5 Family-Friendly Things to Do Around Jacksonville

family-friendly things to do around Jacksonville, FL | Jax, FL Nanny

5 Family-Friendly Things to Do Around Jacksonville

Parents are always looking for family-friendly things to do around Jacksonville. Family coming into town? School out for the summer? Looking for new things to keep your weekends interesting? Then you want to check out these 5 family-friendly things to do around Jacksonville that will leave you saying, “How did we not know about that?”

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Literally! Enjoy jumping from a plane without ever leaving the air conditioning! Indoor sky diving at iFly, Jacksonville’s go-to for high flying fun! Just about everyone in the family can enjoy this experience! Your 3-year old child and your 79-year old father and everyone in between can suit up, be coached by professionals, and can get in on all the fun of sky diving while never getting into a plane! My only word of caution is that time flies when you’re having fun, literally! | Price range $75-$300 per person

Looking to Escape the mundane?

Teamwork and brain power are needed to escape these rooms before time is up! Multiple themes such as jewel heists, run-away train, lost in time and Sherlock Holmes Library, are offered at locations around Jacksonville. Breakout Games, The Great Escape Room, Mind Bender Escape Room, and Mastermind Escape Games are the ones I’m familiar with. Most are open to ages 12-years and up, so this may be best for those of you with teens! Plan for about 2-2.5 hours from the time of arrival until the time you complete your challenge. | Price range $25-$30 per person

Visit a Sanctuary!

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides forever homes to endangered big cats! Their primary focus is rescuing exotic animals from serious situations. You can get tickets to see the big cats and learn all about them and their sanctuary. Best part is that you can enjoy this experience during the day, at night under the stars, and it’s open to all ages. 2-years of age and under are free with a paying adult. | Price range $5-$15 per person

Under the Night Sky

Who doesn’t love star-gazing during hot summer nights while mosquitos bite?! I know exactly zero people who like mosquitos, but stars are another story entirely. They connect the past with the present and the future. They fascinate the young and the old alike! The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium at MOSH is one of the largest single-lens planetariums in the U.S. They offer a variety of shows and all ages are welcome, but some shows are designed for young children while others are aimed for teens and adults. | Price range $5 for members & $10 for non-members

Growing Up is Fun to Do!

One of Jacksonville’s newest best kept secrets is out! Grow Family is a family-friendly family-centered F-U-N yoga practice that offers more than your average yoga! Not that yoga isn’t great, it totally is! But, at Grow Family you get so much more. Instructors there are inclusive of all life and parenting styles, highly trained, certified, and full of fun for the entire family! From story-time and baby and me yoga (mom-dad-or caregivers welcome ) to crafty yoga, private birthday parties, and parent-to-parent support groups Grow Family helps your family grow healthy and happy seed to sap! | Prices range from FREE to $25

Vacationing in the Jacksonville, Florida area?

Traveling with kids and looking for a caregiver to assist with the kids so you can ALL enjoy yourselves? Contact us and get ready to enjoy your vacation, you know, like you did before all the work of traveling with kids!

Finding family-friendly things to do around Jacksonville can be challenging when you are trying to beat the heat, stay within budget, and make everyone happy, but we think we nailed it with this list! Stay tuned for another blog highlighting ways to keep cool this summer!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

5 Ways to Hold It Together Instead of Losing Your Shit

5 Ways to Hold It Together Instead of Losing Your Shit | Best Doulas in Jax FL

5 Ways to Hold It Together Instead of Losing Your Shit

Today we’re sharing with you 5 ways to hold it together instead of losing your shit! Pardon our potty-mouths for a moment while we get real! Feel free to use any of the following or anything that works in place of the potty word if it bothers you: mind, crap, control.

Childbirth (no matter your baby makes his/her entry) is hard. Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Damn, life is hard sometimes!

You can’t always change your circumstances, when you can you do, but you can learn some ways to hold it together and we’re going to help you because we want you to F.L.Y.! (FLY=first love yourself).

