Varicose Veins in Pregnancy | Aches & Pains

varicose veins in pregnancy | Jax, FL Birth Classes

Varicose Veins in Pregnancy | Aches & Pains Series

Just when you think pregnancy has nothing else to offer, varicose veins are thrown into the mixing bowl that is life! Varicose veins can be seen through the skin as large, sometimes twisted veins that bulge or raise from the skin, usually in the lower legs or ankles. Most varicose veins are not terribly painful, but in some cases, they can be. Spider veins are smaller, red, purple, and blue vessels that can twist and turn and usually appear on the legs and face. Both varicose veins and spider veins appear most frequently during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Why Do Varicose Veins Appear During Pregnancy

While varicose veins can be hereditary, pregnancy is one of the biggest risk factors for developing them. So, let’s get this straight, it’s a package deal huh? If we take the baby we have to spin the wheel of pregnancy and take any or all of what life hands us? Wow! During pregnancy the increase in blood volume and the rise in hormones causes the veins to become larger, more dilated, and the circulation from your legs is slower due to the increased pressure of the growing uterus and baby. Standing for long periods of time, obesity, a history of blood clots, and constipation can also be contributing factors.

But wait! There’s more! Act in the next 10 minutes and . . .

When the blood vessels of your vagina relax the blood flow to your vaginal area increases, resulting in a swollen, sore, or tender vulva. In extreme cases, the vessels may bulge, they can look bluish and feel lumpy. Being on one’s feet for long periods of time, exercise, and sex can make it worse. Vaginal swelling or varicose veins of the vulva and vagina won’t affect how you deliver and should resolve by about 6 weeks postpartum. Hemorrhoids are another type of varicose vein. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins that develop on the anus or in the rectum. Search, “hemorrhoids in pregnancy” on our blog for help with this bonus discomfort of pregnancy.

Ways to Cope or Relieve the Discomfort of Varicose Veins in Pregnancy:

  • Sleep on your left side. This will help relieve pressure on the inferior vena cava.
  • Minimize the swelling of your veins by reducing your sodium intake
  • Elevate your legs several times throughout the day
  • Compression stockings may be helpful
  • Get extra fiber in your diet
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Reduce the time you spend on your feet standing

And for those sexy vulvar varicosities!

To help you cope with or relieve the discomfort of vaginal varicose veins we have a few suggestions. Cool baths can be soothing, even if only temporarily. If you don’t enjoy cool baths try just filling the tub enough to cover your bottom or using a sitz bath on the toilet. Wearing a support garment specifically designed for vulvar varicosities may also help with the discomfort. Will it help you bring sexy back? That’s a story for another day ! Here’s another idea. When you have to sit, sit with a small pillow or something similar between your legs to apply counter pressure directly to your vulva. Last, but certainly, not least grab that bag of frozen veggies that no one is going to eat (or maybe you’ll snack on while you hang with a frozen crotch, we don’t judge) and apply it to the tender area!

I don’t know about you, but for me, dealing with one lovely pregnancy symptom a day was more than enough for my emotions to handle! Thank you for reading and be sure to search on our website, “Aches & Pains” for more solidarity and ideas to make this pregnancy more comfortable!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

Carpal Tunnel Pain in Pregnancy | Aches & Pains

carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy Jax, FL | Night Nanny Jax, FL | Childbirth Classes in Jax, FL

Carpal Tunnel Pain in Pregnancy | Aches & Pains Series

Backaches and sore feet from an expanding uterus and carrying additional weight is expected by most pregnant people, but carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy? Nope! The possibility of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and placenta previa, sure! But, most people never consider (CTS) carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy. Let’s discuss this topic in this “Aches & Pains” series.

What is carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy?

Carpal Tunel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition that causes pain, numbness, tingling, burning, as well as other symptoms in the hand and forearm. Carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy happens with the median nerve in the narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist is compressed or entrapped. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding CTS in pregnancy. Additional hormones, water weight, as well as increased blood volume in pregnancy are thought to be partly responsible for carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy. Of course, how we’re using our hands, wrists, and arms prior to and throughout our pregnancies could be part of the problem as well.

