SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jacksonville Baby Company


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jacksonville Baby Company

We’re often the first people many couples share their special announcement with! Our clients excitedly share names they’ve come up with for their babies and many call us first when they’ve given birth! Now it’s our turn! [insert happy dance] We have a very special announcement to share with all of you!

Do you remember when you would think about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Remember the feeling you had when you discovered what you wanted to do with your life or even just the next chunk of time in your life?

First Coast Doulas is now The Jacksonville Baby Company!

We’ve totally outgrown our name and what it says about what we do! We’ve been fine-tuning our skills and perfecting what we’re already well-known for! Please help us say goodbye to First Coast Doulas and hello to The Jax Baby Company!

Our Team is Growing

Elizabeth, the owner of The Jacksonville Baby Company or Jax Baby Co. for short knows it will take a team to fulfill our mission! Each person on our team is hand-selected, thoroughly screened, and carefully trained to meet the needs of The Jacksonville Baby Company, our clients, and our community!

Preparing for Birth, Baby, and Parenting

We help you prepare with research-based, no bullshit education! Education for vaginal, cesarean, medicated, and unmedicated birth. So that you can shoot for the sky and land among the stars no matter what unfolds during the birth process!

Birth Is Just One Day

One very meaningful day! While we help you prepare for a satisfying experience no matter how your baby makes his, her, or their grand entrance we also understand the value and importance of preparing for the period of time after birth! The postpartum time period.

Postpartum is often used interchangeably with depression, “I had postpartum after my first was born.” A more positive postpartum experience begins with preparation!

Postpartum Recovery and Newborn Care

This is where families are often impacted the most for the longest period of time. So many things are happening at once: healing physically, changes emotionally, bonding, learning, adapting and adjusting just to name some of it. We’re experts in postpartum recovery and newborn care. Helping you and your family with emotional support, meals and snacks, showers and baths, sibling care, SLEEP, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and light housework!

Scheduled Cesarean Support

We recognize that birth can be beautiful, scary, and empowering no matter how it happens, but we see a HUGE need for cesarean support in the Jacksonville area! As respected perinatal and postnatal support professionals in the Jacksonville area, our team is welcomed with open arms into many of the local hospital’s operating rooms. Because of the nature of cesarean birth (a major surgery), the environment is very controlled and must be for the safety of mom and baby, therefore not everyone gets this privilege. We are honored to support families welcoming babies via cesarean birth!

Jacksonville’s Safest Provider of Placenta Encapsulation Services

Placenta encapsulation is much more black and white than birth! There actually is a “safest” way to provide this service.  The Jacksonville Baby Company is the only provider in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia who offers the No-Doubt Guarantee to every client every time! In an unregulated industry where very limited studies have been done, safest practices, highest standards, training and certification is most certainly of importance.

Sleep Shaping and Sleep Training

Humans need a minimum amount of sleep to function and sleep is a key component to good physical, mental, and emotional heath. That is where The Jax Baby Co. comes in. No matter your babies age or your parenting style the Jax Baby Co. has ways to help you and your family get more restful sleep.

With the special announcement of The Jacksonville Baby Company, we want you to know that we provide the same amazing support we’re well-known for with a completely updated name and refreshing look and feel!

Check back here for some fun blogs to help you get to know our team better! We’ll also be covering some completely new and informative parenting and birth topics! Watch your inbox and our social media pages for engagement posts and dates and places around town for playdates and workshops!

So there’s the “skinny” on what’s happening here! The Jacksonville Baby Company provides exceptional support and inclusive care for families with babies in the Greater Jacksonville, FL area!

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For a warm welcome home contact us today! We book up at least a month in advance so booking early is best!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

Special Announcement


How Can a Postpartum and Infant Doula Help Me?

postpartum and infant doula jax fl

How Can a Postpartum and Infant Doula Help Me?

You’ve heard the words postpartum and infant doula, but you’re wondering what exactly they mean together, what they do, and how can they help you?! First, you’re not alone! Most people have no idea what a postpartum and infant doula is. So breathe a sigh of relief you aren’t alone in the forest.

The word postpartum tends to get a bad rap.

Most people hear the word postpartum and immediately think of depression after a person gives birth.  Like prenatal and antenatal means during pregnancy, postpartum simply means the period of time after birth. Sure the postpartum time period can entail the baby blues, depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis, but it doesn’t always include those things.