#1 Use Your Breath

No, not to yell. Don’t hold it. Inhale and exhale slowly for about 5 minutes. Try to create a 2 to 1 ratio, exhaling for 4 counts and inhaling for 2. When you do this your heart rate slows, your blood pressure drops, and your muscles begin to relax. Guided meditations, simple affirmations, and stretching can help stress management.

#2 Visualize

Using visual imagery can be an effective way to create change within the body. Like a movie playing on the back of your eyelids you visualize whatever it is that brings your peace, joy, and positive energy. Leave the funk, crazy, outta control feeling right there in the water and visualize that shit washing away with the tide. Bye Bye!

#3 Take a Time Out

Yeah, they aren’t just for toddlers or football! Everyone can benefit from a time out and learning to take time outs can help you to F.L.Y.. Time outs can be taken in the bathroom while soaking in the tub! They can be taken the car while taking a drive singing as loud as humanly possible. They can even be taken in the back of the closet with the door locked and your favorite chocolate bar in hand!

#4 Phone a Frand! (Frand = A+ friend)

Everyone needs a support system. Parents get other parents. We should all have that one friend who knows that sometimes we just need to vent. We just need an ear, someone to sympathize or empathize with us, and sometimes to kick us in the ass as tell us to get up and laugh that shit off!

#5 Say Yes or No Without Apology

Say yes as often as you can to your children and spouse instead of no. Ask yourself, how important it is to fight the “yes”. Equally, learn to say no without apology or regret. To your kids, your friends, hell even your partner sometimes. Simply learning to say “Yes” or to say “No” will give you more freedom and help you to hold your shit together a little easier! Don’t believe? Try it!

We know that these 5 ways to hold it together can work well most of the time, but if all else fails lose your shit!

Parents are human, we have temper tantrums too sometimes. We like to call them shit fits! Much like tantrums parents might stomp their feet, cry, or scream into a pillow. We get it! Who said losing your shit is ALWAYS” a bad thing? It’s wasn’t The Jax Baby Company!

It happens and it’s okay from time to time. Blow steam, shake it off. The Jax Baby Company wants to help you hold it together and see things run more smoothly for you. Our team is alongside parents supporting them as they hold it together, navigate uncharted waters, and as they lose their shit!

Are you seeking the type of support empowering experiences are made of? Then contact us today to put a doula on your team, learn ways to manage labor pains, heal after birth naturally, and get more sleep!

Helping parents hold their shit together is kind of our thing!

Happy Birth & Parenting!


What’s a Placenta Tincture?

What's a placenta tincture Jax FL | Placenta Jax, FL

What’s a Placenta Tincture?

So you’ve decided on placenta encapsulation to help you heal naturally after you give birth. Now you’re wondering, what’s a placenta tincture and why would I want one? You’ll be taking your placenta capsules for approximately 4-6 weeks after birth. During that time you will be replenishing lost nutrients and hopefully, you’ll reap other benefits like increased energy, fewer mood fluctuations, and a more balanced feeling overall.


“When I opened the jar and there were only 3 placenta capsules felt like crying. I needed there to be more capsules in there. Then, I called Elizabeth and she reminded me of my placenta tincture. Six months after having my daughter I’m still taking my placenta tincture occasionally. I feel much better than I did with my first baby. Completely different experience. I attribute it to my placenta.” Sarah K.


So what’s a placenta tincture?

A tincture, in general, is an alcohol extraction of an herb. The alcohol extracts the medicinal constituents of the herb through the process of osmosis, resulting in a concentrated liquid. When the Jacksonville Baby Company handcrafts your placenta tincture there are no herbs added only the perfect quantities of your placenta and the highest quality alcohol. Because this product is made with alcohol it is not advisable to use if you are a recovering alcoholic.

Is it safe to use while breastfeeding? The short answer is, yes because alcohol in small amounts hasn’t been shown to be harmful to breastfeeding infants.


“I have celiac disease, it was nice to be able to buy something and not have to ask, “Is it gluten-free?” The Jacksonville Baby Company are the only ones that I trust, they’ve thought of every detail.”~ Trisha W.