Whose at risk?

Anyone really, but people with jobs, hobby’s or sports requiring repetitive motion are at an increased risk of developing carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy. One study concluded that the prevalence of CTS is relatively high in pregnant women. Several studies have looked at whether there is a correlation between computer use and carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy. However, the evidence is conflicting and these factors haven’t been established as a direct cause. Women are more at risk than men in general, go figure. Those who’ve fractured their wrist or have suffered nerve damage from diabetes are at a greater risk for CTS. If you have arthritis it puts pressure on the median nerve, again increasing your risk. Your weight, thyroid, and kidneys can all have a bearing on CTS in pregnancy.

What are the warning signs or symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy?

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy don’t usually come on full-force, they typically start gradually. It often begins as tingling and or numbness and comes and goes it can be in your fingers and in your wrists or both, rarely in your pinky finger though. The palm of your hand may ache or hurt. You may find yourself shaking your wrists out to relieve the pain or discomfort. You’ll likely experience some weakness in the hand and may drop things.

What can be done about it carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy?

Rest your arms frequently. Ice them for 20 minutes at a time. Very gentle massage with lotion or oil. Avoid or limit tasks or hobbies with frequent repetitive motion if at all possible. Seek a doctor’s note if your job is requiring you to perform tasks that are exasperating the discomfort. You should report any discomfort in pregnancy to your care providers, CTS is no different. Your care provider will tell you what you can take by mouth to help with the pain. It’s possible that permanent nerve damage can occur, but isn’t as common. In almost all cases CTS improves tremendously by six weeks postpartum, by one year postpartum it’s typically relieved entirely. There are cases where surgery can help if symptoms persist beyond one to three years.Carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy is definitely not what we think we’re signing up for, but unfortunately, sometimes it sneaks up on us. Be sure to search, “Aches & Pains” on our blog for more information and helpful tips about common ailments you may experience during pregnancy!

If you’re experiencing carpal tunnel pain in pregnancy you may seriously want to consider having help after your baby is born.

Most of the time it starts to relieve itself shortly after you give birth, but it’s not unheard of to experience weak hands or arms which can affect the ability to hold your baby safely. Diaper changes, buckles, and straps are another area of concern when your fingers and hands aren’t functioning as they should. At The Jax Baby Company, we offer daytime, nighttime, and weekend hands-on help and support! We’re just one email, call or text away, (904) 924-4182!

Happy Birth & Parenting,

Elizabeth Luke

Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy | Jax FL Night Nanny

Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Among other things, researching ways we can avoid stretch marks during pregnancy is probably on the list of second and third trimester concerns. Those pesky streaks that appear on the growing breasts, belly, thighs, and butt make many people gasp at first site. Donning these signs of motherhood is something we truly all hope to avoid, but can we be proactive in avoiding them?

Just search “stretch marks” and you will be inundated with links to causes, treatment, pics, and stories from all over the globe! All walks of life and races are affected by striae gravidarum. Striae what? Stretch marks! They occur most commonly during a first pregnancy, but have been known to occur for the first time in a second pregnancy.

It’s estimated that approximately 50-90% of pregnant women have stretch marks to some degree.

So, what’s the skinny? Is there a way to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

The short answer is yes and no. Stretch marks are caused by rapid stretching of the skin. A possible lack of or reduction of the Collagen within your body is thought to be a factor as well. So, of all the times in a person’s life that they can develop stretch marks, pregnancy seems like the most likely. There may be a genetic link that makes one more likely than another to get them. However, that alone is definitely not the end-all be-all. Cortisone in the pregnant body also weakens the elastic-like fibers within the skin.  Also, sudden and rapid weight gain can play a bigger role in the appearance of these purple tigress stripes.

So, by simply being pregnant it means you may see these little buggers make their debut! It sucks, but there are a few things you can do that will help you be healthier overall and may help you avoid stretch marks in pregnancy.

