V.I.P. (Very Important Parents)

V.I.P (Very Important Parents) Exclusive Access to the Goodies

Our V.I.P. section is filled with a carefully compiled list of resources such as books, pictures, and videos related to the childbearing & rearing years. Many click-through links take you to another website to view and purchase books, materials, supplies, and parent and baby gear when desired. Like everything else in life, take what you need from what you see, hear, and read and leave the rest!

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Pregnancy Fun

Science, Studies, and Evidence-Based Information

V.I.P. Childbirth Education Resources


Pregnancy Resources

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

V.I.P. Expecting Partner or Labor Companion

V.I.P. Informed Consent & Refusal

V.I.P. Medical Induction of Labor

V.I.P. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) & Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC)

Videos, Images, and Meditations for Childbirth

V.I.P. Twin Birth Videos                                                                                         

V.I.P. Research For Peanut Balls in Labor

V.I.P. Making Peace With Birth

V.I.P. Cholestasis 411

V.I.P. Exclusive Hot Items for Baby

V.I.P. Hot Items & Resources for Moms & Dads

The following will all be dependent upon known allergies, and some you may wish to consult with your provider or pediatrician about first. These are either great for mom/baby in those early weeks after birth:

V.I.P. Parenting Apps

  • Contraction Timer Time Labor Contractions
  • Baby Tracker Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log
  • LactMed Your resource for breastfeeding and prescription drug interactions
  • Milestones & Development Apps: I like to tell parents milestones are like puberty. There’s a wide range of normal each baby will usually reach milestones at different times as they are ready. Always consult with your pediatrician if you believe your baby is delayed or behind.
  • Tinybeans Family Album, Baby Book, Photo Journal
  • mpix or Shutterfly (because you need somewhere to upload all million photos you’ve taken on your phone)

V.I.P. Babywearing Videos

Do you have a recommendation for a video, study or article? Contact us here, or leave a comment below with a link to the video, we would love to see it!

Car Safety Resources

Safe Sleep, Co-Sleeping & Bed Sharing: What are the risks and benefits. How to do it as safely as possible. When not to do it.

V.I.P. Infant Feeding

How to Introduce and Feed Your Baby From a Bottle | 3 Part Series

V.I.P. Families Blessed with Multiples

Postpartum Health Resources

6 Things: 6 Things of Postpartum Depression

V.I.P. Articles about the Placenta

V.I.P. Sexual Education Videos

We love Laci Green and all of her videos. She makes learning fun and actually teaches facts!                                                   

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