Overnight Sleep Support

“They empowered us to start sleep training in a way that was comfortable and effective! We are so thankful for The Jacksonville Baby Company! If you’re looking for overnight sleep support, call them!”~ The Cook Family

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Overnight Sleep Support

Overnight sleep support, sleep shaping, and sleep training can be life-changing! The nights are long, but the years are short…or so they say! You’re exhausted and quickly coming to grips with the thought of being sleep deprived forever! Good news! You do not have to accept this as your best life now! You can be well-rest and rise and shine once again!

What’s overnight sleep support?

Our specialists work with you and your family to support your parenting style! No matter what age or stage of development your baby is in there are ways we can help you get more sleep!

How do I know which is best for us; overnight infant care, sleep shaping, or sleep training?

A newborn will always do best with an overnight infant care specialist! Ever heard someone say that they wish they could bring the nurses home from the hospital? Yeah, we fill the gap between healthcare and homecare! One on one support through the night! Sleep well knowing your baby will have very best care while you get much-needed rest and sleep. You can be a part of it all or pick and choose while we handle the rest!

An infant of 3-4 months will do best with overnight infant care or to begin sleep shaping! It’s never a bad thing to keep doing what works! If you have a great thing going with your overnight infant care specialist, I wouldn’t attempt to fix what isn’t broken. However, now’s a great time to begin sleep shaping if you’re baby is showing signs they are ready, and you’re ready to commit. We implement nights, you implement days and together we get baby on track for good sleep habits!

An infant that is 9-12 months old will do well with an overnight infant care specialist, continued sleep shaping, but is also most likely ready for sleep training if that is more your speed! Our sleep trainer is ready to help you when you’re ready! We can implement and sleep train your little one for you, you can be part of the process if you choose. Then we teach you what you need to know to be consistent and keep baby on track.

Let our team help you find the best fit for your family! Contact us today (904) 924-4182 and get ready to capture some beauty sleep!

Investment Begins as $28/hour