  1. Start pregnancy at healthiest possible weight that you can for your age and height. I know, sometimes that just isn’t the way it is. That’s okay I hope you love yourself anyway. Growing an entire human is pretty damn remarkable.
  2. Make healthy diet choices throughout most of your pregnancy. I say “most” meaning the norm. Please, don’t let worry of stretch marks stop you from throwing caution to the wind now and again to indulge in those crazy pregnant cravings!
  3. Stay active. That will mean different things for different people and depend on your level of activity before pregnancy. You’ll also want to have repeat discussions and follow any special recommendations or restrictions from your doctor. For most people swimming and walking are great activities that help to keep your body in motion and mind relaxed!
  4. Stay hydrated! Again, water if your friend! While this isn’t proven to reduce stretch marks directly it is proven to improve the body’s overall function and reduce itchiness during pregnancy. Plus, the more you drink the more you urinate and the quicker the baby’s amniotic fluid is cleaned out and replenished.

There are so many things people tell you “should” avoid during pregnancy: coffee, cold cuts, soft-serve ice cream, sushi, and the list goes on.

Avoiding stretch marks is like avoiding a new food sensitivity. You don’t know you have it until BAM one day it’s just there. You can do your best to avoid it, but if you don’t know you’ll ever develop stretch marks you’re probably worrying yourself unnecessarily.

As you progress through your pregnancy try not to fret to much over stretch marks.

Just because your mama and your mama’s mama has them doesn’t mean you’ll get them, and vice versa. Be proactive, by following the above recommendations and focus on the any enjoyable parts of your pregnancy that you can. With the majority of women who have stretch marks you can give society’s idea of normal two middle fingers and breathe a sigh of relief, they usually fade quite a bit with a little time. You’ll also be in the majority and join millions of women who don the tigress stripes of motherhood!

Happy Birth & Parenting!



Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville

Exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville leaves more money in the budget for help when they bring their newborns home! In the Greater Jacksonville area we’re very fortunate to have so many choices for birth. Then parent’s come home and exhaustion and isolation set in. Shit gets real! Cue your Postpartum & Infant Doula!

Last night’s meeting at UF Health North was exciting! Jennifer Bettis, a registered nurse at UF Health North Hospital’s Labor & Delivery Department organized and hosted an amazing meet and greet.

First Coast Doulas met with the nurses, obstetricians, and midwives over at the labor and delivery unit located on Jacksonville’s Northside. We collaborated about care for families in our community and toured the facility.

I could write an entire blog series on the differences between hospitals, homebirths, and birth center births, but that is something we can cover in a private one on one birth consult!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Here’s the skinny on what we loved about last night’s meeting. And of course we’re working our way up to the most exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville!

For parents with a low risk healthy pregnancies UF Health North Hospital is definitely a place to schedule a tour! There are twelve spacious rooms all complete with large showers with removable showerheads and magical tubs. Music, flameless candles, essential oil diffusers, squat bars, birth balls, and peanut balls are also available. The birthing person and their baby aren’t separated unless medically necessary or by parent request.

Stay with us till the end because it just keeps getting better!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville Florida | Birth Jax, FL

We were assured that patients are given the choice to move about freely and birth in any position they are comfortable in. In addition there’s no pressure for circumcision. But if your baby boy is having the procedure done it can be done onsite right in the labor and delivery unit. Wireless monitoring is available for many patients and options for pain relief include narcotics like Stadol, spinal block or epidural, and Nitrous OxideThey’re also supportive of those who meet certain criteria and want a trial of labor after a cesarean (TOLAC) and even some twin vaginal births. 

There is an operating room (OR) on site for necessary cesareans!

Clear drapes and gentle cesarean are an option when general anesthesia isn’t used. The birthing person is allowed a birth partner and even a photographer in the room when awake. Mom and baby stay together; baby even rides on mom’s chest to the postpartum recovery room!

Those are amazing things!!

Without further ado we’ve saved the best for last!

As more people are learning about the support of Birth Doulas and Postpartum & Infant Doulas  some decide they don’t want an addition person there for the birth. Others have to decide between spending money for the 8-24 hours that labor and birth can last, a great childbirth education class, or spend it on support when they come home!