Why would you want a placenta tincture?

A placenta tincture provides support during the in-between period that comes with motherhood, first baby or fifth. The period of time between surviving with a newborn and feeling like you really have a handle on life a bit more. Let’s be honest, life will never be the “same”, and we’re all dealing with our own crazy, but you do find your new normal at some point. It’s that feeling of; wow this seems easier and more enjoyable!

Benefits of a Placenta Tincture Include:

  • Generally speaking, tinctures become more potent over time whereas dried powdered supplements begin to lose their potency from the moment they are made.
  • Shelf stable for an extended period when stored away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Liquid there are no pills/capsules to swallow.

After you finish taking your placenta capsules, generally around 6 weeks post-birth, you could begin taking your placenta tincture. A placenta tincture can be taken daily or as needed in times of stress. It can be taken when your menstrual cycle returns for the first time or even monthly as it says, “Hello again”. Weaning from breastfeeding is another huge transitional period where women tend to feel the effects physically, mentally, and certainly emotionally. Your placenta tincture is like your personalized “Rescue Remedy”!


“Through the ups and downs of hormones, the introduction of solid food, growth spurts, etc., I feel very off kilter. Not like myself. I’ll become impatient, moody, and irritable. Then I remember that I have a “remedy”- my tincture! Within a day of beginning to take my placenta tincture again, I am happy, I feel good, and I have energy. I’m laughing at my kids’ spills instead of getting frustrated, I’m playing with them and enjoying life and my time with them. The tincture makes me feel like myself again! I wish every postpartum mother would take advantage of this amazing natural “remedy!” Jannine K.

The Jacksonville Baby Company certified Postpartum Placenta Specialists are with you every step of the way!

Families we’ve worked with are more than happy to declare their satisfaction with our service and their experience. We talk through the process with you and answer all of your questions thoroughly. Our specialist helps you complete the paperwork, provides a home visit along with a transport kit, and we provide follow up support for a minimum of 3 weeks. The Jax Baby Company helps facilitate effective communication with your healthcare team about your choice to encapsulate.

Providing compassionate care while upholding your privacy, The Jax Baby Company makes placenta encapsulation an experience you will look back on and cherish forever!  We’re Jacksonville’s safest, most professional provider of placenta encapsulation services and our No Doubt Guarantee guarantees that!

Do you want to learn more about placenta encapsulation or get prices? Maybe you’re ready to book? Contact us today and experience what families all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia are talking enjoying!

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids | Childbirth Classes Jax, FL

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

I can’t tell you how many times over the last two decades that I’ve spent raising children and in my career that I’ve thought and heard: there are some things I wish I knew before I had kids. Definitely way more than I ever thought or dreamed I would.  I think most of us would agree that with experience comes at least some knowledge and insight. A mechanic knows vehicles and a doctor knows the ins and outs of medicine! As a seasoned parent, doula, and caregiver I’m often asked about my experience: what I would do in a specific situation and if I have any advice for others. So, I’ve compile a list of 4 things I wish I knew before I had kids to share with all of you and they aren’t about breast or bottlefeeding, spanking, spoiling, or sleep training.

These are things all parents and families can benefit from!

1. It’s imperative that you do you for them!

Don’t underestimate what me time can do for your entire family! Sure, in the beginning it’s tough. The first six weeks is about survival. But after you begin getting back into the swing of things at your own speed, making time for you is imperative!

Parents make sacrifices all the time for their kids and each other, but you don’t have to sacrifice all the time. You don’t have to have an answer for everything or extra set of arms to get it all done, although you give it a good go! We’re simply not designed to multitask and be great at all things. So while balancing, juggling, and living life do not forget to take care of you! Teach your children to love themselves and take time for self-care! A healthy mind, body, and spirit benefits everyone!