A Postpartum and Infant Doula is a non-medical support person who is by your side after you have your baby!

While we can’t speak for all Doulas, First Coast Doulas are knowledgeable, trained, and skilled in compassionate care for families with babies!

While every family is different and their needs are unique there are challenges all new parents face. We add value to your family dynamics no matter what that looks like. Would you consider your family traditional, cool! Single parent home, you rock! Blended family, we love you all too! Polyamorous families, we see you!

So, how can a Postpartum and Infant Doula help?


Be it your first baby or your fifth sleep is a key component of good mental and physical health. We help parents get the necessary amount of sleep day in and day out!


Keeping up after baby is no easy task. Keeping the body fueled is another component of good health. We prep snacks and meals and bring it right to your bedside. We’ll even run out for your cravings! Life is busier than ever, we got you!

Emotional Support

Having a baby brings out all of the emotions. Your doula knows! We’re skilled in the art of emotional attunement! From weepy, raging, and numb to everything in between we see it, we recognize it, and we are comfortable talking about it and being there to see you through it!


You need to heal, rest, and care for baby. That doesn’t mean you should feel like an outcast or be confined to isolation. Ugh, we hear it all the time, “I feel so alone.” Your doula makes going out, or staying in more enjoyable. Your doula can tend to your baby while we all walk Target or grab lunch! On the flip side we can stay in, bake cookies, and watch your favorite episodes wth you too!

Team Work

A second set of hands, eyes, and a compassionate heart! We can wear your baby while you get a nap. Keeping him, her, or them soothed. We’re skilled in the art of toddler wrangling and bathing too! Calling in help doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it may just mean you are wise to value another compassionate human to give your babies attention too!


All this talk about self-care and no time for it sucks! Keep your hair appointment and book that massage, we’ll come along and keep baby happy and unwanted hands off! You can relax knowing that during a bubble bath or a phone call with your girlfriend on the patio your baby is with the very best and only a room away!

So, in short your postpartum and infant doula is like a magical unicorn! She appears when you need her most, anticipates your needs before you even know you need it, and she makes magic happen!

Laundry and dishes, done!

Laughs and a safe place to cry, she’s your girl!

Pizza and drink, just say wine or whiskey!

Ssshhhhh….it’s not really magic, but it sure feels like it! Contact our “magical unicorns” for a complimentary phone consult!


The Best Doulas in Jax!

The Best Doulas in Jax, FL | Childbirth Classes Jax

The Best Doulas in Jax!

I feel pretty lucky, Jacksonville is a diverse city!

Jacksonville has live sports, entertainment, loads of artistic talent, and activities for people of all ages and interests. Those who call the First Coast home are fortunate to have access to a variety of options during the childbearing years. Finding the best option for them can get tricky!

Options are a good thing!

Having options means that businesses must work hard to set themselves apart from others who appear to offer similar services if they stand a chance of delivering a top notch products and experiences to their customers! It’s critical for a business to constantly find what gives them that edge and shine at it! Ultimately this is good for business and benefits the consumer too!

Start by comparing apples to apples.

Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino is one example. People rave over its magical badassery! They rage over its sugar content! They tweet, blog, and snap selfies just for shock value! The point is, people were talking and sharing everywhere! Sure other places that offer seemingly the same things as Starbucks, but it’s not really the same is it?

What you consider when making a purchase also depends on what you’re purchasing.

Things you might want quick and cheap:

  • a pack of under shirts
  • a burger

I mean when you want a burger and you want it fast where do you go? When buying a pack of undershirts it might take you all of five minutes to run in and grab what you need. It’s a quick buy and you move on with your day. It’s not memorable, it’s an everyday run of the mill purchase.

Then there are purchases that affect the quality of your day to day life like a mattress set.

It’ll take longer to purchase. You need to be comfortable and wake up feeling rested. You want it to last longer, because it’s more of an investment in the quality of your life.

Finally, there are services that are attached to experiences, some lasting you a lifetime.

First one that comes to mind; Disney World! The look on your child’s face as she is spoken to by her favorite character.

Fine dining is another example. With fine dining you’d likely expect fresh food, made to order, cooked to perfection, served in a relaxing atmosphere with friendly, attentive service!