Not anymore!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Now expectant parents can plan for a supported birth AND enjoy all the things when they come home too! More sleep, hands on help, accurate breast and bottle feeding advice, yummy snacks, meal prep, emotional support, and companionship! Did I mention more sleep?!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Every person who oversees your care at UF Health North Hospital has taken a Birth Doula training. This means parents birthing at UF North Hospital get great medical care and built in birth doula support comes standard. This is exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville! It’s especially exciting for those who want to be prepared for what life will be like after they give birth and bring their babies home!

Not sure what a Postpartum & Infant Doula does? There’s noone better to explain this to you than Jacksonville’s only Postpartum & Infant Doula agency; First Coast Doulas! Get in touch and we’ll schedule up a time to speak with you and your partner by phone!

Happy birth and parenting!


Your Birth Plan Is Supported by ACOG

 Your Birth Plan | Childbirth Classes Jax, FL

Your Birth Plan Is Supported by ACOG

Your birth plan just got better! A new statement was just released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. They are now recommending limiting interventions in labor for women who meet certain criteria. They’re also recommending one-on-one support more and nonpharmacologic pain management measures.

What does this statement mean for parents giving birth?

Well, for starters it means that ACOG is recommending a more individualized approach to labor management. For many, this may also mean more research to back up their ideas and wishes for their birth plan. That’s always a great feeling! Does it mean you will see your providers recommending any or all of these things in labor? You just may! We’ve worked alongside some very supportive, forward-thinking providers! At minimum it’s a great resource to have available when you have a conversation with your providers about what their philosophy is on birth.

ACOG is encouraging the following:

  • Delaying admission to L&D when mom and baby are doing well!
  • Frequent contact from someone supportive.
  • Education, fluids by mouth for hydration, positions of comfort, and nonpharmacologic pain management techniques such as massage or access to water immersion.
  • Continuous one-to-one emotional support because it’s associated with improved outcomes for women in labor.
  • Obstetricians to facilitate intermittent fetal monitoring via a Doppler device for low-risk women who want that option in labor. Adopting protocols and training all staff and providers on how to use a Doppler.
  • Tailor interventions to best meet the needs of each woman.
  • Movement during labor for comfort and to promote optimal fetal positioning as long as to not compromise appropriate monitoring and medical treatments or obstetric complications.
  • Breathing and pushing in a way that is most effective and desired by the woman giving birth.
  • Unless an immediate delivery is necessary, women, especially those who never given birth before who also have an epidural, can be offered a period of rest of 1-2 hours at the onset of the second stage of labor (pushing stage), unless the women have urges to bear down sooner.
  • Leaving the membranes intact for those with a “normal” progressing labor and when the baby is tolerating labor well. In other words no routine use of amniotomies (intentional breaking of the baby of waters). AROM (artificial rupture of membranes)

Modern and traditional parents alike are asking a multitude of questions, being proactive, and expecting more from their birth and postpartum experiences.

Limiting interventions in labor is what many families are planning for and requesting. ACOG’s most recent statement is another supportive step towards honoring your birth plan in the best way they can.

First Coast Doulas helps couples be realistic in their expectations while reaching for their dreams! To learn more about the multitude of ways we provide support contact us today!

ACOG’s full statement can be read here!

First Coast Placenta Prize Package, and The Winner Is…

First Coast Placenta Prize Package, and The Winner Is…

First Coast Placenta capsules jax


In early April First Coast Placenta a branch First Coast Doulas took part in The Prego Expo in Jacksonville Florida.

The expo is a place for families to learn about products and services available to them in their area, register to win prizes, and meet other expecting families. We met hundreds of new moms, dads, and grandparents. We were able to share the benefits of placenta encapsulation as well as how First Coast Placenta is leading the way in safety and professionalism.

Doctors, nurses, and midwives appreciate the level of safety we provide our clients.

They love that First Coast Placenta has training in bloodborne pathogens, is dual trained and certified, and has the highest safety standards any where in Jacksonville. Families love knowing that they are getting an experience not only the safest service available!