2. Your children are modeling for you what unconditional love is!

It’s true, let’s face it! Your finicky three year old doesn’t care if you feed them organic or fast food, they will just pick and poke anyway. Said toddler also give no cares if you leave the house to get the darn french fries without your bra or wearing two different shoes by mistake, they just want the fry fries and love you for getting them. Your little monkey will happily climb you like a tree to breastfeed while you’re squeezing in a 5 minute poop break or share the last few licks of their slobbery lollipop with you! Our children happily love us just the same!

We can learn a lot from our tiny humans. They expect nothing, they have no ideas about how it “should” be, what is “best”, and they simply love and adore us!

3. You can say no without apology or reason!

Not only can you say no because you can’t, but you can also say no when you don’t want to. You don’t have to come up with an excuse and you don’t have to have a reason. Your friend wants to drop by this evening on the way home to go through swatches for her new sofa and paint colors for her living room. You’ve had a long work week and you’re feeling tapped out. You just wanted to sit around in your underwear, have a glass of wine and watch an episode on Netflix. It’s ok to just say no. You don’t have to say why or apologize. You don’t have to feel be sorry, you can just say no, it’s healthy to say no (and yes for that matter) sometimes See #1 again!

This means strangers, friends, even family. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s healthy. This leaves more time and emotional and physical energy to say yes when you want to!

Hint: The more you practice saying no the easier it gets, the better it feels!

4. It’s normal and healthy to make mistakes.

As a mom with three adult children and one whose ten years behind her siblings I often reflect on our journey as a family. I also think back on the choices we made as parents. Boy have we made some mistakes along the way. You will too! We’ve laughed, cried, yelled, and fell upon silence. You will too… and it’s okay! In fact it’s more than ok, it’s completely “normal”. Mistakes means we’re human, mistakes let our children see we are not perfect and that is good!

Before you know it, believe it or not they will be flying the nest! Acknowledging our own mistakes, apologize, and working to learn from our mistakes will help our children not only understand that mistakes are okay, but it also models for them healthy life lessons and strategies they will take with them.

There are a few more things I wish I knew before having kids, but there’s something so freeing about not knowing all things and just winging it! I hope you find these 4 things helpful. What things do you wish you knew before having kids? We want to hear from you in the comment section below!

Here’s to happy birth and parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke

What Do Postpartum Doulas Do?

Postpartum Doulas Jax. FL

What do postpartum doulas do?

Imagine for a few minutes you’ve given birth to your beautiful baby. Your baby is a few hours old. You’re exhausted, hungry for real food, and completely overjoyed with your new tiny bundle of love.

Its two days in now.

You haven’t gotten much sleep at the hospital with all the warm welcomes and nurses massaging your uterus. You and your baby are working hard on feeding, diaper changes, and getting to know each other. You are ready to get back home and rest peacefully together as a new family.

Day three.

You and your baby come home and get settled in, whatever that means to you. More family members stop by with gifts and visit for a short while. Things seem to be overwhelming; you don’t remember the books talking about this part of motherhood. The emotions, the uncertainty, the days seem to all run together now.

It’s becoming more apparent with each passing hour that having someone there to assist you with all the things would be absolutely wonderful right now.

Not just anyone though.

Someone who understands the unique needs of your newborn baby and you, the newly postpartum mother. Someone who believes in your capabilities and instincts and can encourage you and your husband/partner without judgement or their own agenda. Someone there to help you build confidence and keep your sanity, whatever that means to you. Perhaps someone to be your sounding board and shoulder.

That someone is your postpartum doula!

Right about now you’re breathing a sigh of relief knowing your postpartum doula is scheduled to come at the end of the week as your family leaves to go back home to their daily lives.

Postpartum doulas are like comfort food for your soul.

We’re like a warm cup of tea on a dreary day, the very best chocolate cake, and fresh sheets on your bed after a very long week. Postpartum doulas know life will look different from client to client and day to day. We assist with the things that take your focus away from what matters the most to you.

First Coast Doulas postpartum doulas help you enjoy your post-birth experience more! Contact us today!

Your Doula Is A PotHead

your doula Jax fl

Your doula is a pothead. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m finally ready to let you all in on my newest secret. Sure at first I was hesitant, after all what would all of you think about my new found love, what would my doula clients think, and even more importantly what would my own family think?

