Postpartum Doulas & Infant Care Specialists

“I recommend The Jax Baby Company to everyone for postpartum and infant care support. Liz sat with me and helped us calm and feed our baby. She really made me feel good during our time together.” ~Candice Rice

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Postpartum Doulas & Infant Care Specialists

Postpartum doesn’t have to be a word only associated with depression. It simply means the period of time after giving birth. Our postpartum doulas & infant care specialists provide support at a time that matters most! We’re there for you as those nights get long and the days seem to all blur together. Studies corroborate long-held knowledge about the fourth trimester: that families benefit from hands-on help in those early weeks of parenthood.

Families choosing The Jax Baby Company are encouraged and supported, showering worry-free, sleeping, and enjoying their babies more. Ever heard someone say that they wish they could bring the nurses home from the hospital? We fill the gap between healthcare and homecare!

Our Team at The Jax Baby Company is revolutionizing the way people think about the first year after childbirth. We are held to the very highest standards and help you feel more confident and relaxed knowing your family will be well supported with helping hands and compassionate hearts.

Your Postpartum Doula & Infant Care Specialist:

  • provides support so you can get more sleep/rest
  • provides/teaches you newborn care
  • gives hands-on, accurate breastfeeding and bottle feeding guidance
  • can help you with bottle-training, sleep-shaping, and sleep training IF desired
  • can help with dishes/laundry
  • helps you select, order, and put together baby products
  • helps you discover all your options and supports your choices
  • can change bed sheets
  • can help with sibling care
  • helps you keep the flow of the house moving
  • helps you learn your baby and how to soothe him, her, or them
  • can give you a break so you can nap or shower
  • can prepare healthy snacks/meals

And… your postpartum doula and newborn care specialist provides companionship when emotional support and validation are crucial to your well-being.

At The Jax Baby Company, we have a built-in backup system because we work as a team! You can book an unlimited number of days/nights as you need, but booking early is always recommended to guarantee availability when you need us the most!

Each of our specialists has been professionally trained and hand-selected to provide every family the one on one support they during a time that matters the most.

The support you want by your side, day and night, from the start! We offer several packages and different price points, sure to fit the needs and budget of every family!  Contact us now and let our team of professionals help you find a package that is perfect for your family!

Lean on Me | $170 weekly

We come and check in on you weekly as you heal after birth and grow in parenting. Lean on us as we listen, provide an objective perspective, and assist you in identifying how to best utilize the resources you have. A perfect option for those on a tight budget. Each visit is 2 hours long, is paid by the week before your specialist arrives, and is used consecutively for 4 weeks or more. 

Open Itinerary Packages | Daytime Support:

Hello Sunshine | $1600

2 days a week for 6 weeks

Here We Grow | $2115

2 days a week for 8 weeks

Open Itinerary Packages | Day & Night Support:

Milestones | $6500

2 nights and 1 day a week for 8 weeks

Magic Moments | $7725

3 nights and 2 days a week for 6 weeks

Open Itinerary Packages | Nighttime Support:

To learn more about our open itinerary packages please contact us!

Sweet Dreams | $4075

2 nights a week for 6 weeks

Sleepy Dust | $6120

3 nights a week for 6 weeks

Planned Packages

Silver $625 $600

Gold $775 $750

Platinum $1075 $1050

Silver Package | $625 $600 | 3 visits:

At your first visit (2-hours):

  • you get to meet your doula in the comfort of your own home
  • you’ll discuss your needs and wishes and she’ll help you create a personalized postpartum plan
  • you’ll give your doula a tour of your home so she can better understand the layout and flow
  • your doula will make personalized recommendations that will be helpful to your family
  • you’ll receive a resource guide specific for Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia families

At your second visit (4-hours):

  • we help you assess your physical and emotional needs as you begin healing and recovering from birth as well as your partner’s emotional well-being as you both learn and grow in your new role
  • make adjustments to the postpartum plan if needed
  • feeding assistance:
    • learning and practicing different feeding positions and techniques
    • learn and practice burping and gas relief techniques
    • common issues and solutions for mom’s comfort while feeding baby
  • we’ll go over newborn care:
    • diapering
    • cord care
  • if time allows:
    • nap for mom
    • light meal/snack prep
    • light tidying of home

At your third visit (2-hours):

  • infant soothing
  • bathing
  • infant massage techniques
  • if time allows:
    • nap for mom
    • light meal/snack prep
    • light tidying of home

Gold Package | $775 $750 | 4 visits

  • includes everything the Silver package includes plus an additional visit

At the fourth visit (2 hours):

  • infant sleep education
    • safest sleep recommendations
    • bed-sharing
    • room-sharing
    • sleep shaping recommendations for healthy sleep habits
  •  introduction to bottles and pacifiers: the importance of why, when and how

Platinum Package | $1075 $1050 | 5 visits

  • includes everything the Gold package includes plus an additional visit

At the fifth visit (4 hours):

  • parent’s choice:
    • You’ll discuss options with your specialist at your fourth visit but it can look like a shower and long stretch of uninterrupted sleep, meal prepping, an outing, or nursery organizing. The possibilities are endless.

Customized Packages, Support by the Day/Night and Live In Support

Sometimes there just isn’t a package with exactly what you’re looking for.  Perhaps you’re looking for live-in support or aren’t sure exactly what you might want or need. No worries, we got you!

Contact us and we’ll put together a unique package just for you! We also offer single day/night shifts for parents who want that option!