Many of you signed up to win the prize package and wanted to know more about the services we provide:

  • Birth and Postpartum/Overnight Doula Support
  • Family First Childbirth Classes
  • Preparing for Baby sessions
  • Placenta Encapsulation

There were so many of you!

One by one we’ve reached out to all of you via email and phone. If you entered to win the prize package we’ve sent you an email! Be sure to check your spam folder. If we were not able to reach you, this is your invitation to contact us. We’re here and want to learn about you and your family and share with you how we can help you transition into parenthood be it the first time or fifth. Contact us by phone at (904) 479-6131, or by email at, or fill out our contact form and we will set up a time that is most convenient for you to talk.

We know all of you have been patiently waiting for the winner to be announced. The wait is finally over!

Our winner has won an amazing prize package valued at over $200. The package includes:

  • Gift Certificate for $25
  • Milkies Milk Savers
  • Diva Cup
  • Nose-Frida
  • Bummis Wet-Bag & Diaper
  • Pacifiers
  • Matching Set (nursing cover, burp cloths, and a travel wipes case cover)
  • Child Lock
  • Dr Browns Bottles
  • Mother’s Milk Tea
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags

Lauren you have 7 days, until May, 12th. 2016 to claim your prize! Contact us on facebook or by email at and put WINNER in the subject line! We look forward to hearing from you, congratulations!!



cyber deals

We had such an amazing response that we have decided to extend the promotions we currently have running! Booking includes a signed contract and first payment.

Contact us today and give the gift of SLEEP!!

Precious, precious sleep!

Other priceless gifts include, if you desire them:

  • relaxation
  • pampering
  • education
  • healing
  • bonding
  • partner support
  • resources
  • breastfeeding tips and tricks
  • fresh coffee
  • home-cooked meals
  • a night in with your friends, wine, food

cyber deals Jacksonville, FL


cyber deals Jacksonville, FL

Why Would I Want A Doula? Why Wouldn’t I?

Why Would I Want A Doula? Why Wouldn’t I?

why would I want a doula Jax fl

You’re at the park pushing your daughter on the swing and another mom is pushing her son.

“It’s so hot. I’ll be glad when fall gets here,” the woman says to you!

You reply, ” No kidding, I don’t know what I was thinking, being pregnant through the summer sucks!”

“Congratulations! Yeah that’s tough I did that with my last baby, never again,” she responds laughing, “When are you due?”

With an, “I’m over it look” you explain, “Ugh, not for another six weeks!”

“Awe, an October baby, he was born in October,” she says pointing to her son. “Do you have a Doula?”

“No,” you state. “Isn’t that someone who helps you have the baby?”

“No, it’s kind of hard to describe what a Doula is and everything a Doula does,” she shares.

“I have a doctor and my boyfriend and mom will be there,” you say, while wondering why you would ever want a Doula.

She tells you about her experience, “That’s cool, my husband was with me, my midwife and her assistant arrived right as I was about to start pushing. My mom showed up right before he was born, but I was so thankful to have our doula there. Honestly I’m not sure how I would have done it without her, I know one thing, I don’t want to do it again without her, she was a God sent.”

Her cell phone rings. While she takes the call you wonder why anyone would want to have another person in the room when delivering their baby.

The kids run off to play in the mulch under the slide and you take a seat on the bench in the shade. Her call ends and you ask, “What was so great about having a Doula there, was it weird at all? My doctor delivered my baby, my boyfriend was there for that one and it went fine, so why would I want a Doula, no disrespect, I just don’t see the point I guess.”

“No offense taken at all. When I heard about Doulas from a couple of my friends I use to think the same thing. In fact, we hired our Doula on the recommendation of my best friend who also had a Doula and swore she didn’t know why anyone would want to labor without one. Go figure,” she said!

“Well, it’s one of those things that you have no idea you’d ever want until you have one, then you can’t imagine your life without one! Kind of like my story before I had a kid,” she laughed.

