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Birth Affirmations

There are many ways that people prepare for childbirth, one way is by reading birth affirmations. Other expectant couples prepare by reading books, listening to podcasts, while some choose to take the “do nothing special approach” and wing it! About 5% of pregnant people will hire a doula to support them during their birth. Taking an excellent birth class though seems to be high on the preparedness list! There is no right or wrong, no cookie cutter way to prepare yourself for birth.

Reading positive birth affirmations and real birth stories is a great way to prepare for your big day!

Each person who takes one of our childbirth class has access to the V.I.P. section on our website! There are gorgeous birth affirmations you can print off and use throughout your pregnancy, either alone or with her partner. These affirmation are a great way to get the mind prepared for positive thoughts and feelings towards your body and to welcome labor and birth in a confident, non-fearful manner!

It was hard to choose, but here are our top 3 favorite birth affirmations;

#3 Is about intentional and purposeful breathing

I breath in deeply, inhaling peace.

I breath out slowly, exhaling tension.

My jaw is loose, my throat open.

I make only low deep tones.

#2 Confronts that concern some women have about their baby fitting through the birth canal

My body is built to adapt.

My body will provide a wide open space for my baby to descend.

There is nothing in the way.

#1 Takes on fear directly

I am driven by knowledge and instinct, not fear or emotion.

My body contains all the knowledge necessary to birth my baby!

I am safe, my baby is safe, I trust my care team!

Join the hundreds of parents who are part of the V.I.P.  club! Contact us today! What are you waiting for?

Happy Birth & Parenting!