A tour of the nation’s oldest city! What would you expect there?

With the pack of under shirts, burger, the tour, fine dining, and a mattress set you have an idea of what you’d be willing to pay for it right?

Think about why those might cost more or less while they’re seemingly the same at a glance! Would you pay more for better? What if you never knew what better was until you experienced it?

Say one burger was grass-fed, grade “A” beef and the other was ground sirloin?

What if you didn’t know one burger was cold and the other was hot because they looked identical across the table?

After eating one burger it may taste great or bad for that matter, but if you never tried the other would you’d never know there was a difference!

Would you expect to pay a different price for a grade “A”, grass fed burger that’s properly cookedto order verus a slightly cold, questionable smelling, ground sirloin burger?

How about a tour!

Would you pay expect to pay more for a guided tour or self-guided tour? Consider a tour guide that’s clean and well-kept versus lacking in personal hygiene? What if he only spoke French and you only speak English and Spanish? Is his knowledge on the subject solid? Does he share an interesting story on the history, make you laugh, and is pleasant and accommodating? I mean would you expect to pay less if he just handed you a brochure, walked around texting and pointing? What would you see as more value?

Let’s step it up a notch!

An exotic honey honeymoon after eloping with the love of your life and building a home are examples of lifetime experiences for sure! Professional doula support is another example! What might you expect to pay for those investments? What factors would help you decide to pay more to have the very best?

Apples to apples folks!

At first a glance it may appear that others are offering the same services, but no mistake, the best doulas in Jax are First Coast Doulas! Our clients agree!

So, aside from working hard for our clients, what’s our edge:

  • We attune to your needs and customize the support you receive from us because we recognize you as complex individuals!
  • We meet you where you are whether you know exactly what you want and what your options are or you have no idea what to expect or what options are even available.
  • We are down to Earth, compassionate, and communicate in a way that validates your feelings and concerns as people who are  fully capable to make the decisions that are best for you and your family! We support your way!
  • We offer an objective perspective when you want it!
  • We know there is no right or wrong way to birth or parent! We don’t get hung up over things like breast or bottle, circumcised or intact, vaginal or cesarean. We got you! Your decisions, your way!
  • We will never make promises about specific outcomes or do anything to endanger you or your baby.
  • We work to build bridges with you, your family, and your healthcare providers. We are the epitome of professionalism.
  • We are confident!

First Coast Doulas is setting the bar high in Jacksonville! We’re cultivating new ideas and change. We’re a brand people have come to love and recognize!

Contact us for an experience of a lifetime!




The Jax Baby Company In The News

The Jax Baby Company In The News [Formerly First Coast Doulas]

The Jax Baby Company in the news today! We talk about what we do as professional Doulas, the services we offer new families, and the support group and gathering we founded and host each month, The First Coast Mom’s Hang Out!

Watch the Video Here “First Coast Doulas In the News”

What is a Doula?

In short a Doula is someone who provides emotional, informational, and physical support to women and their families during pregnancy, into birth, and through the first year postpartum. First Coast Doulas are knowledgeable on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum related topics. We provide non-medical, non-clinical support. We are your personal trail guides through birth and postpartum We provide completely non-judgmental, rock solid support at a time when things are up in the air and ever changing. Assisting women with resources and helping them create a game plan that ensures they feel completely supported and validated through their entire birth and postpartum experience.

How common are Doulas?

Less than 5% of women are utilizing Doulas for their birth, but that number is growing as families begin to understand the benefits that last a lifetime. First Coast Doulas are working hard to elevate the role of Doulas. We offer a professional service that stands out in Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, and the surrounding areas.

What if women have a plan, but it falls to the wayside?

We wrote a fantastic blog post that paints a nice picture, you can read it here. Our clients know that our support doesn’t end if their birth plan “falls apart”. We support all births from “all natural” un-medicated births to planned and emergency cesareans, home births attended by licensed midwives and hospitals births. Your providers are there to focus on healthy baby, healthy patient, and we are there with the sole purpose of helping our clients have a happy baby, happy self, and happy partner. First Coast Doulas don’t have a hidden agenda, we understand wholeheartedly that it’s your birth and parenting journey. You’ll never feel pressured or that your voice has been taken away. It will always be your decision, your way, and you’ll be supported 100% through all of that.