You can sort of relate with that so you smile and you laughed with her and she continued, “So, to answer your question; No, not weird at all, she is a professional, she is trained and experienced in supporting families. Several of my friends shared their stories with me about their deliveries, and I’ve had enough strangers tell me terrible stories while I was pregnant to last me a lifetime. Well, the stories from those who had Doulas all bragged about how supported they felt. That spoke volumes over those other stories I heard.” She paused for a moment.

Then, she began again, “our Doula helped me stay focused and calm, she was incredible. She really helped me and my husband in so many ways, ways I can’t even explain to you. She stayed with me when my husband fell asleep on the couch, which I honestly never imagined him doing, but babies come when babies are ready and he worked a double shift the day I labored so, yeah that was nice for both of us. He was able to eat and shower while I had the support I needed during that time. She seemed to know exactly what I needed without having to say a word to her. She gave me direction for labor positions that were effective in moving him down in the birth canal, I felt him drop lower, seriously she knew her stuff! Oh, and she did this hip squeeze thing that I swear I would pay double for next time! She woke my husband as I was about to start pushing. I remember looking up and seeing his face, wrinkled from sleep, and he looked like a deer in headlights,” she laughed.

“Seriously, his face was priceless, like it was me doing the work, what the heck was his deal,” she added.

“My boyfriend and I took a hospital childbirth class, he knows more this time then last time so he better not have that look,” you tell her, in all seriousness!

She shares with you, “Yeah, we took private classes and practiced a ton at home too, but when it came down to it he didn’t know what I needed at that point in my labor. I don’t know if he forgot or what happened. Our Doula gave him suggestions and reminded him of what we learned in the classes, it was awesome! He was awesome, the whole experience was just awesome. Just thinking about it makes me want another baby. You know, if my Doula can be there,” she laughs, but is serious in her tone.

Why would I want a Doula

By now you are interested, but still not sure, “Well, you know my mom had two kids, and she is giving me a hard time about wanting an epidural. I wonder if a Doula could be of any help to me, probably not since I am getting an epidural”.

“You bet,” she says, “my sister hired our Doula, she says she was great and she had an epidural, she had a long labor and because of an emergency with my niece’s heart rate she had to have a cesarean. Her Doula was excellent, she helped explain the process before she went back, helped her with breathing exercises despite not taking classes my sister says they were helpful. The Doula also helped her establish breastfeeding, assisted her with the baby, and even took pictures for them. My sister is already planning for her next baby and says she’ll hire her again.”

“Oh, wow, o.k. I just assumed Doulas were for natural births only. I’m glad I asked, thank you for sharing all of this with me,” you say surprised.

“Nope, our Doula is very professional, she gave us information about risks and benefits for anything we asked about and we made our own decisions she made it very clear that our birth was ours and she supported us in every way no matter what we chose. I know she meant that. I was sold on the idea of hiring a professional Doula before meeting her, but my husband wasn’t. My husband asked her a question, something along the lines of, well, she has me why does she need a Doula? Well, when she told him that even though I know him, loved him, and trusted him, that both of us would be better off with a Sherpa while hiking the Himalayan Mountains, birth is like a marathon, like hiking a mountain and he understood this. She went on to say that a Doula is like a trail guide for birth. I’m telling you she attuned to our needs and knew what to say to get him to open up. That isn’t an easy task with my husband,” she explained.

So your day started out like any other, led to you thinking; why would I want a Doula, and ended with; why wouldn’t I want a Doula!

As you wrapped up your time at the park you ask her if she could give you her Doula’s information. She looks you up on facebook, sends you a link to her Doula’s business page.

You go on to deliver your baby with your boyfriend, mother, and your Doula by your side. You never imagined your birth would go this way, the rest is history!

The evidence for Doulas;

The evidence for Doulas

The importance of Doula support

To have a professional Doula support, coach, and pamper you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period contact First Coast Doulas today and we will set you up with an amazing team!


Loads of Fun While Pregnant

Loads of fun while pregnant jax fl

Loads of Fun While Pregnant

I will preface this blog by saying I know this won’t appeal to everyone, it’s cool!

Many of  you can relate, and for those of you who think it’s tacky I respect that! I hope you enjoy this blog, even if it only gives you a great laugh and you do nothing more than close and forget it.