Wait! Are you guys thinking I… oh never mind.

For those wondering what all this pot talk is about I am referring to the Instapot. I shared recently on my personal Facebook page that my awesome husband bought me one and many of you are pot curious. You guys could say that my husband contributed to my love for my pot.

“Try it Liz,” “You’ll love it Liz,” “This thing is awesome!” you, who know who you are used high pressure, like the Instapot, to get me to try it. And you were right!

After trying it I love my pot! My doula clients will love this pot!

I’ve wanted a “magic pot,” as my brother and I would call it, since I was a little girl and my mom would cook food in it like magic. No, seriously it was magic and that’s not the pot talking. Not quite rainbows and unicorns magic, as it appears to children, sorry there’s still work. I’m talking about, “Parents make magic happen” magic! From “Crap I forgot to pull something out of the freezer for dinner,” to dinner on the table in an hour or less kind of magic!

So here is my honest review of the Instapot Lux-50.

This thing is really cool! From use in my home to assisting doula clients in their home with their pot, this thing rocks! We’re talking rice cooker, crock pot, yogurt maker (some models), sauté, and pressure cook all in one pot! In a fraction, a tiny fraction of the time. What normally takes 8 hours in a slow cooker done in less than 30 minutes. How is that not magical?!

From lid closed to lid open, like magic I’ve cooked the following:

  • vegetable soup= 20 minutes
  • dried cannellini bean soup= 40 minutes
  • a falling off the bone whole 6 lb. chicken= 25 minutes
  • a beef roast with carrots, potatoes, and red wine gravy= 25 minutes
  • chicken and veggie soup= 15 minutes
  • from frozen, meatloaf with potatoes= 25 minutes
  • Boston butt/ pulled pork= 25 minutes
  • Bean & Ham Soup= 45 minutes

Your doula jax fl | placenta encapsulation Jax FL


  • it’s another gadget
  • it takes time to learn it, but learning is fairly easy
  • doesn’t have a lid for pot to fridge transfer 


  • hella fast cook times
  • food tastes as good as it does using other methods
  • one pot
  • uses less energy
  • easy clean up
  • it can replace your rice cooker and your crockpot
  • cook settings & manual mode
  • it has delay start
  • keeps food warm until you’re ready
  • has accessories like a glass lid & silicone lid for cook to fridge transfer
  • comes with a small cook book and cooking guide
  • It’s cute/stylish

If you made it this far you are awesome and know how to have a little harmless fun! This blog came to life when I googled “instapot” and a picture of cannabis buds appeared on my phone screen.

After using the Instapot it’s safe to say I am now a recreational pot user and hopefully after reading this blog you all will be too! Don’t worry about knowing it all, just get in on the magic and get started.

Simplify your life, toss the extra gadgets, worry less, eat more, live, love, and laugh. Happy birth and parenting from First Coast Doulas!


Cubs Celebrate World Series Win and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Are Born

Cubs celebrate World Series win and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are Born

Cubs celebrate World Series win and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are Born birth, pregnancy

Cubs Celebrate World Series Win and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are Born.

Co-Authored by Elizabeth Luke and Heather Horrell

Cubs Celebrate World Series Win and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are Born. What an incredible day for the Cubbies as they make history and win the World Series! Fans everywhere, including the First Coast Doulas team, watched, cheered, and anxiously held their collective breath for this long-awaited win!

Baseball aficionados and everyday Americans alike rejoiced to see Marty McFly’s prediction become eerily accurate, save for a year difference.

An incredible week indeed.

Just to see this level of enthusiasm resurrected, hopefully to create new fans and inspire family trips to the ballpark is magical and reminiscent of simpler days.

It seems baseball is the talk of the town. As a matter of fact, our town! Yep, our home group here in Jacksonville is busy renaming their baseball team. I could hardly believe the news. In fact, like many Jacksonville natives, I thought this must be a joke when I heard the name.

Then I fact checked.

