How Can a Postpartum and Infant Doula Help Me?

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How Can a Postpartum and Infant Doula Help Me?

You’ve heard the words postpartum and infant doula, but you’re wondering what exactly they mean together, what they do, and how can they help you?! First, you’re not alone! Most people have no idea what a postpartum and infant doula is. So breathe a sigh of relief you aren’t alone in the forest.

The word postpartum tends to get a bad rap.

Most people hear the word postpartum and immediately think of depression after a person gives birth.  Like prenatal and antenatal means during pregnancy, postpartum simply means the period of time after birth. Sure the postpartum time period can entail the baby blues, depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis, but it doesn’t always include those things.

A Postpartum and Infant Doula is a non-medical support person who is by your side after you have your baby!

While we can’t speak for all Doulas, First Coast Doulas are knowledgeable, trained, and skilled in compassionate care for families with babies!

While every family is different and their needs are unique there are challenges all new parents face. We add value to your family dynamics no matter what that looks like. Would you consider your family traditional, cool! Single parent home, you rock! Blended family, we love you all too! Polyamorous families, we see you!

So, how can a Postpartum and Infant Doula help?


Be it your first baby or your fifth sleep is a key component of good mental and physical health. We help parents get the necessary amount of sleep day in and day out!


Keeping up after baby is no easy task. Keeping the body fueled is another component of good health. We prep snacks and meals and bring it right to your bedside. We’ll even run out for your cravings! Life is busier than ever, we got you!

Emotional Support

Having a baby brings out all of the emotions. Your doula knows! We’re skilled in the art of emotional attunement! From weepy, raging, and numb to everything in between we see it, we recognize it, and we are comfortable talking about it and being there to see you through it!


You need to heal, rest, and care for baby. That doesn’t mean you should feel like an outcast or be confined to isolation. Ugh, we hear it all the time, “I feel so alone.” Your doula makes going out, or staying in more enjoyable. Your doula can tend to your baby while we all walk Target or grab lunch! On the flip side we can stay in, bake cookies, and watch your favorite episodes wth you too!

Team Work

A second set of hands, eyes, and a compassionate heart! We can wear your baby while you get a nap. Keeping him, her, or them soothed. We’re skilled in the art of toddler wrangling and bathing too! Calling in help doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it may just mean you are wise to value another compassionate human to give your babies attention too!


All this talk about self-care and no time for it sucks! Keep your hair appointment and book that massage, we’ll come along and keep baby happy and unwanted hands off! You can relax knowing that during a bubble bath or a phone call with your girlfriend on the patio your baby is with the very best and only a room away!

So, in short your postpartum and infant doula is like a magical unicorn! She appears when you need her most, anticipates your needs before you even know you need it, and she makes magic happen!

Laundry and dishes, done!

Laughs and a safe place to cry, she’s your girl!

Pizza and drink, just say wine or whiskey!

Ssshhhhh….it’s not really magic, but it sure feels like it! Contact our “magical unicorns” for a complimentary phone consult!


The Postpartum Doula’s Role

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“Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work.”~ John Trainer, MD

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In the days after birth, everything is fresh, raw, and new, even for a third-time mom. Each woman, each family is in a place that is new, the family dynamics have changed. There is an in-between space that each family reaches and this in-between space is where a professional postpartum doula steps in as a gentle guide or just helping hands, with open ears and heart, and fill in the gaps in the lives of families with whom we work.

We are here and help you find your path to birth and parenting!

Each family’s needs will vary, as professional postpartum doulas, we are aware of individual needs within a family, but also the needs of a family as a whole. We learn your family’s needs and get to know each of you so that we can support you uniquely.

The Jax Baby Company understands that during the first year postpartum, especially the six weeks following birth, feelings of inadequacy and guilt, and functioning on little to no sleep can leave you in an odd, almost unreal place. We want every family to flourish, not just survive!

In those times when mothers feel unsure a postpartum Doula is there to listen and valid her feelings and concerns. We support mothers who are confident and know exactly what they’ll need and others who really aren’t sure at all, both are normal, we can be of great help to both.

At JBC our postpartum doulas don’t replace anyone; we work with the family to coordinate a plan for the postpartum time. We reassure the mother and father, help with bonding and assist the mom in being more comfortable. We will provide basic breastfeeding support and guidance.

In addition, we help facilitate a safe space for parents to talk about their concerns and ask questions about their newborns without fear or judgment. We assist with light meal prep and housekeeping, organizing baby things, help with outings, diapering, swaddling, feeding, and can help you in selecting products. We help connect families with other professionals for additional support for anything outside of our range of expertise.

We want every mother who desires a shower daily to get her shower; it’s a little slice of heaven in the day of a mother, uninterrupted shower and sleep! Precious sleep! We help new parents get that restful sleep, not just survival sleep, a key ingredient in a well postpartum!

We fill the gaps that parents know will be there and those unexpected potholes along the way!

Fathers may want to be more involved, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this or are nervous about caring for the baby. Sometimes they just need a little direction or for someone to talk it out with them. A father might have a hard time bonding with a baby. The postpartum Doula can make some suggestions to help the family during this time.

The entire family is experiencing an in-between and the postpartum doula understands that.

Siblings benefit from having a postpartum doula involved too. Becoming a sibling is big news! In fact, it can be so big that it’s overwhelming. The once-only child now shares both parents with his new sibling, his park days and play dates have taken a back seat to appointments, diaper changes, and feedings. With a postpartum doula, you have someone who can involve the older sibling, and give attention to their needs so they thrive in the new family setting.

There are times that parents seem emotionally absent or withdrawn, and other times they are all the feels. Doulas can help the family find their new groove! Having a postpartum Doula in the first six weeks after birth is the essential ingredient in your postpartum recipe!

The Jax Baby Company loves supporting families postpartum and we look forward to getting to know you and your family!

Elizabeth, owner of The Jax Baby Company is also a professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialists. Find out the benefits of placenta encapsulation and how having a postpartum Doula and PE Specialist in your home benefits you!

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