Pregnancy and parenting are humbling experiences. Be sure to laugh and laugh often! Try if you can to have loads of fun while pregnant!

Being pregnant is challenging so why not have a little fun with those around you?!? Where’s my “You’ve Been Punked” people at? Remember that show? This blog is in honor of all the pregnant people with a sense of humor and some time on their hands.

Want a fun way to get shit started while your pregnant?
Oops, I mean have fun while you’re pregnant?

Time to get your partner and their bestfriend in on the fun! Post a pic of something like this and then closing down your computer for the night. This would sure make people talk! Let the good times roll!

baby jacksonville florida

Everyone loves ultrasound pictures pregnancy updates!

How about an update after an appointment for the well-meaning, overly excited, borderline annoying family or friend? We love them, but sometimes, sometimes, we want to…prank them! What did you think I was going to say?

Here’s one that’s pretty self explanatory for “those people”.

childbirth jacksonville

Here’s a creative way to announce the sex of your baby when you don’t know the sex of your baby!

Perhaps you’ve decided not to find out the sex of the baby, but you haven’t told anyone yet to avoid the never ending stream of comments and questions. How about a non-gender reveal party instead of balloon release (because that’s horrible for our Earth) or cake smash? Not that those aren’t precious and fun!

The invites could say something along the lines of, “What will the Luke’s baby be, join us for a party to see!” The theme when people arrive can be “sex doesn’t matter”! The banner could say, “Girl or Boy we’re filled with joy!” The cake could say, “We’re here for more than the sex!!”

You could serve a cake that’s a rainbow of colors! You could play games to highlight that babies born with a penis and babies born with a vagina aren’t all that different. Babies like to he held, sung and read to. They can be dressed in a variety of clothes that highlight their personality instead of their sex!

Have fun with it!

baby jacksonville


Last one for today you guys!

Everyone’s seen a t.v. show where the woman’s labor begins with her water breaking! Water bursting down her legs cues chaos! We can thank the media for that warped perception. Many more labors begin with contractions of the uterus than with the membranes rupturing.

As you near your 38th week of pregnancy shock your partner, friend, or even your neighbor by pulling off the ultimate “my water broke” prank!

Pics or it didn’t happen. Extra points if you do it in public! Love you forever if you get a video of it and share it with all of us! Pack an extra pair of panties, a small water balloon and keep it hidden. How? I don’t know, this is your prank use your imagination. A safety pin might be helpful to pop it! Details on how you pull off the, “my water broke” prank is 100% your homework assignment!

When you stop laughing you can let them in on your secret. Not the fact that you laughed so hard you actually peed your pants secret, the water balloon secret! Sshhhh…

loads of fun while pregnant jax fl

I have one more for you. Really this is the last one.

This one is for all of you ladies who are getting text messages, private messages, and phone calls from well-meaning, P.I.T.A. family and friends who want to know, “Have you had that baby yet?”

One night when you wake up for the one-hundredth time to pee, send them a picture of a random newborn from google. Them turn off your phone and laugh yourself back to bed.

Or send them this link to check in on you !

We hope this blog broke up the monotony of your day, gave you a great laugh, and helps you have loads of fun while pregnant!

Happy Birth & Parenting


loads of fun while pregnant | jax fl childbirth class

Stuck In My Head Sex

Stuck In My Head Sex

The first time this ever happened to me I was pregnant. There I was naked, sporting a larger than normal belly, feeling less sexy than my pre-pregnant self, not really feeling too desirable, and about to have sex.

What was happening, I was really turned on, but it wasn’t like pre-pregnancy, hot, steamy, I need you NOW kind of turned on. Weird, I thought to myself.

The first time or two this happened I chalked it up to no big deal, crazy pregnancy hormones, I was somewhat correct in that. Then I began to be more mindful of it, each time it sat there in the front of my brain. Why couldn’t I let go of my inhibitions and reach climax?

Then I realized I was overthinking it and it was frustrating.

I was experiencing what I later named, “stuck in my head sex!”

