20 Random Facts About Heather Horrell

Heather Horrell Postpartum Doula Jax

20 Random Facts About Heather Horrell

In honor of World Doula Week, we decided to share a few fun blogs about the amazing doulas who work with families trusting The Jax Baby Company team with their care! We are all about sharing a smile, a laugh, and a hug from time to time!

Here are 20 random facts about Heather Horrell:

1. I’m a Potterhead (i.e. I LOVE all things Harry Potter)

2. I love Hello Kitty, Sanrio, and all things “kawaii” or cute

3. I lived in Okinawa for 6 months and loved it. I very badly want to go back and plan on making extended vacations in that little paradise.

4. “Full House” was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Now, our family structure is very similar and it’s awesome!

5. I’m NOT a picky eater. The only things I don’t like are hominy, figs, and a few other things I can’t remember at the moment.

6. I never ever thought I’d tandem nurse OR nurse a three-year-old, but here I am!

7. I love the ocean and feel claustrophobic when I’m not near the coast.

8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything fantasy.  Comic books, Harry Potter, LOTR, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, etc.  Did I mention Harry Potter?

9. My favorite women at the moment are Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling.

10. Even though I got married and had kids while in school, I’ve never “dropped out”. I always kept going even when it was hard. I like to think that maybe that determination can make an impression on them. My degrees weren’t even really for professional gain either. I just love to learn and explore educational opportunities.

11. A goal of mine is to trek through the Himalayas. Nepal and Tibet are enigmatic. I need to go.

12. I can’t walk into a Michaels, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby without trying to clear all the shelves. I almost always end up spending money!

13. Other career options that I’ve considered or would be in another life: interior designer, architect, city planner, philosopher, professor, and doctor!

14. I’m always critiquing shit.  Like, not in a negative way, more of in an organizational way. It’s hard to explain my thought process.

15. I love all colors, but I’m drawn towards aqua, turquoise, teal, periwinkle, and indigo.

16. Random unnecessary electronics and gadgets fascinate me. That was one of my favorite parts of Japan. They’re everywhere. And silly commercials.

17. I’ve never been ice skating.

18. I want a Dyson just because the man’s voice is soothing. Oh, and they’re awesome!

19. I love the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned.

20. Looking at the stars, reading physics & astronomy, and viewing photographs of space soothe me.

…And a pinch to grow an inch.

21. I worry my children won’t get along with each other as they grow older.

It’s one of my worst fears. I want them to appreciate and love each other and their respective families. I want to be involved in their (and their family’s) lives, especially future grandbabies. (Yea, already planning that far ahead!) I want them to know I respect them and love them and am happy to be their parent, confidant, and friend.

Thank you for letting me share with you! We enjoy working with families and getting to know them. We thought what a nice way to let our community know a little more about us. Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s blog as well as Madeleine’s blog to learn a little more about them!

Happy birth and parenting!

~Heather Horrell