What’s the difference between a midwife and a Doula?

This is a very common question and the short answer is that Doulas provide non-clinical, non-medical support. We help you get information, better understand informed consent, provide comfort measures and tips and techniques in labor and birth. First Coast Doulas explains the process to you and your partner as you go through it. Even if you take a great childbirth class and are the top students, it’s not unheard of for couples forget bits and pieces that you learned and with us you won’t feel lost when it happens because we’re there to walk and talk through it with you both. Midwives are there to ensure healthy baby, healthy mom. They are the ones recording fetal heart tones, doing cervical checks, and recording your blood pressure. They catch or deliver your babies while professional Doulas do not. Professional Doulas do not take your voice or become your advocate, we really work hard to work as a cohesive team in your birth space. We also don’t take the place of a family or your partner, we fill a role that is as unique as you are.

What is the First Coast Mom’s Hang Out?

First Coast Mom’s Hang Out was founded by Elizabeth Luke and Heather Horrell in June of 2015. It’s a gathering for moms in and around the Jacksonville area to have a safe space to share their birth, adoption, trying to conceive, loss, and mothering beginnings. This monthly discussion group is the place to connect with other pregnant/new moms and to chat with the area’s professional Doulas for support. This event is hosted at various locations throughout Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach. This is First Coast Doulas small way of giving back to the community. Come on out, connect with other moms, find solutions for problems you might have, empathize, commiserate, and share your struggles in a non-judgmental space. We look forward to meeting you!

first coast doulas ikn the news

Evidence For Doulas

First Coast Doulas In The News

Why the Wage Gap Won’t Close

doulas, free, money, wage gap, equality

The last few years have been full of discourse surrounding gender inequality and the associated wage gap.  People blame employers, politics, and policies. While these factors definitely contribute to why the wage gap won’t close in the United States, the biggest hurdle to closing the wage gap is women themselves.

Yea. Us. Spend time in any online forum or Facebook group where women discuss their occupation and earnings, and you’ll see that there is a great reluctance to ask for a fair wage, and thus, earn more. This is especially true for women who have the potential to control their own income by setting a fair wage for themselves as entrepreneurs.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 50% of women are in either service-related, education, or healthcare professions. These are the jobs that are characterized as being caring and supportive professions. Teachers, nurses, social services, doulas, yoga instructors…jobs that are traditionally considered “of the heart”.

As an entrepreneur/business owner in the field of helping people, I see this aversion almost daily.  Words like “icky” get tossed around when I or another birth professional talk about setting fees conducive to the living wage.  We get accused of “not caring enough or our priorities being misaligned”.  When I, or a colleague, try to explain that by charging a living wage (which, by the way is calculated as the same for men and women), we are working to put food on the table, pay mortgage, or go on vacation, we are told  that it’s wrong, or often: “my partner takes care of all that”.

By failing to recognize their own privilege, they have effectively sent a couple of damaging messages.  One is that a doula is a savior who can guarantee outcomes.  After all, why else would the needs of a poor pregnant woman supersede the needs of the woman (and her family whom she supports) providing a valuable service? This is a problem because, in addition to the inherent classism, it confuses the public about our role and our value, but that’s for another day.

Problem number two (and more to the point about the wage gap) arises when you consider that the doula/business owner might be disadvantaged, herself. How can she break the cycle of poverty if she volunteers her time, materials, and skills, especially if she feels its a requirement?  Even if she isn’t poor, as in the woman whose partner is the provider, her privilege clouds her ability to see beyond her own circumstance. She fails to recognize or acknowledge the very real issue of the wage gap.

And lastly, the rhetoric encouraging doulas to volunteer or congratulating those who are low-cost and “accessible” because of this false notion of business autonomy is damaging to every other business-owning doula.  It’s simple economy and it’s called undercutting.  The consumers are confused and the women doulas are often underpaid.  We have effectively rejected the truth that we are worth a higher monetary value-one that can be equal to men.

Providing a heart-felt service isn’t mutually exclusive to earning excellent compensation. If we tell women they are wrong or don’t genuinely care, we won’t ever equally earn.  If we can’t accept that these professions, this profession, is worthy of pay needed to sustain and thrive, the wage gap will continue.