Well, this started to happen more frequently and each time I was reassured I was sexy, that everything from foreplay to intercourse felt amazing, same applied to what I was experiencing, and yet still I was struggling with stuck in my head sex. When I say, “Stuck in my head sex” I mean, you want to orgasm, it feels great, but you just can’t make it over that wall to ecstasy.

I know woman can relate because I’ve heard these challenges mentioned a time or two and when I hear it I’m like, YEAH, I get it, stuck in your own head, sex!

Like he tried all his best moves, we were in positions that worked extremely well normally yet there I was stuck in my own head not able to orgasm. That feeling of I want to orgasm, but disconnecting from my neocortex (my rational mind) to allow my Limbic system (my instinctual mind) to take over just wasn’t happening automatically.

Why not?! Why couldn’t I let go?

I feared I may be doomed to this forever! Was this some kind of karma coming back on me, LOL?

Being a professional doula and having done lots of reading and research. I know:

  • Decrease or increase in sexual drive during pregnancy is normal.
  • Sex is generally less desirable in the first and third trimester than in the second.
  • Dryness or extreme wetness can occur vaginally.
  • Gas and peeing a little during sex (and every time you do just about anything) is normal, especially in the last trimester.
  • Some women report pain during sexual intercourse while pregnant.

These things are a wide variety of normal during pregnancy and most of the time they relieve after birth, women are not doomed to this forever.

So, this feeling of, “Am I doomed” was non-sense, but I felt it therefor it was real, and valid!

It’s also true that the same hormones that are present in labor and birth are present during sex. So oxytocin is responsible for helping with orgasm and that overwhelming feeling of love, and endorphins are those hormones that help you relax and become more in the moment for birth and sex, and help to contribute to that slightly sleepy feeling after sex and birth (once that high wears off).

Those hormones help to allow your rational mind to take a back seat to your instinctual mind. When adrenaline is present in labor and birth, they can stall or stop a woman’s labor completely. Can you guess what happens in sex? You guessed it; orgasm can become hard or impossible to reach.

So, I need to let go of my rational mind, and let my instinctual mind take over, I really needed to figure this out. This stuck in my own head thing was starting to impact him too, he was worried he was losing his touch, that perhaps I wasn’t as “in” to him, and even expressing that perhaps it would be our new normal, WHAT?! No way. You know men and their egos, we love them dearly, but their egos can become affected.

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So, HOW? How do let instincts take over?

I put some real thought into what may be holding me back from letting instincts take over, from going over that wall, and came to the conclusion that I was feeling a little insecure because so much was changing inside me, and outside. It was happening so fast it was almost hard for me to accept.

So, I know you likely came here to find out what, if anything worked.

Well I had to change up some things to find what worked. Normally sex in fun places at spontaneous times was great for us, but during this time of transition it didn’t. Here’s are some things that may help;

  • Remove all expectations from yourself (time, orgasm, being able do specific things, etc.)
  • Make sure you try to empty your bladder.
  • Black out the room. (black out curtains, lights out, doors shut etc.)
  • On the opposite end maybe you could benefit from lights on, maybe you will benefit more from the visual.
  • Turn on and up some sounds like specific music, or nature sounds, etc.
  • Spend some extra time kissing and just being together.
  • Try different positions. Side lying, elevated with pillows under your bottom, and on you being on top may be more effective and enjoyable to you. Try them all!
  • Getting creative. For example before this pregnancy I was able to orgasm faster with penetrative sex, I found that sometimes with this pregnancy I enjoyed non-penetrative sex or outercourse better. That’s not to say we didn’t have intercourse, but
  • Changing my views on sex helped me tremendously:
    • Reminding myself that the end outcome is more about making a connection and growing closer to each another than it is about the physical act of orgasm.
    • I found solidarity just knowing that I am not alone in this, many women experience this same struggle during pregnancy and it’s a temporary thing.
  • If you really feel like you are reaching your breaking point you can try coming to the show alone, or to be more direct, masturbation, either alone or with an audience. There is nothing wrong with that at all!


DISCLAIMER- Always make sure that you have been given the go ahead from your provider to have sex during your pregnancy before attempting anything mentioned here.

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