Our Jacksonville Suns are now The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. *Crickets*. No, not crickets. Shrimp. Jumbo Shrimp. What the what?
So, will it now be, “Baseball’s never been hotter with the Jacksonville… Jumbo Shrimp?” It doesn’t flow from the tongue quite as effortlessly, but hey, maybe the motto changes too. Time will tell. Or, for another option, maybe it will be, “Shrimpin’ ain’t easy with the Jacksonville Shrimp!” Okay, I am just goofing now, but seriously, whoever has the task of the rebrand/rename/marketing surely has some work ahead of them.


I’m not sure I even know this city anymore! What’s happening? Why is everything changing? (melodramatic pause).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through supporting families and through raising my own children, it’s that growth and change can sometimes be difficult. It’s in those difficult moments that we find some nuggets of truth. We learn a lot about ourselves, our own abilities, and about growing into a new “us”. Our identities change, sometimes more rapidly than at any other point in our lives.

Just like the Cubs are now 21st Century World Series Champs. Just as the Jacksonville Suns are now the very locality specific Jumbo Shrimp. One was a forced change and one was chosen (or maybe a little of each), but both represent where the teams are now and where they are going. Their changes indicate their abilities, their values, and how others see them.

It may be a difficult adjustment and still be welcome.

This is true each time a family dynamic changes as well. This is why I love what I do and what First Coast Doulas offers. We are that guide, that support, that confidante who recognizes your new identity for all its challenges and beauty.
So, just as the Cubbies step into the World Series title and grow, and we embrace new stages in parenting our children, so too shall our Jumbo Shrimps grow!

Our city will pick fun (as us Southerners like to say) and ask, “What in the hell?,” but I bet most will embrace the new name of our baseball team in time.

Right now everyone is frantically googling, “The World Series and The Jacksonville Suns are now The Jumbo Shrimp,” trying to understand how this new change affects Jacksonville’s identity as a baseball team and as a city.

I have confidence though, that even if on the surface this name change seems silly, our citizens will look deeper. In time we’ll see it as a good thing so that we will grow, we will change, and we shall find out a lot about who we are in the process…The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.

If you think you might benefit from doula support or birth classes through the process of birthing a child in a town with Jumbo Shrimp as their baseball mascot, contact us Jumbo Shrimp loving doulas today!


Family Fun for Fall


Family Fun for Fall Jax, FL Birthing Classes

Family Fun for Fall

Looking for family fun ideas for fall? You’re in the right place! I’ve heard a resounding theme over the last few months from parents in my social circle and I can totally relate. The theme is “life’s simple pleasures”. Parents are feeling pulled in 100 different directions, none of which seem very…enjoyable or beneficial for their families. So they are simplifying, as am I. This blog will follow the “simple pleasures” theme while helping you connect and have a little family fun this fall.

Visit a corn maze!

Never taken a walk through a corn maze before? Well then, you’re in for a real treat! Conner’s A-Maize-Ing Acres located in Hilliard, Florida and Amazing Grace is locted in Greencove Springs, Florida. These places offer more than just a corn maze, they are local adventures just waiting to be experienced by the whole family. Take a stroll through the corn maze, jump on the jump pad, build a scarecrow, let the kiddos climb around in giant bins of corn, and be sure to talk with the animals you meet at the farm. Conner’s even offers a Feild of Screams for the brave!

Catch the memories on camera!

Throw on some fall clothes, visit a pumpkin patch and snap a few family photos! Seeing the kids faces light up with joy as they scurry about looking at the different shapes, sizes, and varieties is priceless. We have a ton of places around town to stop. One patch that seems to be a favorite umongst parents is at The Shepherd of The Woods Lutheran Church and School in Jax., FL. Visit a pumpkin patch and let us know your favorite!


Family Fun for Fall Jax., FL Doulas

Recipes to ring in fall!

