No Way, Our Daughters Are Watching; I Got Schooled By A Six Year Old

The other evening my six year old daughter says, “Mommy, tomorrow I would like to give you a make over.”

I responded with, “a make over! Why, do you think I need a make over?” 

“I think you’re beautiful, but I want to do your make up” she exclaims! 

“o.k., well I don’t see why not, that’ll be fun, ” I replied hesitantly. 

The next thing I know my daughter comes walking in and says, “I just need you to sign this contract to schedule your make over.” 

Imagine my surprise! I giggled and said, “I don’t know if I can do that. What if I have to attend a birth tomorrow and I can’t get my make over?”

She was adamant that I needed to sign that contract and schedule this make over for tomorrow. She was not taking no for an answer. This was a challenge because I do not like to commit to anything with out knowing I am free to do so. Even still I don’t make promises often to my children or tell them when we have a trip to the river or beach planned because, well, I just don’t like to make promises I may not be able to keep. I am loyal and committed and if I let my children down what kind of an example am I setting for them. It’s my thing, they know if mom says she is going to do it, it’s as good as done! If mom won’t commit we know she is being real. It’s part of my legacy I want to leave behind for them, in them. Reluctantly I signed the contract, more so focused on the ‘what if’ mindset rather than reading the contract. SMH.

Well, low and behold I received a call about 3:30 a.m. from a doula client in Jacksonville who was in labor. At 7 a.m. it was time, I rolled over kissed my baby girl on the head and proceeded to get a move on to that mama and her partner. The birth was beautiful, it was peaceful and it was reasonably quick for a first time mom, but still it is work for the doula as well. Blessed and beautiful, my hearts work, but still it’s work. I drove home and started the second part of the services this client secured, placenta encapsulation.

Fast forward to the next morning, my baby girl wakes up, walks out to the kitchen and before we start school she put the contract on the table, my heart sunk into my stomach. I said, “about that make over, I’m really sorry babe, but one of my clients in Jacksonville needed her doula to come, she had her beautiful baby yesterday.

She smiles and politely says, “well, that will be $35.”

“$35 for what little missy?” I ask

Her reply blew me A-WAY, “$35 for breaking the contract and missing your appointment, and please don’t call me little missy, I don’t like that, my name is LeeAnna.”

I replied, “Listen, LeeAnna I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to be here, I told you there was the possibility I would have to go to a birth.”

“Mom,” she says, “it doesn’t matter what you said because you signed the contract and it says right there it’s $35 if you don’t get your make over. Pay up!”

“LeeAnna, can I reschedule it,” I asked hoping this would suffice my daughter.

“You sure can, but you still owe $35 for missing your appointment with me. You can’t break contract you know.” she says with her most sincere, sweet little voice.

Now, imagine me, sitting here at the table now with this beautiful little girl in front of me, essentially schooling me in what she has learned about business….just by watching me. I look at her and say, “Go brush your hair and get dressed while I think about this!”

Ten minutes later she comes back in and says, “Mom, when you say it you mean it girl! I mean what I say too!”

I smiled and said, “yeah you’re not kidding are you? Can I work it off, like make you breakfast and do some of your laundry or something?”

My daughter says, “I’m gonna cut you a break since you’re my mom and I love you! How about we do the laundry together, you let me stay up later tonight (Y’all don;t know how late this child can stay up, we home school, so we do what works for our family and that is a 10 p.m. bedtime most nights) and you take me for an ice cream?”

“DEAL! That I can do!”

Followed by a new contract signing for my make over that night!

I’m leaving behind a legacy for my daughter and my sons, one of honesty and loyalty and one that takes no crap from anyone!

I’m also raising a daughter who recognizes it’s not o.k. to call people names like, little missy and that it’s ok to stick to your guns! 

Ladies, we have to keep pressing on in business, in honesty and in life; our daughters are watching!

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