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Insurance Policy For Expecting Parents

There’s an insurance policy for expecting parents and it’s easier than ever to obtain.

Being a new mother encompasses a range of emotions from excited to exhausted. The details, not to be forgotten. There seems to be a never ending list of things. After your baby arrives you will be taking care of his needs as well as your own. You want to feel the very best you can while you recover from birth. After all we must first love ourselves because we can’t serve from an empty vessel.

As a mom myself I have carefully calculated and there is exactly no time to feel run down. Zero.

First Coast Doulas now offers an insurance policy for expecting parents that will act as a cushion, a sanity saver for families. First Coast Doulas will change the way you and your loved ones look at postpartum forever!

Oh, there’s that word! Postpartum!

When you hear the word postpartum what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If your first thought was a negative one you’re not alone. Many people hear postpartum and immediately think depression.

There’s no replacement for sleep, healthy meals and snacks, drinking lots of water, and warm sunshine on your skin! In addition there’s no replacement for your care provider when you need professional help. Last, but not least it’s never fair for anyone to have to jump back into life, full swing at a few weeks postpartum, but sometimes it’s necessary.

We understand!

When you buy a car you get car insurance, just in case. You have home owners insurance to protect your home, after all there is no place like it! You have insurance for your dental and healthcare needs too.

Why not a policy for after birth, just in case you need it?

The biggest drop in hormones happens immediately after you give birth to your baby(s). Sometimes the body can keep up with the transition without concern, other times the body needs help to feel more balanced and give your body and mind a boost.

What if there was an insurance policy for that?

First Coast Doulas offers professional postpartum support and placenta encapsulation, the insurance policy for expecting parents! Maximize sleep and meals, get those baby snuggles in while we switch the clothes from washer to dryer and take your placenta capsules for an energy boost. Heal and recover in the most natural way. Capsules, filled with your very own dried and powdered placenta that your body grew especially to nourish your baby and can help you heal!  `

Overnight postpartum support you can count on.

Stay in bed, all night! Your postpartum doula will help. She will change your baby, calm him, and bring him to you to nurse or for a bottle, or even take over night feedings if that is your goal. She’ll help burp him and get him back to bed. Don’t like the idea of someone doing it for you? No problem, we’re right there by your side every step of the way, a personal baby care assistant!

We do not take anyone’s place nor do we tell you what to do. We help you do what you want to do and feel and look your best doing it!

Your placenta is not medical waste it’s wellness in the most organic form! There is no substitute on Earth. Once your placenta is labelled as medical waste and taken away part of your insurance policy is gone. Don’t let it slip away!

Anyone can experience postpartum troubles within the first year, but some women are at a greater risk for trouble after birth than others. Those at greater risk:

  • have given birth to a baby who is sleeping
  • do not have sufficient help at home (more than one support person helping them daily in the first 6 weeks)
  • have anxiety or depression pre-pregnancy
  • birth did not go as planned
  • have had postpartum troubles previously
  • have deployed spouses
  • have given birth more than once
  • have given birth via cesarean

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