No Excuses Pumpkin Muffins! This is the easiest recipe, ever! Calling for only 2 ingredients, everyone has time for that! 1 boxed spice cake and 1 small can (15 0z.) of pumpkin, NOT pie filling. Mix the two together well until no dry spots remain. Then bake at 325 degrees for about 18-20 mins. You can sub carrot cake for spice cake if you don’t like spice cake! These simple yet delicious muffins are only 160 calories each.

That’s until you jazz them up with a maple cinnamon glaze… and there goes the calories!

Cheesy Butternut Squash Pasta is another favorite in our house. Honestly it’s the best mac n cheese I’ve ever had! I however change up the recipe by adding in pureed cauliflower and omit the parsley and paprika. Talk about a fall recipe that’s Heavenly! You might just be adding this to your personal recipe list. The kids love it!

Get crafty!

Follow us on Pintrest for fall crafting ideas like Bundled Q-tip Fall Tree Painting, Yarn Pumpkins, and Coffee Filter Ghosts! Want something for the older kids or yourself, make some fall luminaries!

Tune in to the magic that is Halloween!

Make it a movie night! Pop some popcorn, pour some cider, cozy up, and turn on a movie. Our recommendations are sure to connect your family this season!

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (G)

Coraline (PG)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (G)

Hocus Pocus (PG)

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (G)

Bettlejuice (PG)

Gremlins (PG)

Any of the Harry Potter movies (PG-PG13)

The Little Vampire (PG)

All Hallos’ Eve (TV-G)

Recommendations for a much older audience who want all the frights include: The Nightmare on Elm Street Series(R), Sleepy Hollow(R), The Haunting in Connecticut(R), and of course The Exorcist(R)

One thing that our family loves to do and won’t let fall pass without doing is building a fire in the pit, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying a mug of hot cocoa together.

Winter, summer, spring, and fall, enjoy the season big or small. The days are long, but the years fly by. Our kids once little, grow so fast, what once was today has since long passed. From First Coast Doulas to all of our readers happy fall y’all!

Placenta Pills Are In The News Again

placenta pills are in the news again jax fl

Placenta Pills Are In the News Again

Placenta pills are in the news again for helping new moms post-birth! Women are choosing to have their placenta made into pills after they give birth. They want extra help in healing, transitioning, and the best chance to thrive post-birth.

They deserve to do that free from judgement!

As moms we’re already our own toughest critics. Am I right?

We want to be the very best version of ourselves, for ourselves and for our families. The last thing a new mom wants is judgement from others. It’s not surprising to me that many moms, probably close to half who are purchasing placenta services, are hush-hush about their decision. I get it!

New moms just want to feel good and relish the moments with their new baby!

Client’s we’ve worked with say they attribute a lot of their post-birth enjoyment to their placenta pills and their experience with us. Likewise they feel more supported and have a judgement-free place to come with questions about anything baby or body related. Additionally women we’ve worked with say that their placenta pills have helped increase their energy, build a healthier milk supply, and decrease sadness. Many have described feeling an overall sense of well-being while taking their placenta pills.

Celebrities boast better sleep, more energy, help with weight loss, help combating post-natal anxiety and depression, and help with collagen production.

While there have only been small studies done the proof is in the mouths of women all over the World.  They are shouting it from the roof tops and sharing it in the news. Others are discussing it in their parenting groups and describing the capsules as their “magic” pills.

About half of our clients are sharing openly about their decision to consume their placenta and their experience with First Coast Doulas.

They choose FC Doulas because:

  • Their privacy is highly regarded. We know the experience is theirs to share or keep private.
  • We have the very highest standards and safest practices anywhere in Jacksonville
  • They’re getting an experience, not just capsules.
  • They’re getting compassionate support and years of knowledge from professionals who are passionate about families.
  • We’re working hard to build bridges and improve the maternal healthcare system.
  • Every client we serve will know without any doubts that their capsules contain their placenta (and ultimately bloodborne pathogens) only, guaranteed.

If you have questions about placenta encapsulation we would love to walk you through our process and answer all your questions. Share our blog with your friends, your co-workers, and moms in your mom’s groups and be in the know the next time placenta pills are in the news again!