring a Doula


If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say, “My doctor is against hiring a  doula” I’d be rich.  While I wish it weren’t that way, I’m not surprised. Ask your medical provider and they’ll probably openly share that while they’ve worked with a few good ones the majority they’ve worked around are unpleasant and confrontational (directly or indirectly).


A confrontation between your doctor and your doula as you’re laboring. I bet that is exactly what you and your birth partner had in mind for your birth experience! NOT! Ultimately this type of confrontational behavior leads to more doctors giving doulas a thumbs down rather than a thumbs up. At very least many just don’t encourage their patients to hire doulas. I can’t blame them. It’s unethical behavior and completely out of scope for a doula to be confrontational.

If you’re out there hanging out on the metaphorical fence about hiring a doula. We see you! We hear you!

If you’re thinking, my doctor is against hiring a doula, but I need one on one support. What should I do? We may just have a solution for you. What if we told you First Coast Doulas teaches a class just for you and your birth partner to learn the art of intimate birth. In the class you and your birth partner will discover what you need to know about the process of giving birth and navigating the first weeks at home.

We teach you both all the “doula skills” so your partner can provide you with unwavering support.  Procedures, hospital protocol, and your rights are covered. We also walk through vaginal and cesarean birth, just in case. Have a better understanding of your medical options, non-medical options, coping techniques, positions for labor, newborn procedures and care, and a whole lot more!

First Coast Doulas has created a real solution for those who want to skip hiring a doula and have a more intimate experience.

We know birthing people want support. The vast majority of people have very little understanding about what to expect in childbirth or the first weeks after they give birth. As you learn the nervousness, anxiety, and fear surrounding birth can be curbed.

We know birth, babies, and lots about different parenting styles!

Many parents who have taken this class say they felt incredibly prepared for birth and they were satisfied with their experience overall. I love hearing the confidence in their voices when they say things like, “I’m sure glad we knew what to expect, we were clueless before the class”, or  “Our plan changed, but we were prepared and we wouldn’t go back and do anything differently.”

We fully support you in your birth and parenting journey.

Through hands-on, engaging classes we help parents prepare! Providing around the clock doula support as you bring your baby home helps with the huge transition. First Coast Doulas is shifting and shaping the way parents view their childbearing years!

The next time you hear someone say, “my doctor is against hiring a doula”, offer to put them in touch with First Coast Doulas. We’ll help the pregnant person and the birth partner feel fully prepared for the experience of a lifetime without having to hire out for doula support!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke